Friday, July 25, 2008

Weed News: Man Bets Buds at Blackjack Table

Kudos to Kid Dynamite for digging up this gem. Some moron in Fresno was so wasted he decided to bet his stash at a blackjack table.

Seriously, did he think the dealer would pull out a bag of the dank and pay him 3:2 if he hit a blackjack? Or was he strictly going for estimated street value?

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Anonymous said...

Damn; some of the best youtube comments:


ROFL intent to distribute- snertystan

"Distribute" apparently doesn't require selling the drug - just sharing it. There was a recent NY case in which a guy was charged with distributing coke even though he didn't charge anyone for it. -jkenn1414

clearly didn't understand the concept of pot limit...joshcramer

in a perfect world, that would have been a legit bet. -jygbjugdjgn

Yeah thats right, I cut and pasted others comments onto this comment page. I even had to type each author out, including "jygbjugdjgn" ! Try typin that 5 beers deep.