Friday, August 22, 2008

Outside Lands Music Festival Friday Live Blog

3:21 walking west through the park to the grounds. Chris is already inside and got a spot in front of the main stage / radiohead soundboard. Its a cool overcast day, feels like 67 with a cool wind.

3:52 no pat down. in and getting to know the lay of the land. Sparse crowd at this point.

4:50 sitting in a crowd that is getting packed in front of main stage. Waiting for steel pulse to start.

5:10 groovin to steel pulse. Opened op with a song about the national anthem and just finished "life without music".probably 20,000 already here.

You know the best thing about reggae? Girls that like to dance to reggae.

5:40 crowd is heavy, chris got a good spot and we are gonna stay for a while to defend cold war kids or felice bros for now.

6:18 manu starts and I'm in the porta potty line. Grounds are very big and crowded.

6:30 manu. Crowd is crazy big.

Mano is very energetic. Seems like half the crowd is loving ut, dancing and jumping with the music, the other half waiting for radiohead.

7:30 6 of us sitting on a tarp in the middle of a crowd of standing people. Tarp'd Trap'd.

7:41 one of chris's friends amazingly finds us in the crowd. Gives us a puddle.

7:59 pm
Outside lands music festival, san francisco ca

1. 15 step
2. Reckoner
3. Airbag (pa completely craps out for 30 second) crowd is insane tight bad getting pushed
4. There,there
5. All I need (pa goes out again for aver a minute)
6. Nude
7: talk show host
8. The national anthem
9 the gloaming
10. Videotape
11. Weird fishes
12 idioteque
13 karma police
14 jigsaw
15. Just
16 e0xit music
17 bodysnatchers

20 pyramid song
21 you and whose army (thom laughs cracks up)
22 paranoid android
23 fake plastic trees
24 everything in its right place (extra long outro )

i dont know what to say. tonight was crazy. i have never been crushed in a crowd like that, not in years. sound cut out twice, i mean completely goes out for 30-60seconds in the middle of a song...never ever seen a big show, big festival where power goes out in the middle of a song. check back tomorrow for more updates, we dont know what to make of this right now. the scene down at the festival tonight was one of survival. seriously. nuts.


Anonymous said...

what beers do they have? and how much are the prices?

marc said...

Heineken & Heineken Light for $7. Some wine, and Sojou cocktails. I waited for about 30 mins to get some beers and missed about 4 songs of the Radiohead set.

BTreotch said...

that's not a tasty pickle.. said...

crazy shit!