Friday, February 27, 2009

Hampton Opener

There is a lot of talk among my friends as well as major discussion on the web about the opener next week. I will be excited to hear just about anything the boys decide to play. I have been watching this video of the pre-show> chalkdust opener...the energy is off the hook, so many smiling faces and so much excitement...


BTreotch said...

I'm calling Pebbles & Marbles.. It wouldnt be my personal pick, but if I were a gamblin' man..

I'm also going to try and stay spoiler free and listen to the show blind, so you phucks there don't need to text me the setlist.. I'll be at Diplo and Girl Talk though having a mini-rage..

Henry Holland said...

I'm calling: The Curtain (With).

They phucked it up so bad as the final Coventry song, it'd be a perfect Mission Statement: See! We can nail this complicated song, we're back!