Monday, August 23, 2010

Phish: Live Bait

"Phish: Live Bait Vol. 01," a ten-track Phish Summer sampler, is available for download now at for free.

Phish is giving away "Phish: Live Bait Vol. 01" fresh off Summer Tour, as a thank you for fans' continued support. Share it with your friends, pass the link around, trade the MP3s freely. The tracks were cherry-picked from the band's first leg of their recently completed Summer Tour, and are fully mixed soundboards from

Click here to stream "Phish: Live Bait Vol. 01" now or download MP3s - absolutely free.
Phish: Live Bait Vol. 01 Tracklisting:

1. Alumni Blues > Letter To Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues
2. Backwards Down The Number Line
3. Swept Away > Steep
4. Gumbo >
5. My Sweet One
6. Kill Devil Falls
7. Tweezer >
8. Slave To The Traffic Light
9. Show Of Life
10. Tweezer Reprise


Kid Dynamite said...

why did they put a turd logo on it? i don't get that...

tele-mon said...

Their marketing worked; after downloading Live Bait I went ahead and bought Telluride in the 24bit HD version. Much as I love the (cough) discount MP3 versions, listening to the Town Park shows through headphones just wasn't cutting it.

> And it does look like a turd worm, btw. Maybe because Phish is the shit!