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Phish Setlist: 6/5/22 Deer Creek, IN - Night 3

Phish capped off their three-night barnstorm in Indiana at Deer Creek, which also happened to be the final show of a short Spring Tour. Yup, it was only eight shows in three different locations, but Phish completed their quick sojourn on the road at Deer Creek. All of the Spring Tour shows were live streamed over at LivePhish. You can buy the webcast for the final show of tour. Custy it up because you know the saying about not missing a Sunday show, right? If by chance you're watching the NBA Finals or NHL playoffs, you can still stream the final show of Deer Creek on demand. So, here's the setlist so you can see what you missed for the tour closer... Phish Setlist, 6.5.22 Deer Creek, IN Set 1: While My Guitar Gently Weeps, My Soul, Rift, Horn, Wombat, Evolve, Guyute, Limb by Limb, Mercury, MoMA Dance Set 2: Sand > Signa Oasis > Sand, 20 Years Later > Mango Song, Rise/Come Together > Free E: Grind, Slave Check out our setlist art archive over at @CoventryMusic on I

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