Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST: Everyone Loves Hugo

Another great episode! I have a strange craving for some fried chicken. Here is the setlist this week:

Geronimo Jackson, April 13, 2010

Set one (On Island): TNT (1), Heal the World (2), Is There Anybody Out There (3), Excitable Boy (4), Wishing Well (5)

Set Two (Off Island): Rosalita > Incident on 57th St. (6), Back at the Chicken Shack (7), Cuckoo’s Nest (8) > Day Tripper (9) > Elizabeth, I Love You (10)

Encore: Concrete Schoolyard (11) > Pancake (12)

(1) AC/DC; Ilana
(2) Michael Jackson; Hurley with special guest Michael
(3) Pink Floyd; Hurley
(4) Warren Zevon; Random Smiling Boy (possibly a young Jacob)
(5) Terence Trent D’Arby; Locke and Desmond
(6) Bruce Springsteen; Hurley and his mom, Hurley eats at Spanish Johnny’s restaurant
(7) Jimmy Smith; Hurley and Des
(8) Yonder Mountain String Band; Libby and Hurley
(9) The Beatles; Libby and Hurley
(10) Michael Jackson; Libby and Hurley
(11) Jurassic 5; Desmond and Ben Linus
(12) Tori Amos; Desmond, Ben, and Locke

I am of the opinion that Desmond ran over Locke to give him a near death experience and make him remember the island. Some people are chatting about Desmond wanting revenge, but with Desmond's experiences last week I just don't see revenge as a part of his character now. With Ben there too we could have a situation set up were Locke is rushed to the Hospital, Dr. Linus by his side, and guess who operates on Locke and remembers everything? Jack.

I also think that Desmond can see what happens/is happening/happened in both timelines, brotha. Flocke pushed him into the well, but I think it is Desmond who is outplaying Flocke in the chess match of the island. Desmond is right over a pocket of electromagnetic energy- exactly where he is supposed to be.

Did anyone else catch the Seinfeld reference at the awards ceremony? Costanza is proud.

Can't wait for next week's episode, but I am sad I will miss it live. I will be at the 4/20 premier of the Phish 3D movie in Denver.

As always, head over to Hidden Track and join the discussion with Ryan and I. Don't forget there are still some LOST + Phish t-shirts left!


Unknown said...

i think you are exactly right about why Desmond ran over Locke. My brother and I were just talking about that very thing earlier today.

Jay said...

Right on -- These are always so much fun. Love the left-field "Wishing Well."