Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday PHISH Hampton live blog

5:20 pauly, nicky and I are in line. This afternoon we ate breakfast at 1pm and went to the poster art show. I cu$tied out at the poster show and got some sweet prints. I'm super excited to get some stuff framed. I bought a pollack print he made for the show. Pollack was on hand to sign it...I asked him to sign it with lyrics from the show last night that stook out to him. He signed "I didn't know that I was so far gone" jim pollack hampton '09

Daphne is in the lot looking for a ticket. Daryl changed his flight and will stay till monday. I hope they can get in tonight!

I'm hoping for a big tube, ghost, 2001 or down w disease tonight. Ill do my best to keep you updated. Again, follow taopauly for up to the minute twitters, we are working hard to keep your phish obsession going.

6:40 we have secured a place on the floor, page side. Its nice because our crew is 10+ and we can block out some space. I'm also stoked because I got an official show poster.

I'm really pumped about tonight, I'm hoping for a jammy funky show. With a little help from my friends it should be a colorful show.

Set I
Back on the train>
Runaway jim
Brian and robert
Split open and melt (crazy loud psychedelic jam)
Heavy things
Punch you in the eye
Mexican cousin (shout out to our el paso friend molly!!!
Its ice (ambient jam)
Halleys comet>
Beauty of a broken heart
Guelah papyrus
Lawn boy

I'm speechless at setbreak. These are amazing sets.

Bwh2o was swaying back and forth like a redwood that set. I thought we had lost him during split open and melt jam.

Set -ii
Rock and roll
Limb by limb
Wolfmans brother
Prince caspian

E:day in the life!


B said...

pic of the poster(s)?

Chrs said...

fuuuuck. last nite sounds sick.

Josh said...

yes, thank you for doing this
I love all the comments on what you are doing, and the comments on the songs that doesn't give !!! thanks a ton !

Anonymous said...

As I'm living vicariously through you guys this weekend, what time is breakfast tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Also looks like your "jammy funky" show is coming to fruition, at least in the first set.

Daddy said...

So fucking sick.

SpunnyBunny said...

So did Daphne or Daryl make it in....