Monday, July 28, 2008

Mike Gordon w/STS9 Improv Download

Last week Cactus stopped by to jam with STS9 and drop some bombs on the crowd at Higher Ground. Here is the download.

I think its pretty good. If you are a little paranoid from too many bong hits, this one may spook you on the first listen...but its not the real cops coming, I promise.

You can find the entire show along with most of the recent tour at


I just found the debut Mike Gordon Band Show, Enjoy!

Mike Gordon
June 30, 2008 (Monday)
Iron Horse Music Hall
Northampton , MA

source1: (FOB, XY) Neumann KM184> Lunatec V3> Alesis HD24XR
source2: (onstage) Audio Technica 825> Aphex 207> Alesis HD24XR
source3: Soundboard Group Outputs (vocals, instruments, drum submixes)> XLR to 1/4"> Alesis HD24XR
lineage: HD24XR caddy> FST Connect> SDII [48khz 24bit] > DP4> WAV> Izotope RX (resample+dither)> WAV [44.1khz 16bit] xACT (SBE fix)> FLAC16 (with metadata)

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Clinton Vadnais [7/6/08] (cleantones gmail com)

disc 1:

01. preset 2:05
02. Another Door 7:49 Mike Gordon
03. Traveled Too Far 13:50 Mike Gordon
04. Ain't Love Funny > 4:14 JJ Cale
05. Kryermaten > 2:44 Todd Isler
06. Ain't Love Funny 2:19 JJ Cale
07. Voices 13:05 Mike Gordon
08. Cruel World 8:08 Scott Murawski
09. La La La 8:58 Tranquility Bass

disc 2:

01. Andelmans' Yard 10:38 Mike Gordon
02. Walls Of Time 10:08 Peter Rowan/Bill Monroe
03. She Said She Said 11:25 The Beatles
04. The Time For Loving Is Now 11:04 The Mustangs
05. encore: 3:04
06. Meat 5:53 Phish
07. Dig Further Down 7:14 Mike Gordon

Debut Show

The Band:

Mike Gordon - bass, vocals
Scott Murawski - guitar, vocals
Todd Isler - drumkit
Tom Cleary - keyboards, vocals
Craig Myers - percussion, vocals

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