Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rothbury So Far

The Disco Biscuits, 7/3/08 Rothbury Festival

World Is Spinning, I-Man > Digital Buddha > Run Like Hell (beg. and middle)1 > Digital Buddha1, Home Again2, Shelby Rose > The City > Orch Theme, Wizards In Winter

E: Story of the World, Rockafella>Run Like Hell

1. With Murph from STS9 on keys
2. With Tweezer Reprise Tease (Phish)

Widespread Panic
Rothbury Festival, July 4, 2008

Set 1: Pigeons, North>Walk on the Flood, Surprise Valley*>Arleen*>Surprise Valley*>You Should Be Glad, The Take Out*^>Porch Song*

Set 2: Fishwater, Pleas>Bust it Big> Second Skin**> Disco>Drumz#>Jam> Love Tractor, Protein Drink*> Sewing Machine*, Life During Wartime*

E: FIREWORKS. Happy 4th of July.

*with Ann Marie Calhoun
**with Tipitina Teases
#with Jeff Sipe

Panic Set II Video Capture Download

I have been enjoying the iClips broadcasts and its been pretty funny reading the twitters and a few live blogs. I have been very impressed with the coverage over at Hidden Track - Jennifer Kirk posted some awesome pics and summary of day 1.

The kids over at Bizzyblog posted some pictures. Some great pics of Sherwood Forest at night- check out below. Wish I was there.

Radio X has been working hard, putting up photos and interviews. Some of the photos are really bad, though. Yep I'm a hater. Unless they are bad because the person that took them was spun out. I get that.

According to the updates on twitter, there were a lot of boob shots on the jumbotron of ladies in the crowd before & during Snoop Dogg. I will be very disappointed if some video does not surface soon.

photo credit: bizzyblog has had some frequent updates via web and twitter, but I have almost had to stop watching/reading them because Troy and John are not heady at all. Apparently no one told them they were attending a Jam Band festival. Still, I don't want to be too much of a hater- at least they are updating and I can get a sense of what is going on at the festival...I just wish they would lighten up.

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