Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rothbury Preview

It has kinda slipped up on me. This morning I realized that Rothbury is this weekend. Our buddy Partyin' Peeps is going to be there mixin up smoothies...if you are heading to Rothbury go get a smoothie and drop some names. He will read the menu for you if you are all spun out cause he is cool like that.

Partin' Peeps posted a link to Bizzyblog, who is going to be live blogging this weekend. I hope that she keeps the sunglasses on and gives us some more stuff off the cuff.

There is a huge playlist of Rothbury artists put together by petelbury over at YouTube. Check out his playlist- its awesome.

Also, I found Countdown to Rothbury, some good stuff there...I have high hopes of some live blogging.

Fishman, Gordon, and Anastasio are all perfoming at Rothbury. Mike was asked recently about the possibility of a Phish reunion at Rothbury and responded:

"I would say that there's no chance of there being a Phish reunion. We are getting along well, so it could happen sometime, but we're not going to be ready," Gordon says of the chance of it happening at Rothbury's inaugural festival on Michigan's west side. "But since there's three Phish members playing the festival, there's a good chance that we might sit in with each other. That's always possible. Definitely no official or even unofficial reunion, but a good chance of jamming"

I will be listening as much as I can this weekend on Sirius, and no doubt will be looking for some good coverage on the interwebs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

also... ROTHBURY will be streaming some acts live @ iclips.net.