Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mike Gordon Band- Meat 6/30/08

Btreotch alerted me to this...

Monday, June 30th, 2008
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA
Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Todd Isler, Tom Cleary, Craig Myers

Another Door* Traveled Too Far* Ain't Love Funny^ > Kryermaten** > Ain't Love Funny^ Voices* Cruel World& La La La# Andelmans' Yard* Walls Of Time^^ She Said^^^ The Time For Loving Is Now***

Encore: Meat## Dig Further Down*

Show Notes:
* Mike Gordon original, first time played
^ JJ Cale original
** Todd Isler original & Scott Murawski original
# Tranquility Bass original
^^ Peter Rowan/Bill Monroe original
^^ Beatles original
*** Mustangs original
## Phish original

Setlist by Julia Mordaunt

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BTreotch said...

Mike Gordon Tour 2008 looks very promising..