Sunday, July 06, 2008

Trey Anastasio Rothbury Setlist

The Boy is Back!!!
This setlist is unofficial and unconfirmed.

Trey Anastasio, Acoustic
Rothbury Music Festival July 6th 2008

Get Back On The Train >Brian + Robert, Water in the Sky, Driver, Inlaw Josie Wales, Farmhouse, Let Me Lie (GRAB), Sample in a Jar, Banter- Joke about being arrested, Mountains in the Mist, Sleep Again, Velvet Sea, Waste, Backwards Down the Number Line*$, Alaska * $, Chalkdust Torture $

$w/Mike Gordon
* new song, first time played


ericwyman said...

Dear Rothbury tapers,

A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Ruben Bailey said...

Would love to get some audio of Ann Marie with Panic from Rothbury.

Phish-Coventry team...up to the task?

the joker said...

i personally would like to get some VIDEO of ann marie calhoun...

...yep, im keeping an eye out for the panic, sts9, bisco, and trey/mike/fishman performances. ill post them as they become available.

Daddy said...

Sick fucking festie.

BTreotch said...

Trey acoustic mp3:

the higher quality flac torrent is up on etree as well said...

I won't lie, I started tearing up when Mike came out and they played "Backwards Down the Number Line". What a fucking beautiful song.

I have vids of most of the Trey set. Working on getting them up.

It's. So. On.

the joker said...

panic rothbury set:

the joker said...

panic rothbury set:

dykerson said...

Panic Videos with Ann Marie Calhoun:

This video is sick...enjoy