Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Sunday Live Blog

1:15 its another hot day. Supposed to get to 99 and it feels pretty close to that. Looking forward to: new mastersounds, grace potter, rodrigo y gabriela. Good thing grace potter and new mastersounds are under a tent.

1:40 sitting in the shade listening to alberta cross. Singer reminds me a little of jim james, the music is chill southern rock.

1:50 we walk over to the bison tent and it is packed for ingrid michaelson. Her voice has some soul but its a rock band behind her.

2:22 we decide to stay in the tent and wait for new mastersounds and skip martin sexton. Better to stay in the shade and get ready for the funk. Ingrid was pretty good. Good girl rock, perhaps more well adjusted than fiona apple or ani defranco.

Right now they are playing a kick ass bluegrass cover of shook me all night long on the PA.

2:45 there is a deal on bud lime - $11 for 22oz vs $8 on bud light 16oz. Bud lime is kinda gross at first but after 21oz I can't taste it anymore and don't care. People watching here is nice- colorado has some beautiful people.
I grew up in texas, so I'm not afraid of hot weather, but shit man it is hot outside it feels about 84 underneath the tent and that feels about 20 degrees cooler.than in the sun. I think it is about 120 in the porta potty I just used.

4:00 new mastersounds started a few late because of traffic but played one hell of a funk show. I love em.

We found the secret bathrooms- no more porta potties for us. We are heading to rodrigo y gabriela on the main stage.

4:30 rodrigo y gabriela are great to listen to and bob your head. We are sitting towards the back watching the fashion show walk by.

4:59 grace potter about to start, a large crowd for flogging molly and leftover salmon.

5:11 grace potter looking super sexy in black and white stripe dress.

5:45 grace & the nocturnals. Grace is so sexy and the band melts faces. Great rock jams. Grace seems like she would be a lot of fun at a partyn you know, just chilin sippin beer and whiskey.

7:10 got some food, skipped john mayer. Found friends at the roots.

7:32 black crowes on stage beating a bass drum with george bush's face on it w/black eye.


8:45 huge crowd for dave. Maybe 40,000 here? We are towards the back again.

Dave Matthews Band
Don't drink the water
Might die trying
(Brett and I just worked our way part way through the crowd. Lot of fucking people here)
Two step
Proudest monkey
Cornbread (dave dances silly)
Stay (wastin time)
Jimi thing
(We go to get food - fire sale! $2 meatball subs,$1 vanilla ice cream cones)
10:30- #41
Tripping billies
So damn lucky
So much to say
Anyone seen the bridge?>
Too much
Ants marching (pauly hates this song!)
E: gravedigger (we are leaving) people selling bootleg tie dye dave matthews t shirts in the lot)

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