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Ween - 7/17/08 The Fillmore, Denver CO

Ween- 7/17/08 The Fillmore, Denver CO

Set: what deaner is talkin bout , piss up a rope, spinal miningitis got me down, bananas n blow, learnin 2 love, take me away, transdermal celebration, don't get 2 close (2 my fantasy), woman and man, marbles, bare hands, roses are free, your party, daisies, stay 4 ever, stroker ace, gabrielle, dr rock, joppa* , mucous* , you were the fool*, mutilated lips*, back 2 basom*, squelch* buenas tardes amigo*

E: going gets tuff , i'm in the mood (wacky), enabler, big jim, awesome sound, squeal on the pusher > destruction of cluade's drums

setlist courtesy of the ween forum

Last night I met a buddy at Sancho's and was able to get an extra ticket last minute to see Ween. I would say that am a Ween fan, but not a Ween FAN. I have seen Ween about 10 or 11 times now, and I always enjoy the show, but I did not make any other of the 3 night Colorado run like some people did. I'm just saying that cause I know some people fucking LOVED the show last night...

I personally enjoyed Roses are Free, Buenas Tardes Amigo and Transdermal Celebration the most in what I felt was a very hit or miss show. There were long pauses in between the songs and I honestly got bored during the acoustic set until Buenas Tardes Amigo. Ween sounded great but it could have been louder. I felt that the lack of flow between songs and the relatively quiet house sound contributed to a very chatty crowd. Normally I am the guy that is giving the evil eye to people talking at a show, but last night I found myself talking a lot.

On Tuesday Ween played a free "secret show" at Hodi's in Ft. Collins. It was a rager according to just about everyone I have talked to. I found a mp3 download of the show- check it out:
Ween, 7/15/08, Hodi's Half Note, Ft. Collins CO
Set: Nan, Take me away, Grobe, Transdermal celebration, Piss up a rope, Learnin' to love, Light me up, Voodoo lady, Albino sunburned girl, Final alarm, Spinal meningitis, Your party, Object, Gabrielle, Touch my tooter, Stallion pt 5, Tick, Springtheme, Buckingham green, My own bare hands, Booze me up & get me high, Doctor rock, Demon sweat, Pandy fickler, Ocean man, Goin gets tough from the getgo, Johnny on the spot, Sweet texas fire, Help my pony, Baby bitch, Sorry Charlie, She fucks me, Dancin' in the show tonight
E1: Bananas and blow, Shamemaker, Fiesta

E2: Put the coke on my dick, superstar
setlist courtesy of the ween forum

Ween- Ft. Collins 7/15/08 Download

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