Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Tubes

I'm a fan of the Tubes. First, Last, and that funky Phish song they call Tube.

I am such a big fan that when I got to meet Trey at an autograph signing in 2006, I asked him what First Tube was all about. He asked me if I wanted the real story or the made up one.

The real story, he explained, was that First Tube was the first song his band 8 Foot Florescent Tubes played at their first gig. Trey went on to explain that First Tube is also about how the first time you do something, often it is most exciting or special. "You know, the first time you smoked a joint or the first time you had sex was more exciting than the all the other times." Or something like that. It was 4 years ago when we had that conversation.

All of this is to say I was very excited to see videos of First Tube from that 1998 gig Trey was talking about in our conversation. The Phish org also posted some sick footage of Last Tube at Red Rocks from 2001. I threw in one of my favorite Tubes from 2009 to round out the trio. Check it out:

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