Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ocean Shirts for Japan

Our friend Jiggs has created shirts with the above design to raise money for the people suffering in Japan right now. Another 7.4 Earthquake just hit again today, so those people need all the help they can get. ALL funds raised will go to Peace Winds America. This is the organization Phish chose to donate the proceeds of their recent Live Phish release.

For more info and to buy a shirt/hoodie:


Jiggs said...

Thanks very much for posting! Here's the direct link to where the paypal links are :

Thanks SO MUCH for posting!!

jonas0tt0 said...

Great job on the shirts, Jiggs!

The hyperlink actually takes them directly to the page you linked if they click on it. This way they can see the home page also in the text and remember your site.

Jiggs said...

Oh cool! Thanks!