Monday, April 04, 2011

Mike Gordon Hotline April Fools Joke - Update

PT Hero powerfulpills writes:

So now that the dust has settled and its obvious that I was never in cahoots with Gordon, I can reveal the details of my april fools prank. I stumbled upon his password somewhat accidentally a while back, it was 5555, no joke. I had tried to crack the voicemail code many years ago when it first came out to no avail. One day at work I called, and decided to give it a shot again. I randomly just hit 5555 and it worked, no crazy hacker story here just dumb luck. So for a while I would just occasionally listen to voicemails. A few notes on that:

- some of you are weirdos, you know who you are, and there were more than a few references to that "purple mermaid" character on the voicemails, as though mike would give a shit.

- most of the dudes calling just wanted to say what up

- virtually 100% of the female callers were bat-shit crazy, talking to mike as though hes actually on the phone, telling them about their day etc. One chick from Colorado told the same rambling pyschobabble story about her facebook account or some shit like three times. Another chick went into far too great detail about a recent move, breakup, and some subsequent nervous breakdown. Invading people's privacy is dope.

- mike definitely listens to all the voicemails and saves ones that are actually interesting, like if they are pertaining to music etc.

ANYWAY, so i knew id have to change the voicemail as Monkeystasio at some point and waited for the perfect time. It ended up being a perfect storm of mike denying eminence front/being kind of a douche on the hotline/superball IX getting anounced. I changed mike's password so he wouldnt have access to it for the day and changed it back at midnight (when i also changed the outgoing message to eminence front). I got an email from Gordo's manager around 11pm asking me to change it. He was cool, understood it was a joke. I told him it was an April Fools pranks and I wouldnt be trying anything like it again and to keep up the good work. So thats that, hope you all enjoyed, see you at the whatever it is dehh. -powerfulpills
the email from mike's manager:

Dear Mr. -------,

This is Jason ------, and I represent Mike Gordon.

I have reason to believe that you may be involved in an April Fool's Day prank involving Mike's outgoing "hotline" voicemail message.

A joke's a joke - no harm, no foul. But Mike would really prefer to change it back at this point to a different message.

If you are indeed aware or responsible for this, could I please ask you to provide the new password to access the voicemail? I'd appreciate if you could reply to this email with the password this evening.

Thanks very much.

Jason -----
Red Light Management

And the recording of the recording of the message:

Well done. We salute you!

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