Friday, April 02, 2010

Tickets: How Did You Do?

Compared to last year, this was easy. Sure there are friends out there looking for extras, but overall it seems tickets landed in the hands of real fans. I know a lot of friends that got Greek and Telluride tickets today, which seemed to be the hardest ticket to get.

Overall, the Coventry Crew is still looking for some extras to Telluride and the Greek, but compared to last year's disasters during Hampton and Summer onsales, we are sitting pretty. How did you do? Got a trade? Anyone want to have a 2001 dance party this afternoon to celebrate? let us know.


gratefulRED said...

Denied by lottery, phone, and online for telluride....huge bummer. Got every other show I wanted though....still, need a miracle for a CO show.

Peter said...

Got shut out of t-ride tix. Tried the tickethorse website constantly for about 30 minutes and still got nothing. This extras situation is gonna be interesting because of the way the ticketing is set up for non-locals, hopeflly i score some way to get in.

Will said...

Scored 2 Thursday Greeks via Phone
Scored 2 Saturday Greeks via Web
Scored 1 Telluride via roommate
Got an addtional 3day Greek Pass from another friend/for another friend

~~ Wildo

jesse said...

glad you guys are mostly sorted.

I (actually my mom, thanks mom) got a pair of tickets for all three Greeks via the lottery.

I was trying to get more Greeks online and got shut out.....then missed out on Tellie online too. I was at work and of course one of my supervisors shows up 10 mins before Tellies go on sale. I wondered if he could tell I was almost in full on panic mode....he left at 11:04, by the time Tickethorse loaded I was shut out......oh well, don't really have the money to make that trip (Greek x3 --> Tellie) happen anyway.

Fingers crossed for a fall MSG...i need to get the fuck out of the west.

jonas0tt0 said...

Congrats to everyone who scored! We need 3 Tellurides for Coventry!

Joker - nice job on the chalkboard!!!

Andrew said...

Anyone happen to have my two Pavs (sect 102 or 202) to Alpine Valley on Saturday evening?

Looking for your sincere help.

Thanks. :)

OKPblog said...

For the first time since 2000 the Phish Lottery gave me everything I wanted. Didn't get Telluride but that was just a bonus.