Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PHISH YouTube Channel

I guess this is a little bit of old news, cause I have seen this linked up on a few of the blogs I read on a daily basis...but I thought, shit man, this is the PHISH blog, so we got to talk about it.

PHISH has set up an "official" YouTube channel, where they are teasing us with a few clips from the upcoming Walnut Creek DVD.

I have been watching the clip of "Taste" over and over again...I think it is amazing to watch Page play. I admittedly seemed to focus on Trey's playing, the lights, or dancing in my own little world at PHISH shows, so seeing this footage of Page is a little different take on a band I love.

This footage, as the story goes, was shot as some heavy weather was moving in...I hear a big CRACK that startles Page and really seems to make this clip and build the energy. I love it.
Check it out:

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Anonymous said...

there is big time claps of thunder right after this clip ends at the end of Treys solo. Really nice Taste.

I hope they show the crowd in the lawn - people were out there dancing in the rain and thunder.

Im preordered for this. The bonus CD has some good stuff from my first show 6/16/95. Great jim->free.