Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll be tweeting tonight's set list from the Albany Times Union Dead show. I'm Irongirl01 on twitter. Pre-show I should be at Bomber's Burrito Bar on Lark Street which is up the hill from the TU Center with best friend Kim at about 4:30 PM. Stop by and say hello. I'll be wearing blue jeans and a velvet purple/blue paisley V-neck tank top.

BFF Kim is a music teacher (long term substitute) in the same Connecticut school system as the McLovins.

Sweet Sweet Gracie was taught middle school music by none other then Max Creek bassist John Rider.

Its a small small world.

I just looked at my tickets and realized I'm stuck behind the stage in the upper level and slightly pissed off. But then again who really sits in their seat at a Dead show?

My wish list for tonight is a great Scarlet Begonias/Fire On the Mountain/Estimated Prophet/Eyes of the World Jam. Or perhaps a great Warren version of Sugaree. The boys have already dusted off some oldies like Doing that Rag and King Solomon's Marbles. It's the fourth show of the tour so hopefully the kinks are working out and the guys will be firing on all harmonic cylinders.

Suggested Listening: Dozin' at the Knick from the Grateful Dead's March 24-26, 1990 run at the Knickerbocker Arena. The Knick as I will always know it became the Pepsi Arena and is now the Times Union Center after our Capital District newspaper the Albany Times Union (Useless).

Have a great show everyone and Be Safe!!


Dr. Pauly said...

Have fun!

peacecorn said...

I think I'm going to be looking for some old Max Creek for my Friday Soundtrack.

Have a great time tonight!