Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phish 3.0 - Welcome to the Plinko Funk era

Here's a compilation created by UncleSam88 which comprises the essence of the Plinko Funk for your listening pleasure.

All tracks fit onto an 80min CD-R and all tracks are in MP3 v0 (sorry audiophiles) tagged with album art, ready to toss into your iTunes for immediate input into your iPod. I hope you all enjoy this inaugural venture into the Plinko Funk. Enjoy!

01. Tube (1/1/11)
02. Runaway Jim (1/1/11)
03. Cities (8/6/10)
04. Wolfman's Brother (10/30/10)
06. Simple (8/6/10)
07. 46 Days (11/18/09)
08. You Enjoy Myself (12/4/09)

01. Tweezer (12/30/10)
02. Light (10/19/10)
03. Sand (12/31/10)
04. Sneakin' Sally through the Alley (1/1/11)
05. Twist (1/1/11)
06. Harry Hood (12/28/10)


Anonymous said...

Great comp! I'm in my car all day for work, and this made my day yesterday.

Keep up the good work!

The Voice said...

Just came across this via PT. Thanks for spreading my compilation around man. Pretty cool. Have a beer with me at a show this summer.

Punchblackeyedkatie said...

Looks like the links are dead, can they be reposted? Thanks