Monday, May 05, 2008

Radiohead U.S. Tour Kicks Off Tonight!

Radiohead will begin their US tour with a show tonight in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Joker and BTreotch will be attending the first four shows of Radiohead's tour including stops in Tampa, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Expect them to post random stuff including pics, setlists, and videos from the road.

I just spoke to the Joker, and he will be live blogging the Radiohead setlists from his crackberry! Just check back in with Coventry after 8pm ET to see what's going on.


In the last ten days, I was in Hollywood and New York City drinking in dive bars and I overheard Weird Fishes in at least three different bars on both coasts!

So before I go, here's some recent Radiohead coverage on Coventry...
Radiohead_In Rainbows_From The Basement

Ohh yeah baby... Ohhh... why don't you remember my name... ohhhh yeah...

Radiohead YouTube: Glastonbury 2003 & Bonnaroo 2006

Radiohead on Conan O'Brien

Radiohead still the best fucking band in the world: Live at the BBC

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Strawberry Shortcake said...

Strawberry will be in Tampa tomorrow with the lads....can't freakin' wait!!