Thursday, August 12, 2010

Telluride Day 2 (Short) Recap

Dr. Pauly is on his way to Deer Creek tonight with the Midwest Coventry Crew (G Money, Daddy, Iggy) and I am back at work today. Yesterday (Wednesday) we left the magic place of Telluride and I wanted to attempt to fill you in on the second night.

The show was as good if not better than the first night. A personal highlight was the sunset during Divided Sky - check out a couple of pics below:

In the second set I thought the Mike's > Crosseyed was fantastic and had me dancing as hard as I could. The Carini was nasty and had a Mothership jam, the Free had all of us with our hands in the air like it was church, and the YEM once again blew our minds. There was not a single person in Telluride without a smile on their face Tuesday night.

We had an afterparty once again at the condo but it was much more chill than the previous rager on Monday night. The vibe was more of a family chill out party and it was fitting. It seemed like most of us were exhausted emotionally and physically from the amazing times we had just experienced.

Telluride was magic. I am very fortunate to have made it back home in one piece and though I am a bit worn and bruised from SCI Red Rocks > SCI Hornings > Phish Greek > Phish Telluride, I am going to regenerate stronger than before. I am going to weave a bit of the fairy tale I experienced the past two weeks into the fabric of my work clothes and cubicle.

See you around Denver or at Burning Man in a couple of weeks. Look out for Dr. Pauly and crew at Deer Creek > Alpine.


JahBaker said...

really hoping to read a long version of the recap. The 2nd night setlist looks unbelievable but was it really as good as it looks. What was better 1st, 2nd night of greek, or 2nd night telluride?

the joker said...

haha i would really like to read a longer recap by dr. pauly too...but he is traveling and seeing the show tonight. my brain is jelly after 2 weeks of touring and i dont have access to his notes.

comparing greek and telluride, for me there is no comparison. telluride was magic, the greek was amazing but being at telluride cant be beat. how the shows stand up on sbd is a different conversation...but being at telluride with perfect weather, the scenery, plenty of space to dance with friends, and being able to walk everywhere, it was the total package and lived up to the hype.

the joker said...

night 2 new link

JahBaker said...

yea thanks... I was able stream the greek but havn't had the time to listen to Telluride yet. My brother and I did tour a bunch back in the day and we sent him to telluride - to force him to remember why we love phish (he was jaded). I wanted to go but I've got a big vacation at the end of the year and couldn't rationize (ie - get away with) both of them. He called me after the 2nd night almost in tears at how special it was. I remember the 1st time they played The Gorge - lots of space and blown away by hte venue... this had to be that times 10