Friday, April 23, 2010

Wakarusa - Festival of the Summer

Photo by Rich Anderson

Yesterday Wakarusa released their schedule and I pulled the trigger on going. I think this will be the festival of the summer. The schedule looks incredible, with music going until 7 or 8 in the morning. Wakarusa is June 3-6 in Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas.

I LOVE summer festivals when the sun goes down, and I think Wakarusa delivers. With woooomp woooommmmp music going past sunrise, there will be special experiences you can only get at at camping festival. Check out what I am stoked to see from looking at the schedule:

Robert Randolph & the Family Band (8:30 - 10:00)
Disco Biscuits (10:30 - 12:30)
The Machine (PINK FLOYD LAZER SHOW)(12:00 - 2:30am)
Lotus(12:50 - 2:15am)
BoomBox(2:45 - 4:00am)
Kraak & Smaak(4:15 - 5:30am)
MiMosa (5:30 - 7:00am)

ALO (6:30 - 8:00pm)
Umphrey's McGee (7:45 - 10:00pm)
STS9 (10:45 - 12:45am)
Bassnectar (12:30 - 2:00am)
EOTO (1:35 - 3:05am)
Tea Leaf Green (2:30 - 4:00am)
Tipper (5:30 - 7:00am)

The Black Keys (5:30 - 7:00pm)
Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa (7:30 - 9:00pm)
Widespread Panic (9:45 - 12:45am)
Umphrey's McGee (12:30 - 2:00am)
Ott (3:15 - 4:30am)
Mark Farina (3:45 - 5:30am)
Bluetech (5:30 - 7:00am) - if im still standing, this will be the yoga sunrise set!


Combine this schedule with beautiful private land in the Ozarks, I think this is going to be an EPIC summer festival experience. We are flying into Tulsa, renting a car and will be there Thurs > Sunday afternoon. See you there!


Gage said...


My crew is hitting Waka after 3yrs @ Roo. Now that we're well over 30 this seems like a much better alternative and lineup.

jahcolforbinn said...

be sure to check out Somasphere at the Outpost Stage!!

Rich said...

The image you are using in this post is one I took at the 2005 Wakarusa Festival and licensed under the creative commons. You can find a link to the original at Thanks.