Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Saturday Live Blog

1:48 we are walking through the parking to the fest. Its a scorcher today, easily over 90 degrees. First up is mike gordon.

2:00 we are in the grounds underneath the bison tent. Bob schneider is singing, sounds good. The grounds are large and I see some of the art installations from rothbury are here. We are chillin to bob schnider and will get a good spot for mike.

2:29 got a great spot for mike. This fest gets great points from me for having free water fountains conveniently located where you can refill water bottles.

This has kind of a austin city limits fest vibe. Lots of cute girls with their girlfriends in summer dresses ready to see dave matthews and john mayer. We are lucky we are under a tent cause it is way hot.

2:45 mike on stage rockin the mustard yellow pants. Maybe 1000 people here.

Opening song>jam>she said: sick funky dance party

Mike is having fun. Jumping up and down on stage. The guitar player is playing a languedoc and jamming well. The band is tight!

4:00 steve winwood. Its hot as blazes.

More people have arrived. Feels like 10,000? At whole site?

4:30 winwood sounds great, kinda a gentle rock vibe. Super chill. Crowd is into him.

5:00 we stood in the sun for an hour, taking a break from the gently funk of winwood for andrew bird. Sitting down with sea of people in the shade.

# of costumes seen: zero
# of phish t shirts so far: 3
Wook factor: non existant
Percent of people that took a shower this morning: 98.4%
Cute girls: thousands

6:00 at moe.
Got some food (chicken dumplings) and more beer ($8 big bid light)
Moe opened with crab eyes, don't know what they are playing now but its a nice jam.

Not coming down>
Okay alright
Tin cans and car tires

6:45 left moe early, at spoon. They are rocking. Its cooled down a bit, hot wind and 80. Could be thunderstorms coming.

I really like spoon, hoping to hear "the underdog" and "don't you evah"

Observation: indie rocker chicks without the sleeve tattoos and wear colors other than black fucking love spoon. Lots of em dancin and having fun.

7:45 maybe 30,000 here? This place has really filled out. Spoon is finishing up and we are headed to feranti.

8:07 we are at the back of feranti flashing peace signs. How you feelin count: 1.4 per song

Its cooling off a lot and the sun is going down. Beautiful night. Can't wait to check out the art after dark.

8:32 spun out impulse food buying. We are standing in line for illegal petes burritos. All the lines seem way too fucking long. Lot of people here are gonna sing free fallin soon. Sunset is very nice.

9:00 power running out on the crackberry, we got burritos before petty. We are pretty wasted, if I get lost ill meet you at the monkeys.

9:05 tom petty
Wreck me
(Petty has a huge fucking light rig. Looks like a tulip. Huge video screens)
Listen to her heart
Won't back down
Even the losers get lucky sometimes
Free fallin
(Why am I even live blogging this??? You know what the setlist is...may jane...american girl...

9:54 we went to watch the monkey art installation. I fucking love it..
When we walk back to petty steve winwood is on stage playing "gimme some lovin."


EatPlayLove said...

hey thanks for the insight, I'm heading over today to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Yay Franti and peace signs!

I love you guys!!!!

:) :) :)