Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gene Ween Band (Solo Acoustic) @ B Side Lounge, Boulder CO 5/11/09

Last night I had a great time seeing Gene Ween at a little club in Boulder. The show was sold out, but the room was very small and only holds about 90 people.

Ween and their fans are the special kind of awesome that is not widely understood. As I have come to expect from Ween, the show was weird and sooo good. Seeing Gener's eyes close up will do that to ya. I got to hear several of my favorite Ween songs, as well as trade a Phish Dharma patch for some pharmies and trade a piece of pizza for a shot of tequila. Check out this video of Buenos Tardes Amigo:

Setlist, via weenarmy
Gene Ween Band
May 11, 2009 Boulder, CO B-Side Lounge

1.Marble tulip juicy tree
2.Birthday Boy
3.chocolate town
4.help me scrape the mucus off my brain
5.shes your baby
6. dont get to close
7.tried and true
8.dont laugh I love you >
9.push the lil daises
10.big jilm
11.the grobe
12.mutilated lips
13.even if you dont
14. lullaby
15.happy colored marbles
end of piano set
"Ill be back in 5 minuets...naw fuck the break!"
16.So long Jerry
17.she wanted to leave
18.mollusk ("that was my first time playin that one...")
19.The party
20.flutes of the chi
22.Buenos tardes
23.Geners Gone

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