Monday, May 05, 2008

Scarlett Johansson "Falling Down" Music Video

If you enjoy a good trainwreck and don't mind some plodding, flat vocals in the background from a voluptuous Hollywood star, then this music video for the first single off of Scarlett Johansson's album of Tom Waits covers delivers from start to finish.

The video's "story" goes something like this:

Scarlett rides in a car and blows bubbles while gazing out the window.

Scarlett arrives on some sort of set.

Scarlett gets her makeup done.

Scarlett gets that ugly tattoo on her forearm covered too.

Scarlett gets her nails done.

Scarlett gets her hair done.

Scarlett walks on set in a black dress.

A random Japanese guy appears to be directing her in a photo shoot.

This is starting to look like the bad version of Lost in Translation.

Scarlett's face appears on a monitor. She looks angelic.

Scarlett flashes back to her childhood when she was lying on a white rug in a red dress.

This disturbs her.

Scarlett gets on a plane.

She's back to riding in the car and chomping her bubblegum.

Things go by very fast out the window.

She checks into a hotel and brushes her teeth.

Salman Rushdie makes a random appearance. Is it a dream?

An Asian guy gives her flowers as she arrives at the airport.

Scarlett gets into a chauffered car and waves at her adoring fans before rolling up the window and her fake smile falls away.

Johannson's album Anywhere I Lay My Head drops May 20th.

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