Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Worn, Torn, and Frayed

This post should have a secondary subject line... Why I Need a Phish Hiatus.

The emails, texts, IM's and DM's would not stop over the weekend. Relentless. All of you crackheads in Phishdom are going ape shit over faux/semi-fake/leaked summer tour dates. I understand the excitement. That's what happens when you're an addict or have been brainwashed.

Everyone wants to know the same thing... when?

As an old Jamaican friend used to say... "Soon. Come."

Relax, kids. It's just Phish. Plenty of other bands to get your fix while the Vermont quartet are kicking back and counting the mountains of cash they earned in 2009. Heck, Trey is hitting the road for a month. Give those rednecks at Widespread Panic some love. They were the overlooked middle child in 2009. Once Phish, Cheese, and the Dead announced reunion shows/tours/paydays, no one paid attention to them. Widespread Panic is the Jan Brady of jambands.

I guess that makes Phish... Marcia Brady.

Shit, I don't know about you... but I'm all Phish'd out. I'm thrilled and overjoyed that the boys are taking off six months because my checkbook and sanity can use the time off. The only wookies I want to see should be on the SciFi channel. If I don't eat another grilled cheese, I'll be happy. And if I never hear the hissing sounds from another nitrous tank ever again... I'll be in heaven.

Go home, hippies.

I love Phish. I drop whatever I'm doing to see them. A decade ago, I maxed out credit cards, sponged off my girlfriend, slung pharmies in the lot, and used my gambling winnings to fund tour.

In 2009, I spent a shitload of money on Phish and the circus and events surrounding the band. I contributed to the lot economy and probably funded car payments and private school for the offspring of a few ticket brokers and scalpers. But hey, I didn't want to miss any Phish 3.0. So did a lot of you. That's why I shot my load, burned up vacation days, and had to sub-contract writing work so I can have fun following around my favorite band.

But right now... I'm completely full. Like after eating a huge holiday meal. One more fuckin' Christmas cookie and I'm gonna puke. I guess you can say that I have the equivalent of a food coma. I can't do anything because I'm so stuffed. I need time, lots of time, to digest and relax and not think about food. Well, insert Phish for food. I know some of you understand. Too much of anything good is a bad thing.

Here's a better analogy. We just finished a Thanksgiving feast. They haven't even removed the plates from the table and wrapped up leftovers and all you keep thinking about is "What's on the menu for next year's Thanksgiving?"

The best part about Coventry is that it's not just a Phish blog. Shit 15 months ago, we barely had any Phish content save for a few off-cuff Trey/Oxy jokes (which are always timeless). So Phish is back, but right now, I'm more excited about the other musical content that our contributors produce on Coventry. We have so many talented voices from different parts of the country (and dare I say universe), I'm thrilled at the diversity in posts that we're going to be sharing over the next few months. I mean, have you heard those mixes from Jonas and BTreotch? Sickness. And the Joker tore it up with his Jam Cruise recaps.

Rest assured, as soon as we have near definitive summer tour dates, we shall post them. And yes, the Joker will be back with LOST shirts and some new cool wacky things to sell in the lot. We'll be back on tour and kicking it hard. We're coming to your town... and we'll help you party down.

Until then, I might suggest everyone ease up on the gas pedal just a bit. Phish ain't going anywhere, at least for now. If there's something I learned from Phish tour and living in Las Vegas... moderation is the key to happiness.

With that said, I devoted most (if not all of) 2009 to Phish. I need to replenish my bank account and enter rehab so I can rip it up when summer tour 2010 kicks off. Now it's time for me to take a little break (and skipping the entire Trey tour), finish my Las Vegas book (titled Lost Vegas due out this spring), and hopefully make some money so I can fund the Phishy party this summer and fall.

Enjoy the time off from the Phish. I know I will.


Benjo said...

...Or so says the jaded vet.

Me, I want more Phish. I only saw them seven times. I want them now ! Gimme a Europe tour. Gimme a west-coast post WSOP tour. Gimme another festival in California. Gimme another Halloween show, ASAP, in April I dont care. Gimme a New Year's Eve run this summer. More more more more.

the joker said...

I hear ya pauly! I enjoyed the shit out of Phish in 2009...but im glad i wont be missing anything for at least 6 months. Im gonna ski, enjoy my colorado friends and check out some new music.

ericwyman said...

Finally, somebody said it!


It should be noted that the primary voice of congratulations is that of Bob Sugar who only days later fires Jerry Maguire at a lunch date and steals all his clients.

So, well, watch your back Pauly.

ericwyman said...


I hate that blogger doesn't parse that automatically.

mikey freshh said...

I feel you 100% on that post.

If they would have announced a winter/spring tour it would have put me into a deep $$$ hole i could not have ever recouped from. Credit Card is maxed out(totally worth it! can't put a monetary value on priceless experiences - however it is nice to have some extra scrillas not going to my touring habit), my brain cells are about .90 cents short of a dollar, and My back is finally not killing me after three weeks of down time.

I will be hitting one Trey show with my new lady friend. Atlanta and Trey always is a win win situation. This should cure part of the jones until summer. Good thing about the possibility of a Gordon solo tour is that he always plays a venue about 20 mins from my house.

Good luck with your book! Can i get a signed copy when it comes out?

Kula said...

While i must admit to still having that nervous twitchy feeling waiting for summer dates, i agree that a little "down time" is in order.

However, is Widespread the best you could come up with? Why fall back on lesser jam bands when there is a ton of interesting music being made by bands like: Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, The Mother Hips, and more.

If you are going to take a break, take a break. Widespread? C'mon, branch out.

the joker said...

namedropping indie bands gets you nowhere on this site, kula. nice try though. see you at Coachella!

ericwyman said...

I'm going on McLovins ter!!!! Nutmeg State here I come!

Kula said...

Really? No indie at all? Ever? Yikes!

Ok, well in that case, screw down time, i want more Phish NOW!!!

the joker said...

kula- you arent doing a very good job of looking around this site. there are a few mixed that you would like and might make you blush. we love and explore all music, more than you are giving dr. pauly credit for.

Kula said...

Hey, don't get me wrong, i love this blog. I was simply suggesting that taking a Phish break might be a good time to explore some newer (and maybe even non-jamband) bands. Widespread didn't seem like much of a departure from the scene. "Dr. Pauly" said, he didn't want to get wooked for a while :-)

Anyway, didn't mean to offend.

Love to all.

Dr. Pauly said...

Way to "step on the joke"... I needed a jamband to fit the Marcia:Jan analogy.

Then again, there is something to be said about this personal stat.

2009 Phish Shows: 39
2009 Panic Shows: 0

I'm gonna be honest... I only go see Panic for the whiskey and coke.

I'm more of a jazz guy than Indie guy, but I'll see ya at Cochella, though. I'll be selling razor blades in the lot. I'm gonna make a killing on all those cutters. Should fun 1/2 of summer Phish tour.

BTreotch said...

Great post Pauly.. Unfortunately I didnt see enough Phish shows to get my fix in 2009 - but sort of glad they're breaking til summer since I'll be holed up down south listening to indie bands ad nauseum. WSPSUX but Panda Bear and Thom Yorke have some new material out. ; )

Steve In Denver said...

All you spreadneck bashers are gonna eat it when Phish covers 'Till The Medicine Takes for Halloween 2010.

Anyone going to see Furthur this spring in Broomfield CO? Trying to talk myself into another round of GD Lite....