Saturday, April 30, 2011

Titties and Carrot Cake

OK, I have no idea why DiscoSis1 sent me this video but it's AMAZING. It gets even better just before the 2 minute mark when the chick breaks into her rap.

Enjoy the debut single from Thug Friends, "Titties and Carrot Cake."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Freaky Euro Music: Mosselman

One of the coolest things about my job as a poker writer is that I work alongside other reporters from all over the world. I've done what I can to turn them onto to music (Phish obviously, but also Jonas' Background Beats and BTreotch's quarterly mixes), and my international colleagues do the same.

I have an open mind about music, but, I'm skeptical about Mosselman.

My buddies Benjo (France) and Remko (Holland) are torturing the press room in San Remo, Italy with this Dutch classic...

And yes... Dutch people are weird, happy freaks!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phish 3.0 - Welcome to the Plinko Funk era

Here's a compilation created by UncleSam88 which comprises the essence of the Plinko Funk for your listening pleasure.

All tracks fit onto an 80min CD-R and all tracks are in MP3 v0 (sorry audiophiles) tagged with album art, ready to toss into your iTunes for immediate input into your iPod. I hope you all enjoy this inaugural venture into the Plinko Funk. Enjoy!

01. Tube (1/1/11)
02. Runaway Jim (1/1/11)
03. Cities (8/6/10)
04. Wolfman's Brother (10/30/10)
06. Simple (8/6/10)
07. 46 Days (11/18/09)
08. You Enjoy Myself (12/4/09)

01. Tweezer (12/30/10)
02. Light (10/19/10)
03. Sand (12/31/10)
04. Sneakin' Sally through the Alley (1/1/11)
05. Twist (1/1/11)
06. Harry Hood (12/28/10)

Phish: Rare & Unreleased

Wendell Studios

Recorded in the summer of 1990 at Wendell Studios in Boston, MA. The band entered the studio soon after the June 16, 1990 Townshend Family Park show, but elected not to release any of the recorded material.

Disc 1:
01 Dog Log
02 Uncle Pen
03 Suzy Greenberg
04 Suzy Greenberg (2nd Attempt)
05 Caravan
06 Alumni Blues
07 Take the A-Train
08 In a Mellow Tone
09 Possum
10 Mike’s Song
11 I Am Hydrogen


Disc 2:
13 Avenu Malkenu
15 Tweezer
16 Possum
17 Harry Hood
18 Rift
19 Glide II
20 Runaway Jim
21 Strange Design
22 12,000 Days


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Christian Zombie Day - De Giaferri-Sado-Maso

Broseph tweet'd this video with a message: "Happy Christian Zombie Day. Here's a weirdo French pop video from the 60's."

I think we need Benjo to translate it for us, but as rudimentary the video is, the subject matter is powerfully erotic -- indeed it's a strange, slimy, sleazy video. Heck, I spanked it twice before I even got 45 seconds into the vid...

And yes, don't forget that every time you masturbate to this video, another bunny rabbit dies. Happy Easter aka Christian Zombie Day.

Sunday Morning Soul: Al Green

Really loved this performance of the Reverend..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Background Beats - Year One

Today is the one year mark for the Background Beats series. It started with the idea that I would unload a bunch of tracks that I had been listening to over the years that the average electronic listener was unfamiliar with. After releasing Volumes 1-7 over a 7 week span, the series gained momentum and people seemed to like the compilations. What began as a temporary series has become a regular monthly compilation that continues to grow.

There have now been over 6000 downloads of the Background Beats series. In the last year the compilations have featured over 180 different artists, displaying 20 hours of some of the best downtempo electronic music, sampling elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, chillout, lounge, and other world music.

It is my pleasure to continue to invest time into this body of work as long as people continue to enjoy it. I'm often asked where to get started in the series, so on this 1 year anniversary I present Background Beats - Year One. This compilation features my favorite tracks from the series over the last year. This is the best of Background Beats.

