Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Radiohead @ Tampa, FL - Live Blog

11:30 we catch a cab back home, the after party begins. great show tonight, we thought the flow was better and a more rocking show than last night. i have footage of "exit music" i will post tomorrow.


All I Need
There There
Bangers + Mash
15 step
Pyramid song
Weird fishes
National anthem (the joker goes ape shit again)
You and whose army?
Everything in its right place
(End of 1st set 10:10)

Encore 1:
The gloaming
The tourist
Faust arp
Exit music
(End of 1st encore 10:30)

Encore 2:
The bends
House of cards (Btreotch note: great audience participation on clap on 2 & 4 count.
(End of show 10:41)

8:46 lights out. 1st song is all I need again. see you guys in a little bit, I'm going to enjoy the show.

8:45 the people in front of us are cool. They also saw the show last night. We have tons of room.

8:30 holy shit. I hit the jackpot tonight. The ticket I found outside is a legit ticket, it is 10 ft from the stage jonny side. Our other tickets are 20 ft from the stage ed side. Everyone is going to get close. They are playing massive attack on the pa.

8:05 $5 lawn tickets on the way in.

8:00 bad traffic getting into venue. We have the cab drop us off on the highway and walk in. I find a pit ticket on the ground on the highway, we will see if it works. Our group has a mix of pavilion tix (4) and lawn tickets, its a challenge of the stub down. Weather again is perfect as the sun goes down in florida. We can hear the liars play in the background.

7:26 The cab is coming...we are heading over to the show.

7:01 BTreotch locks himself in the bathroom (again)

7:00 Strawberry Shortcake is going through her crystal/stone bag to give a guy something to hold to change his energy, cause he is mad about something...and the only person that can be mad about anything tonight is Thom, cause he kicks ass.

6:53 BTreotch note: the joker mix hits a lull with shakira- hips dont lie.

6:52 we are thinking about going, but are only about 5 miles from the venue and nobody really cares about the liars. music nerds agree that we will probably hear paranoid android, karma police, lucky, i might be wrong, pyramid song, the bends, my iron lung, and you and whose army? along with the other songs from in rainbows tonight.

6:20 people are getting excited. ive had enough to drink to start being dj. billie jean>push it>paper planes got a good response.

5:40 Btreotch brings the pizza, hanna montana has also arrived

5:24 joker puts on his "kanye" glasses

3:00 Btreotch makes beer selections at the liquor store. Laguntas IPA, flying dog snake dog IPA, and a sammy smith make the cut. I just go for corona and blue moon.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sounds like a couple of excellent back to back shows. I have to wait till August!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

Duly noted on the audience clap for House of Cards - that sounded amazing...

broseph said...

I bought and soul'd tickets for at least 2 hours. ended +$20 Home show love.


ps Emma is hot