Thursday, August 07, 2008

Aprodesia at Quixote's 8/6/08

Last night I headed down to Quixote's to check out the San Francisco band Aphrodesia. I thought they sounded great. My buddy Jonas and I joked that they sounded like Trey Band without Trey, which is not far from the truth but is also selling them a little short. I thought they had a great full sound- the horn section is awesome, and the singers sound fantastic. For a bunch of white kids, they sure got the tribal rhythms down.

It was a rainy Wednesday night, and there were probably 20 people in the audience. Its always disappointing to see a great band not get a good draw, especially when there are 11 people in the band and I know they spent way more money on gas getting to the gig than what they got paid to play.

At some point in the show one of the (hot) singers took a break and approached my crew. We were sitting in the back, smoking tuff. She wanted (needed?) to smoke and we were happy to oblige a cute singer with nice legs. After a few puffs she got back on stage for the next song. It seemed like she was a little out of it, she thought that her string instrument sounded "weird" and seemed to forget lyrics. It was quite hilarious to us, and I am proud to tell you about it.

If you have the opportunity in the future, please check them out. Here is the rest of their Summer Tour:

Aphrodesia Summer Tour

Aug 7 Hodi's Half Note- 167 N. College Ave Ft. Collins, Colorado
Aug 8 B-Side Lounge (formerly Trilogy Lounge) Boulder, Colorado
Aug 9 Carbondale Concert Series Carbondale, Colorado
Aug 11 Brown Bag Concerts Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 12 Ketchum Alive Ketchum, Idaho
Aug 13 Boise Alive After Five Boise, Idaho
Aug 14 Alive After the Grind McCall, Idaho
Aug 15 Some Day Lounge Portland, Oregon

There is a journal section of the web site, I skimmed through and found some good stuff:

"But endings are beginnings too. Yes, Ezra is moving to New York City in the fall, but the band is far from over, this cross-country tour far from the last we'll ever undertake. As we drive east the hot desert miles fly by underneath, hip-hop blares from the stereo, we make sandwiches, read old New Yorker magazines and gaze out the window at the barren landscape, wondering why the world has gone from despair and loneliness to not feeling so bad. Yes, this is new and yes, there is a lot to leave behind and yes, it's scary, unsettling, disconcerting to have the rug pulled out from under you and all the familiar touchstones of your life yanked away like favorite wall hangings thrown in a pile in the middle of the room. But there is life in loss, liberation in uncertainty. Which doesn't matter a whole lot now anyway, since there's quite literally no going back now."

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