*Track 1 is off of the upcoming May Edition due May 3rd, 2011.
Track List

01. Sleepy Language - Layo & Bushwacka
02. Silver Dawn - Artemis
03. Slow Roll 77 - Freakniks
04. Woke Up This Morning - The Brothas And Sistas
05. Bamboo Bei - Raul Ramirez
06. Extensions Of Life - Makoto
07. Winter Song - Heliocentrics
08. Azona Pop - Cybophonia
09. Don't Explain - Modaji
10. Springer - Tosca
11. The Piper Cherokee - Bobby Hughes Experience
12. Move - Planet E
13. Hells Rarebit - Fila Brazillia
14. Planetary Deadlock - Beanfield
15. Triage - Hardkandy
16. Funk In The Hole (Nicolay Mix) - Roy Ayers
17. Peace Of Mind - Makoto
18. Underwater Love - Jerome Isma-Ae


Friday, April 22, 2011

Nick Stock - Vote for Summer Camp Counselor

Good friend of Coventry Blog and all around good guy Nick Stock is in the lead to be the first annual Summer Camp Counselor.

Today (Friday) is the last day of voting. If you have not liked his video for Summer Camp Counselor take a second and follow these instructions.

Go to and like the page.

Then click "like" on Nick's video here

It's just that easy and it will only take you about a minute! Good luck Nick!

Pick’s Mix: Soul-Full Jazz-Hop Explosion!

My Jam Cruise/Tahoe buddy Pickle is back with another “Pick’s Mix” for you ninjas.

Pickle writes:

Solid mix here. Excellent afternoon listening. As always, all tracks flow together and are designed for single digestion. For some reason, recently, I’ve been all about this commonality between hip-hip, jazz, soul and funk. So, Ive been compiling, sharing, thefting, and other-wise pillaging a wide variety of Nu-Jazz cuts and grabbed enough to make a 5 part series.

Pick’s Mix: Soul-Full Jazz-Hop Explosion: Vol 1

001 Intermission Soulphication – Jazzanova
002 Respect the Architect – Guru
003 On the Strip – DJ Greyboy
004 L.O.V.E. and you & I – Jazzanova
005 Make You Feel That Way – Blackalicious
006 Ou est la Femme – Louise Vertigo
007 Hydroponic Groove Sessions I – Mark Farina
008 Between the Lines – Bonobo
009 Language of Music – Jaywalkers
010 Schooled in the Trade – People Under The Stairs
011 Peaceful Steps – J Boogies Dubtronic Science
012 Pressurized – De-Phazz
013 Track 4. Jazz Breaks Vol 4 – DJ Food
014 Big Balls – Smoove
015 Soul Music – Rubin Steiner
016 Black B – Kruder and Dorfmeiste
017 Dance Naked Under Palm Trees – Mo Horizons
018 Y Ahora Tu – Up, Bustle and Out
019 Get it Together (Feat Q-Tip) – Beastie Boys
020 For What It’s Worth – Lou Rawles

other Pick's mixes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Japhan kid plays Chalkdust

Found via @Phanart and @Phishtwit Twitter feeds, this Youtube clip of a young Japhan playing Chalkdust on a guitar roughly twice his size. Kid is barely ten years old and is ripping it up ! (fast forward to the two and a half minute mark for the solo)

Can't I live while I'm young, indeed.

Check out Yoto's Youtube page for more Padawan stuff.

May You Always Find Strength To Carry On

(Uncle Reggie and I - circa 1999)

Time is the true healer of all things painful. Time allows us to accept our emotions and presents us with opportunities to learn how to cope with them. As I get older, I have grown to accept that fact and to allow the magical mysteries of such a thing to carry me through.

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the passing of my Uncle Reggie. As I reflect over the past 6 years it's inevitable that things have changed but I am also left with a sense of peace in my heart.

Death and loss touch all of us. We have all had the experience of grief and sadness. We all learn how to carry on.

