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Phish Dicks Setlist: 9/4/22 Commerce City, CO - NIGHT 4

The day of reckoning. Phish concluded their first-ever four-night run at Dicks on Sunday night. It also marks the final show of summer tour for the boys from Vermont and the traveling psychedelic circus and freakshow. Of course, Dicks on the outskirts of Denver is the perfect place to host and end-o-summer annual ritual. It was the last chance to purge your soul and boogie down before the autumn begins. In case you just got of jail or woke up from a deep coma, Phish decided to webcast the entire summer tour run including Dicks. This is your last chance to custy it up and buy the live stream over at Live Phish. Rage it up on couch tour so invite the neighbors, wake the kids, and rock it out for a Sunday Phish show in Colorardo. Here's the Dicks run-closing, and tour-ending setlist from the Phish... Phish Setlist, 9.4.22 Dicks, Commerce City, CO Set 1: First Tube, Gin, Undermind, Drift While You're Sleeping, Halley's, Everything's Right > More, Fluffhead     Set 2: SYS

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