Sunday, August 24, 2008

Outside Lands Music Festival Sunday Live Blog

2:40 arrive at festy, check out a few songs of toots. Walked over to mother hips and found chris who has an awesome spot staked out for drive by truckers and panic.

Bon iver just started and is blowing me away. Breutiful, haunting voice with acoustic guitar.

I like about half of bon iver's stuff a lot, some of it sounds like jeff buckley and some of it is like slow coldplay.

We just found out bon iver is pronounced "ivAIR".

4:15 at drive by truckers. Chris mixed me a whiskey and coke so I am feeling the truckers' guitars.

4:15 gonna watch about half of grace potter and come back for panic. Chris has an awesome spot staked out schools side.

Today has been pretty easy so far. Sun has come out once in a while. Seems like there are more girls here wearing designer jeans, most likely for jack johnson. The costumes/track suits are a hit once again today.

5:39 we got a great place schools side for panic and are with some friends of friends that are panic fans. After being surrounded by hipsters all weekend it feels good to be around a bunch of my people.whiskey and bowls all around.

Widespread Panic
Outside Lands Music Festival
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA

Climb to safety>
(Girl in front of us on guy's shoulder is topless, has marijuana leaves stickers covering her nipples- fuck yeah!)
Henry parsons died
Up all night
Solid rock>fishwater (ending only)>
Papas home

(I go to wilco... Little did I know... pauly and change 100 stay- get to see ann marie calhoun play suprise valley w panic...!)

6:45 at wilco
Sky blue sky song off of>
Spiders (sea oh hand claps)
I am trying to break your heart
Handshake drugs
Jesus, etc.
Impossible germany (sick soloing by nels)
Via chicago (I get txt from pauly that panic just ended)
California stars
Hate it here
I'm the man who loves you
Wilco was awesome! Panic was fucking rocking too. That was a great 2 hours of music.

8:23 got some food, chilling out to jack johnson. Pauly makes fun of his vagina.


BTreotch said...

Was first song Side With Seeds ?

Anonymous said...


Jesus, you guys are slacking on this one...

Dr. Pauly said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are complaining about a free service. Jesus, quit your bitching.

As soon as you start paying us for our work, then you have a right to whine and moan and criticize us about the little things.

Or, you can be grateful and patient and wait another day or so to let us upload our photos and videos.

Damn ingrate.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you guys were not so fucked up from doing drugs all night, you would have more motivation to upload some pictures for the people that SUPPORT your site!

Damn drug addicted hippies...

"I see shows sober... less restictions to that place. Its in your soul." - A very wise man.

Eggs said...

Great coverage!

I support the fact that you all do not have a bunch of pictures up. What people do not realize is that us music bloggers work our asses off to cover these festivals, which is even more true when you have a photo pass. We are also dedicated to the music that we are covering, and love to enjoy it in our own way, wether it be on drugs or not.

I can't believe that someone thinks they have the right to complain about not having pictures of the festival while the damn festival is still going on. Between the actual festival, aftershows, and the sanity-refreshing moments in between, you are lucky enough just to get some words on your site.

I am sure that these kind folks will have pictures up sometime soon, so you can move on to slandering other bloggers for doing something that dissatisfies you.



BTreotch said...

I don't think anonymous is all that serious about his complaints.. Besides, it's nice to know someone cares enough to softly bitch about it.

As far as this goes:
"I see shows sober... less restrictions to that place. Its in your soul." - A very wise man.

Joker and I did the final Coventry set near this dude and we have mutual friends. I'm pretty sure that was some camera-in-the-face bullshit..

Anyhow, great reads again... Halloween Austin 08 ???