I see my family keeping Uncle Reggie's memory with them daily. I see my Aunt continuing to live and to love. I see my Father becoming more at peace with loss. I see my cousin, his only son, grow into an incredible man and an inspirational father. Adella, Uncle Reggie's only grandchild, is growing more beautiful by the day.

There is so much to be thankful for despite having suffered loss, and me, well, I am carrying Uncle Reggie's spirit through the music. After his death, I became immediately attached and drawn to a genre of music I had previously given no acknowledgment.

(I mean, aren't you celebrating grass today anyway?!)

Below is a mix I have created to share with you. It is a follow-up mix to my previous reflection posted here - songs that help me to get through the rough patches that come and go. I hope it brings you a feeling of happiness, peace and love. My only wish for each of you is that you always find the strength to carry on.

Union In Heaven - Polecat Creek
When The Saints Go Marching In - Earl Scruggs & Lester Flatt
Goin' Home - Goose Creek Symphony
Never Grow Old - Patty Griffin
Will You Meet Me Over Yonder - Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Keep On The Sunny Side - The Low Anthem
I'll Fly Away - Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch
May The Sun Always Shine - Olav Larson & The Alabama Rodeo Stars*
Down By The Riverside - Jim Avett and Family
In This Life - Blueground Undergrass
Will The Circle Be Unbroken - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
I Shall Not Walk Alone - The Blind Boys of Alabama
Your Long Journey - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Salvation Song - The Avett Brothers
Go Rest High On That Mountain - Vince Gill**

*A personal favorite
**Special song for my Aunt Diane, as this speaks directly to her heart

Afroman Gets High & Then Gets Sued

Afroman, singer of such hits like, "Colt 45" and "Because I got High", is being sued for missing a show. The plaintiff specifically waited until 4/20 to file the lawsuit. Oh the IRONY! You can read the whole story here.

RIP Gerard Smith: TV on the Radio

Yesterday morning, Gerard Smith, the bassist for TV on the Radio, lost his battle with lung cancer. He was 36 years young.

It was announced about a month ago that Smith was battling the disease. According to several media sources, the band said Smith had health insurance, great medical care and had already seen "dramatic results." However, Smith was unable to join the band on tour as they promoted their latest album, "Nine Types of Light."

You can read more about Gerard Smith and his music career here.

From all of us at Coventry, we send our loving thoughts and well-wishes to Smith's family during this difficult time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 4:20 Day Reprise

There's still time to get a few more checked off:

4:20 Check List

1) Jam Bob Marley via alarm clock; continue great tunes ad infinitum
2) Lay in grass and stare at clouds.
3) Visit with good friends; play frisbee
4) Ingest Ganja Treats
5) Have copious amounts of sex (alone or with partner(s))
6) Ride a bicycle, scooter or skateboard
7) Remember good times of old
8) Eat a great meal out
9) Watch a movie
10) Play a musical instrument (or sing aloud)

When you feel like learning, check out this feature film from 2008. It's about the history of Marijuana in the USA.

Happy 4:20 from the Coventry Crew!

Happy 4:20 Day

Happy 4/20/11 from the Coventry crew. It's time to celebrate that strange, wonderful flower with all the crazy powers.

Weed brings people together. Herb has bridged more gaps than orthodontic tripwire. Pot's healthier than Richard Simmons on a perpetual treadmill, and more inspiring than 10,000 MLK speeches played on repeat. Great tits are jealous of the attention Mary Jane gets.

Even the founding father, George Washington, knew about it. He was all about the gange when he helped captain the USA way back in the day.

For the real story, check out the full length film: High: The True Tale of American Marijuana on Hulu. Keep it safe phanners.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens mahled-out at Coachella

Actress Vanessa Hudgens spent last weekend at Coachella, and on several occasions was seen doing GIANT dips of molly. Maybe we'll see her on Phish tour this summer? God I hope so...

