Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radiohead, Paris June 9, 2008 Download & Photos

photo credit: Samuel Dietz

Our friends over at Jamtopia are having a really cool photo contest.

One of the submissions is a series of black & white photos of Radiohead from Paris 6/9/08. To me they are striking, because they are some of the few black & whites that I have seen for the 2008 tour. Having seen Radiohead a few times in May their lights are burned in my brain- and I like the simple focus on the band members in this series.

Coincidentally I have been listening to an amazing recording of the show I found at one of my favorite blogs, The Ultimate Bootleg Experience. The show is listed as a "good audience recording." I list it as an EXCELLENT audience recording. Most of the time the crowd is quiet and Radiohead comes through powerfully. When there is muttering in French from the crowd I just imagine someone saying (french accent) :

wow, that song was so good, I need to smoke a cigarette. darling, you look wonderful in that dress. how 'bout another glass of wine?

check out this video of "Exit Music" from the show...the crowd is so respectful and quiet...amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Sam, the guy who took those pictures of Radiohead.
As stated on my website, I do appreciate when people ask for permission before using my pictures. Because permission is not always granted...
Can you at least link the pictures to my website in stead of a blank page with only the picture in it (which is pointless as it's the exact same version and not a bigger one...) and put my name as well (Samuel Dietz) ?