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Phish Setlist: 4/23/23 Hollywood Bowl, LA CA - Night 3

Spring tour concludes tonight in Los Angeles with the eighth and final show of a west coast sojourn. Phish completes a three-show run at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollyweird and caps off their rare Spring tour. The tour began last weekend in Seattle for a two-show double dip to kick off the festivities in the Pacific Northwest before the circus headed south to Berkeley for three more weekday shows. And now the boys from Vermont are hanging out in the hills of Hollywood to finish off a historic run at a legendary venue. Will Phish let it all hang out in the final show of this mini-tour? Will it be repeats galore at the Hollywood Bowl? Tune in to the webcast to find out. The entire run had been available at Live Phish to view live or on demand after the fact. Here's the final Phish setlist for spring tour... Phish Setlist, 4.23.23 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA Set 1: Birds, Roggae, Divided Sky, Cities, Tube, Taste, About to Run Set 2: Mr Completely > ASIHTOS > Mr Completely, Wolf

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