Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rothbury Twitters and iClips Schedule

photo credit: rothbury countdown

I just found a pretty good live blog/twitter updates over at Looks like Rothbury is going to be a muddy one today.

I have been refreshing this all morning: The Twitter feed from Rothbury. Its pretty cool because its not just 1 person...there are tons of updates and I already feel like I am in my car waiting in line to get in. I am following jhiskes, grbrit, snicholson26, ROTHCD, discobret, and jennilynn6 who all seem to be twittering from the festival or are in route.

WHITperson over at Live Music Blog has dug up some photos of the site...looks great to me.

I will be tuning in this weekend on iClips. Here is the schedule:
Friday, July 4
12:45pm ET - TBA
1:45pm ET - Greensky Bluegrass
2:30pm ET - TBA
3:30pm ET - The Beautiful Girls
4:15pm ET - Snoop Dogg
5:30pm ET - Tea Leaf Green
6:15pm ET - 311
7:45pm ET - TBA
8:45pm ET - Mickey Hart Band
10:15pm ET - The Disco Biscuits
12:30am ET - Railroad Earth

Saturday and Sunday at this point say TBD.

this looks SiiiiiiiiCK!! Thank for the Photos Derek!!!

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