Monday, May 05, 2008

live blog: radiohead @ cruzan ampatheater, west palm beach florida

10:58 end of show

10:46 encore 2

house of cards
street spirit

10:25 encore 1

faust arp
exit music
**at some point towards the end of the set or first encore "bangers and mash" was played with thom on drum kit at the front of stage.


All I Need
There, There
Gloaming **
Morning bell
Nude (big ideas, don't get any)
How to Disappear
15 step *w/ failed audience clap
Weird Fishes
(Seemed like a false start/reprise)Arpeggi
(Wish I Was) Bulletproof
Where I End and You Begin
Everything In Its Right Place
National Anthem

** Show notes: all green lights reminded us of a scene from the matrix. crowd singing "should be raining...". amazing lights. Tubes that go vertical with the stage and shine light and live video of band members behind tubes. Crowd is singing "just cause you feel it, doesn't mean its there..."

8:50 there are tons of tubes that look like lights maybe. The guy behind us thinks thom is going to play them like instruments. He is drunk. Hollie got a arapa and it is tasty.

8:34 wow. The t-shirts look like shit. Awful. Both btreotch and I call bodysnatchers>15 step opener. The girls sitting in front of us are 22 and paid $110 each for their tickets.

8:20 the liars ended. Huge applause cause radiohead is next. Pavilion maybe half full.

8:00 we have tickets in the middle of the pavilion. Weather is a comfy 77 degrees with a pleasant breeze. The line is non existent for margaritas and aramark just sold us some for $8. The atm line way way longer than the bathroom line and the liars are playing some weirdo shit.

7:53 free ticket on the ground at entrance, no pat down.

7:30 meet up for pavilion tickets. Drinking beer with car neighbors and listening to bon mot mix.

7:00 beers in the lot, extra lawns going for $40.


Anonymous said...

Free ticket at the gate?!?!

Nice live blog post!

Ok here's mine:

7:20pm - Started next episode of Battle Star Galactica.

10:00 - Put Airalyn to bed so i could start next episode of Battle Star Galactica.

10:45 - Ending comment to neils blog so i can get back to watching Battle Star Galactica.


Broseph said...

lot secretary, please amend the record to show I was actually at this show. I got a rep to maintain, you know

i.e. don't call me baby