Tuesday, August 03, 2010

String Cheese Incident Horning's Hideout Sunday / Day 4 Recap

Im writing from Cannon Beach, Oregon where Im trying to catch up a little bit on my sleep. The Sunday Horning's Cheese show was a hot one. Here is the set list:

String Cheese Incident
08/01/10 Horning's Hideout

Set I:
Lester had a Coconut1, Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms1, Walls of Time1, Think Of What You've Done1, Six Days on the Road1, Orange Blossom Special1, Fixin' To Die2, Betray the Dark, Yo Se, Lost, Will it Go 'Round in Circles, Looking Glass, San Jose

Set II:
Shantytown> Gypsy Queen, Howard, Emma's Dream> Don't Say> It Is What It Is> Eyes of the World3, Outside Inside3
Encore: Best Feeling, Good Times Around the Bend4

1 with The Travelin' McCourys
2 with The Travelin' McCourys and Col. Bruce Hampton
3 with Scott Law on guitar
4 2nd Encore

The first set was heavy on the bluegrass and had the crowd dancing as hard as they have the whole weekend. The second set Sunday was my favorite set of the weekend. The Howard was incredible and worked the crowd into a frenzy. Eyes of the World with Scott Law on lead guitar was an absolutely beautiful tribute to Jerry Garcia on his birthday and a few in the crowd got emotional. Cheese brought back the lasers and the alien spaceship made another appearance at the end. A fantastic show.

After the show there was not much of a campsite scene, as it seemed most of Horning's was worn out from the weekend. Our crew had brought out a Unicorn pinata that we broke open in front of a crowd of 50 in our camp site after the show. It was quite the funny scene to see each of us take a swing at a unicorn after being blind folded and spun around. Eventually we broke open the pinata and I wore the head on my helmet.

The Horning's experience was awesome. Carrie and I are heading down the Oregon and California coast the next two days- next stop THE GREEK.


Benjo said...

Is that the Goonies beach ?

the joker said...

yup- the goonies beach!

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