Wednesday, July 09, 2008

WTF is going on? Girl Talk sold out in Boulder.

I feel like I am mostly on top of things music wise here in the Denver/Boulder area. I was excited to find out on Monday that Girl Talk is going to bring his mash-ups to the Fox Theater.

I text message and call my crew. Plans are made. We get excited.

Then I find out on Tuesday that it is SOLD OUT. WTF? Are all the kids from Boulder High going? Are they even old enough to remember half the songs he is sampling? There are even ads on Craigslist offering, wait begging to pay OVER FACE for a ticket. WTF?

The dude is mashing up other people's music on a laptop, and he is selling out the Fox Theater in the middle of the summer when none of the CU Boulder students are around. There are a lot of talented bands that play instruments and write their own songs that have not sold out the Fox Theater.

Ok, yeah. I'm obviously bitter about this.


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BTreotch said...

hipster'd and now

that's quite the trinity to be working against without bringing your A game..