Friday, March 27, 2009

Phuck the Jonas Brothers...

My buddy G-Rob said it best, "Phish tickets are way undervalued at $50."

These are tough times, so it would make sense that the scores of unemployed would try to score Phish tickets in hopes of selling them for a profit. Add those people to the mix of high end online broker sites, independent scalpers, and hordes and hordes of Phisheads... what you have is a recipe for hopelessness.

So is it wrong if I try to buy up as many Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers tickets as possible? Jack up the prices and sell them to spoiled rotten little shithead kids? And then use the proceeds to buy Phish tickets from the scalpers?

Here's my reasoning, I'm not actually spending my money... but rather, I'd be paying the scalpers with money from parents who are retarded enough to blew big bucks on a ticket to the Virgin Brothers.

Or am I just as horrible as the rest of these vultures by stooping to their level?

Sadly, as much as I have a deep disdain for the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, I'm not going to shakedown the parents of those fans. Rather, I'm currently in Las Vegas betting significant amounts of money on March Madness games hoping that I can generate enough money for Phish summer tour... and that included gas, hotels, party favors, and cash for tickets.


the joker said...

onsale for jonas bros at the pepsi ctr in denver is tomorrow morning...anyone know the fan club code?

Di said...

you'd be just as horrible as them if you did that....i some how got through ticketmasters website and scored two gorge