Phish: Rare & Unreleased


This was a latenight set during the Great Went, that took place the morning of August 17. All four members of Phish played keyboards/synthesizers (with occasional vocal forays), sitting on the back of an eighteen-wheeler, which was parked near the entrance to the concert field. There was a small lighting rig. Earlier in the day there were a few thousand rave-style fliers circulating ambiguously advertising a "Disco" featuring MC Neoncellgap, DJ LeMore LaLip, etc, and you can hear some announcements to that effect at the end of the set. Also of note : brief footage of this set can be seen during the film "Bittersweet Motel", during the Great Went "2001" montage.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Coachella Freak Out (2011)

An eerie scene, viewer discretion advised.

We've all been there; when the drugs get the better of us. In an unfortunate turn of events, this poor guy is under police supervision when his world inverts.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Axis of Awesome: 4 Four Chord Song

Hey gang, I'm in Lima, Peru on a work assignment. Thanks to my Aussie colleague, Lynn, for sharing this hysterical video in the press room...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Morning Jacket covers Dark Star

..not really, but this new track is something else.. Cant wait for the new album, out May 31.

TRiPP - New Pins

Our buddy TRiPP has some new pins. Check em out:

Single pins can be pre-ordered at a special price of $20 including shipping or All 6 pins can be pre-ordered at a special price of $100 including shipping. They ships May 15th.

*Pre-Order special pricing ends on April 29th

All pins are engraved with TRiPP's signature, TRiPPs Prints logo, and number on the back. email

Friday, April 15, 2011

TV On The Radio - Nine Types of Light

BTreotch and Trey Anastasio have something in common - they both love TV On The Radio. TV on The Radio made a movie to go with their new album, check it out:

Nine Types of Light is as much an album as it is a movie by TV on the Radio. The movie is meant to be a visual re-imagining of the record, and includes a music video for every song on the album. The band personally asked their friends and the filmmakers they admired to help direct the music videos. Tunde Adebimpe, the director for the full Nine Types of Light movie, storybooked the music videos together with interviews from local New Yorkers on various topics, including dreams, love, fame and the future. Tunde also directed the music video for Forgotten. Nine Types of Light, both the album and the movie were released on April 12, 2011.

Be sure to watch the cartoon for "Repetition" at 19:40. Super awesome song and dystopia modern cartoon.

Chewbacca Loves Phish

Broseph: Tell me something I didn't know.
Some chick: Dude, so do Jawa's(?)

Thanks to OhKeePahBlog & Wookipedia

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Punch Brothers - This is the Song (Good Luck)

Its dreary and rainy today in Denver, and Im feeling a bit like the weather. This song has been in heavy rotation with me lately. Its beautiful, haunting and wishes you good luck. Check the Punch Brothers:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Hump Day - The Serenading Unicorn

With Dr. Pauly south of the border down Lima way, Coventry Music is in the hands of the rest of the gang.

Put on your fairy wings, sprinkle pixie dust and give a listen to a soulful rendition of Happy Hump day starring a Unicorn. The most enjoyable half minute of your day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dana Immanuel "John Wayne" from Hotel Sessions: Berlin

Here's another installment of "Hotel Sessions" featuring my friend Dana Immanuel, a singer/banjo player from London, UK. This video was shot by my colleague Alexander Bradley in Dana's hotel room in Berlin, Germany.

