Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cat Stevens Claims Coldplay Ripped Off His Mad Skills

Another head shaker in the brutal world of music and plagiarism. This time, it's the legendary Cat Stevens asserting that the lollipops from Coldplay stole some of his shit, specifically the melody to Foreigner Suite.

I'm the last guy in the room who would ever...

1) listen to Coldplay
2) defend those cheeseball hipsters

However, since Cat Stevens is a couple of cans short of a six-pack, who the hell knows. Then again, Joe Satriani also accused Coldplay of shenanigans.

To call Coldplay "Radiohead-lite" is an insult to Thom Yorke and the citizens of whatever planet he's from. Bottom line, Coldplay is just a really bad and cheap knock-off of Radiohead. Sort of like going down to Chinatown and buying a fake iPod called an iPud.


BTreotch said...

IPud link?

There have been at least three people who have come forward claiming Coldplay ripped a melody off of them.. I think I even heard a Kraftwerk song with that ghey melody..

Ziggy Stardust said...

I still don't know why anyone compares those two bands. Did the Joker tell you about our neighbors at Wakarusa last year? They blared the newest Coldplay album on repeat for the first few days. Then everybody started breaking out boomboxes. I don't usually enjoy "battling beats," but it needed to be done. Phish and Panic won. Thank you neighborhood.

A. Dult said...

This article features a very funny label. Kudos to youdos.