Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Born On The Wrong Planet Plates Stolen

Friends of my friend in Washington State have had personalized "BOTWP" (SCI reference to the song Born on The Wrong Planet) plates on their car for years. They are really good people and obviously big fans of the String Cheese Incident.

The BOTWP plates were a bit of a freak flag for otherwise "straight" looking hippies. They loved pulling into parties or shows with those plates. It was fun driving in their car and getting the occasional thumbs up from a passer by.

Anyway, some "fan" stole their front plate while the vehicle was parked at Horning's Hideout. It is likely the thief didn't really consider the consequences of nabbing the plate- they probably thought it would just be a cool souvenir from an amazing weekend in Oregon.

Unfortunately, due to Washington State regulations, the original owners now have to forfeit their plates. No getting around it- they have tried.

I get why someone would think this is okay, but it's not. The only reason someone would be able to take these plates would be if they were an actual alien visiting earth, which is possible I suppose. If you happen to know the human who left Hornings Hideout with this plate, would you please let them know that they screwed over a couple of really good people? If they would be willing to return the plate, I am sure we can come up with some incentive.

If you can help in this matter, please email at scubacon at hotmail dot com.


patrick said...

this sucks. after having a license plate stolen, just a standard issue one, i purchased some special mounting screws from Autozone. they require a special wrench, and are almost flush with the plate when screwed in making them hard to unscrew. worth checking into if you have a special tag. they were about $10. hope this plate gets returned.

Dusty Bottoms said...

I'm calling the wook patrol, Delta Force, Mounties, and the Air National Guard. We need these plates back. These plates will see the light of day somewhere. And when they do, justice will be ours.

Max Yield said...

can't the people just get new plates? am i missing something?

DiscoSis1 said...

really?! someone stole their plates?! that is so fucked.