Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Disco Ball Helmet For Your Extra

Everyone is looking for extra tickets to The Greek and Telluride shows, I know. I am fortunate enough to have tickets, but some of my best friends do not. A big part of going to Phish shows is going with my friends, so it is VERY important that I find some extra tickets for them. I am offering a disco ball helmet for any night to the Greek or Telluride. I have a men's and women's models with me on tour, or I could make you a brand new one. This is a serious offer. If you have any extras, lets work out a deal! Disco ball helmet + cash for multiple nights or tickets will work too! email: wookpatrol [at] gmail.com.

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Erick Anderson said...

Hey you two!
This is Erick Anderson.
I was the guy at Alpharetta that had a disco ball and had my picture with you. Found this on a google search for disco ball outfits.

Here is a link to the pic from Alpharetta: