Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Avett Brothers 8/21/2010 - "A final hug before we part!"

Saturday proved to be bittersweet. We had found ourselves at the end of our Avett love fest.

Susie Q and I had a fantastically wonderful time gallivanting around Myrtle Beach: we hit up the shoreline, drew Avett-love sand art, took some goofy pictures, and then checked out the local outlets.

Apparently, Mr. Joe Kwon fancies the fashions of Banana Republic clothing. He was leaving the store right when we were, too, and held the door open for us! Susie Q and I smiled super hard and I replied, "Why thank you!" To which Mr. Kwon returned my smile and stated, "You're welcome!"

Now, you are probably asking, why didn't we speak to him further, get a picture, say, "We love you!", or ask for an autograph? Well, the answer is quite simple actually - They already hold a special place in our hearts as dear friends. Why do we need to fawn over our boys when we already know them? They give us so much of themselves; their passion for life and genuineness do not go unnoticed. They are just people, having life experiences as we all are, trying to make the best of this crazy place, and doin' it full of love!

Before we knew it, Susie Q and I were back in the line awaiting entry. Saturday's line was definitely the longest, extending all the way around the side of the venue and behind it, too! We listened to the banter from other fans, decided to start a variety of "counts" and giggled at people's stories of knowing the band "before they got big".

We were lucky to snag just the perfect spot for the show, as we had the previous nights. Susie Q got in the merch line and picked up an adorable shirt for her 4-year old son. I, of course, was chatting with more fans. Pretty soon a large group corralled right below the rail where I was standing. They were a group of 30-somethings, mostly coupled off, from a small rural town in South Carolina that I can't recall the name of. They had been in the sun all day, drinkin', and were slamming '5-Hour Energy' shots. Ross, one of the overly friendly chatty guys, deemed Susie Q and I "his girls" because we offered to let his wife stand up on the rail next to us so she could see. They were nice folks and just at the show to have a good time.

The crowd was getting anxious and ready to see what the boys would bring on their final night! Ms. Mayfield took the stage and everyone cheered as Scott Avett and Joe Kwon appeared mid-way through her act to perform For Today with the band. What a treat!

I thought the boys would come out sooner so that they would have time to play a longer set but they appeared right on schedule. They were LOUD and let THEIR COLORS SHOW!

The Fall
Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise
January Wedding
I Killed Sally's Lover
Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane
My Last Song To Jenny
Pretty Girl From Annapolis > Is This Love > Pretty Girl From Annapolis *
Tin Man
Die Than Grow
Distraction #74
Pretty Girl At the Airport
Will You Return
Late In Life
Slight Figure of Speech
I and Love and You
The Traveling Song
Murder In The City
And It Spread
Pretty Girl From Chili **
Laundry Room

E) Kick Drum Heart, If It's the Beaches
* Is This Love - Bob Marley
** Serious rockin' out and head banging

Calling all Bob Marley fans! How about this bust out in the middle of Pretty Girl From Annapolis?!

(Courtesy of YouTube user, arsenic1313)

Saturday's performance offered quite a few repeat songs but I didn't mind too much. I was excited because they played a couple songs I didn't recognize, Late In Life and Die Than Grow. I'm hoping those tunes make an appearance on the boys' next album. They got down and dirty during Pretty Girl From Chile. Do you think the banjo just means bluegrass? No, don't ever be fooled, folks, Scott was headbangin' somethin' fierce!

Overall, Friday was by far my favorite night of the 3-night run. The weekend was everything I had hoped for and more. I was content and ready to take the love I was given and share it with the world! That was it. One final hug before we parted.

Until next time boys; all of my love!

(Check out Night 2 and Night 1!)


BTreotch said...

sounds like an epic adventure

Paul said...

Good video. Everyone singing along is kind of annoying though. Thanks for the AB coverage.

Anonymous said...

@Paul - You're welcome! Yes, the whole weekend was a big sing-a-long and Susie Q mentioned that, too. I reckon there's nothing to be done about it......

Flex said...

I'm a big Bob Marley fan. How I wish I saw their wonderful performance.
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