Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today in Phistory: 10.9.99

10.09.99 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Set I: Punch You in the Eye, Wilson, Guyute, Ghost, Free, Sparkle, Possum

Set II: Limb By Limb, 2001, Down With Disease, Velvet Sea, Simple, Loving Cup

Encore: Slave to the Traffic Light
Drove to the show from NYC with my buddy Gil. Only bad thing was getting my pipe confiscated by a cop at the entrance. I had to borrow papers to roll a joint.

We had floor seats right smack in the middle of Pepsi Arena. Amazing sound and one of the best Phish shows I had ever seen. It became an instant classic with me since they played my favorite song Slave to the Traffic Light.

I wanted to hear everything the played. First set felt like a second set. Heavy ass jams and percise playing. Really kicked our ass. PYITE and Wilson was a heavy one-two punch. Guyute, Ghost, and Free was an intense half forty minutes!

2001 and Down with Disease were the highlights of the second set. Fishman went to work on Limb by Limb. Loving Cup to close the set sizzled. Page was a god that night. Mike dropped a few bombs during DWD. Trey tore it up. Again. They were on fire. I was disappointed when the show ended because I wanted them to keep playing. Luck for me, I had a ticket to the show the very next night.

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