Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scotty B from Hidden Track Remembers His First Show

If you don't already know it, Hidden Track is the best music blog out there. Scotty B has proven this once again with a great piece about his first show. I consider it a must read- its a great story - we learn the origins of the "Wilson" chant as well as find out how cool Scotty's mom is. Be sure to read through all the comments for a guest appearance by Scotty's Mom. Be warned- you may get a little misty eyed. I did.

Here is an out take:
After what felt like an eternity the lights went down and the members of Phish took the stage. Drummer Jon Fishman started Llama and the place exploded. The energy in that room was absolutely nuts, as the crowd burst into applause after each segment of the song. Of course I hardly knew anything Phish played that night, but luckily I was surrounded by friends who knew the songs and filled me in on the details.

The song Wilson was a revelation. As the song started my friend Brent started yelling “Wilson.” Once again I was confused, but I figured I’d just yell what Brent was yelling. Soon our whole crew was yelling “Wilson,” and everyone around us started joining in. Ten seconds later everyone in the whole venue continued the chant.

Read the whole article here.

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