Saturday, August 02, 2008

Trey Anastasio Newport Folk Fest Setlist

Here is the unoffical setlist from Trey's acoustic perormance at the Newport Folk Fest:

Trey Anastasio, Newport Folk Festival, 8/2/08
Brian and Robert, Farmhouse, Water in the Sky, Let Me Lie, Bouncin' Round the Room, Heavy Things, If I Could Be A Sailor*#, Mist, Sleep Again, Back on the Train, Peggy*, Waste, Shine, Bathtub Gin, Wilson
E: Sample in a Jar, Chalkdust Torture

*first time played
#Dedicated to Tom Marshall

A big hat tip to Glide for the live twitters!
Check out the Videos via Jamtopia!
Listen to Trey via, webcast at 3:50 EST (2:50 Central, 1:50 MTN, 12:50 Left Coast)

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Unknown said...

Trey's Newport set will be audio webcast at NPR.ORG on Sunday August 3rd at 3:50pm EST.