Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOST: The Last Recruit

I saw the Phish 3D movie on Tuesday so I was behind watching LOST. Ryan put together this awesome setlist:

Geronimo Jackson, April 20, 2010
Set one (On Island): Who Are You (1) > Second Skin (2), Austin Powers Theme (3), What Would You Say? (4), Reunited (5), I’m On a Boat (6) > All Apologies (7) > I Go Swimming (8)

Set Two (Off Island): Ambulance (9), Land Down Under (10), Simple Twist of Fate (11), Shakedown (12), I Remember You (13)

Encore: Running with the Devil (14)

(1) The Who; Jack and Locke
(2) Widespread Panic; Jack and Locke
(3) Quincy Jones; Zoe with “Who does #2 work for” stage banter
(4) Dave Matthews Band; Desmond and Sayid
(5) Peaches and Herb; Sun and Jin
(6) The Lonely Island; Ensemble
(7) Nirvana; Jack and Sawyer
(8) Peter Gabriel; Jack
(9) TV on the Radio; Locke and Sun
(10) Men at Work; Kate and Sawyer
(11) Bob Dylan; Claire, Desmond, Jack, and Miss Verdansky (Ilana)
(12) Bob Seger; with “everybody walks into the garden hose” alternate lyrics
(13) Skid Row; Locke and Jack
(14) Van Halen; Locke and Jack

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