Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pimpin' Blogs: The Lost Art of The Mixtape

This one is put together by some Phish fans & music lovers like us, and would make BTreotch proud...check them out.
"The art of the mixtape... is fading into obscurity with the rise of mp3s and playlists. Now when a friend gives you a "mix" it's actually a playlist with hours of music in alphabetical order - leaving the flow of songs up to a shuffle button on your iTunes.

These mixes are different. They are the way it used to be done. They are the tape you painstakingly poured yourself into, narrowing the song selection down bit by bit, crafting the flow of melody and mood from one song to the next.

This is an art we are losing, but here amidst a digital age it will remain... the art of the mixtape.

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