Friday, August 27, 2010

You Enjoy My Summer 2010 Mix by HAL MASA

Last October the LOST/Phish tshirts went international when I shipped a shirt to Tokyo. Turns out Hal Masa from Tokyo not only has some great taste in tshirts, but also knows how to use a mixer. I got an email from him the other day with these mixes attached. They are nothing but bad ass jams from summer 2010 and flow seamlessly. The mixes are in 1 big track, here is a guide:

Chapter 1
Intro >
Sand Jam (8/9 Telluride #1) >
Cities/Berkeley Jam (8/6 Greek #2) >
Tweezer Jam (7/3 Alpharetta #1) >
Gotta Jibboo Jam (8/12 Deer Creek #1) >
Bathtub Jin Jam (8/12 Deer Creek #1) >
Ghost Jam (6/27 Merriweather #2) >
Wolfman's Brotha Jam (6/11 Toyota Park) >
Boogie On Reggae Woman Jam (7/1 Raleigh) >
Chalk Dust Torture Jam (6/25 Camden #2) >
Light Jam (8/7 Greek #3) >
Bowie Jam(6/24 Camden #1)
Download You Enjoy My Summer 2010 Mix Chapter 1

Chapter 3
Weekapaug (CMAC 6/29/10)>
Carini Mothership jam (Telluride #2 8/10/10) >
2001 ~Michael Jackson~ (Camden #2 6/25/10)>
Simple Jam (Greek #2 8/6/10)>
Reba Jam (Alpine #1 8/14/10)>
Hood Jam (Greek #3 8/7/2010)>
YEM Jam (Charlotte 7/2/2010)>
Split Open and Melt Jam (Camden #2 6/25/10)

Download You Enjoy My Summer 2010 Mix Chapter 3

About the artwork, created by Masa: " means "Summer Fish" > Phish Summer means "Summer" means "Tour"

Masa shares a little about himself:
"I'm a DEADHEAD for many years, of course I'm a Phish Phan, and also I am the Captain of BISCO Local Crew Tokyo. I have a wife (she is pregnant with twins! Will be born in April of next year) and 3yrs-old loving son. Summer of '09 was a great summer for me. Bisco Ogden > BISCO INFERNO Red Rocks > Jones Beach #1 > Bisco Lupo's > Jones Beach #2 > Jones Beach #3 > Fuji Rock Festival. Check out the "Encore Break" from Lupo's- Brownie mentions me."

Be on the lookout for 2 more mixes coming soon. Enjoy! And thanks Masa!


Travis Wood said...

The Weekapaug is from CMAC 6/29/10.

A. R. Fletcher said...

Domo arigato

darkstar said...

Thank you for the post, Joker!
Hope "YEM".
It's 5:30 am in Tokyo. I need some rest...

BTreotch said...

daijobu desu ne

jonas0tt0 said...


Nice work, Hal!

Daniel said...

Love the mixes....was blasting them while at the gym this morning. Looking forward to the next two. Thanks guys!

tele-mon said...

Love it. It's like "nonOxy-Years 2010" I see Chapters 1 and 3, is Chapter 2 missing, or coming later?

HAL_Masa said...

Thank you. Glad you like them. Chapter 2 and 4(The Final) is coming soon and Joker is going to post the rest of them.

patrick said...

any chance there is a bigger image of the artwork? thanks for these mixes. great stuff.

tele-mon said...

Thanks again; I'm looking forward to the next installments! Not to nitpick, but listening to Chapter 3: does the same Harry Hood jam that starts at around 43:03 repeat at about 49:53? Or are there two different Hoods in there? Whatever, still sounds great and flows seamlessly.

HAL_Masa said...

Patrick, I will try to make more bigger one.(or a different Ukiyo-e ver.)
I'll let you know.

HAL_Masa said...

tele-mon, I thank you.
About Hood and YEM, there are two different Hoods and YEMs. I love those songs and want to listen to them for long time that's why.
Here is details.
Hood Jam (8/18 Jones Beach#2) >
Hood Jam (8/7 Greek #3) >
YEM Jam (7/2 Charlotte) >
YEM Jam (8/10 Telluride #2)

HAL_Masa said...

Just created a new artwork.(1069x736)
How do you like it?

patrick said...

excellent artwork. one of my favorite bands & favorite prints. thanks again.

Tweezer said...

Can't wait for Vol 2 & 4....thanks for sharing the grooves!

jonas0tt0 said...

Chapters 2&4 are here! Look for them tomorrow morning.

Thanks again, Hal! Excellent work!