If you enjoyed this, then check out the first installment of the "Hotel Sessions" which was filmed in from Deauville, France, and the second installment from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Tour Leg 2 Annouced; West Coast Swing Plus Outside Lands

Shakedown at The Gorge in 2009
(Photo by me)

This just in from Phish HQ.... the boys announced a round of dates for a tour in August. No word on whether more dates will be released (where's Deer Creek, Alpine Valley, and Denver?). The band did say that they will NOT be touring in the fall.
Leg 2 - Summer Tour Dates:
8/5 - The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
8/6 - The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
8/8 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
8/9 - Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey’s, Stateline, NV
8/10 - Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey’s, Stateline, NV
8/12 - OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL, San Francisco, CA
8/15 - UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
8/16 - UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
8/17 - UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
I live in L.A. on the West Coast and my biggest gripe is the 1,200 mile or so gap between the Gorge and Hollywood. Are you kidding me? One travel day to make up 1,200 miles? Two days would have been nice. It's going to be a hustle to drive from The Gorge to LA and then back up to Tahoe the next day. From a logistical standpoint, it makes sense to skip Hollywood and just go from The Gorge to Lake Tahoe.

And the question still remains, will there be more dates? Or is this it?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

British Postmodern Funk, Vol. 1: The New Mastersounds

The New Mastersounds - Langerado (2008)

Three minutes into my first glimpse of The New Mastersounds, I scribbled down in my notebook: "Sounds like Galactic circa 1997."

For the four British chaps onstage, that was one of the best compliments I could give them. No offense to my British friends, but I didn't think anyone from the British Isles could get down, dirty, and outright funky. For a moment, I got the flavorful taste of old school NOLA funk but with the gritty sounds reminiscent of a crowded, smokey, sweaty pub. Little did I know that I was stumbling onto a small, unique, yet soulful music scene.

BTreotch turned me onto The New Mastersounds through one of his infamous quarterly mixes. I'm a sucker for funk; my ears perked up, my foot tapped along, and my ass started shaking. I couldn't believe those guys were Brits. I quickly acquired their album This Is What We Do, which had a personal bit of irony to it because it's a phrase that my buddy Otis says regarding our somewhat peculiar job as poker reporters.

Here's a cut (interesting art-filmish video) from that album titled The Minx...

The New Mastersounds were my new favorite band of 2008 and they toured heavily in the States, becoming a fixture on the jamband festival circuit. I caught them that year at different festivals including Langerado and Mile High. They did not disappoint me at all and I thought they were one of my personal highlights of Mile High. I had officially gotten hooked on The New Mastersounds.

Here's their performance for a Spanish radio station in 2010...

Here's Karl Denson sitting in with the boys during Jam Cruise 2011...

The New Mastersounds started out as a pub band. The revealed the origins of their band name during this interview with a Spanish documentary film crew...

The New Mastersounds became my gateway drug into the burgeoning British postmodern funk scene. I discovered that my buddy Homer, a British writer and colleague, was very familiar with the band because they were from Leeds, the same university town where he lived. Homer turned me onto to a few other local bands and he became my guide into the postmodern British funk scene. Some of the music he shared with me inspired this post. Hopefully, this will be an ongoing series as I continue to explore the small clubs of Leeds in search of fresh funkified acts.

Stay tuned next week for a new installment. In the meantime, follow The New Mastersounds on Twitter. Check out their website for tour dates and other info.

WSP Asheville iPhone Pics

My buddy Timmy snapped a few iPhone photos from Widespread Panic's show in Asheville the other night. Here the are (click on the picks for an enhanced view)...

To see some of Timmy's professional pics, visit his site.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


The Beastie Boys were suppose to release this gem in 2009. Then MCA got cancer. So they put it off. It's finally making its way off the press May 3rd. You can pre-order the CD on their website here. They will also be releasing a 30 minute video "Fight For Your Right To Party Revisited" with an all star cast. Check it!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Phish and Gambling: Down With Diseased Monkeys

Seven months after Phish stumbled off the stage in Coventry, Vermont in 2004, I accepted a job as a poker reporter in Las Vegas and it's been a surreal journey ever since. In many ways the poker world is similar to the peculiar insanity of Phish, because it too is a non-stop traveling caravan of freaks, many of whom never want to go home and instead keep following the circus around forever and ever. And for obvious reasons, you can image the drastic differences between the two worlds which are often at polar opposites of the material and spiritual spectrum from one another. It's a rare yet cool moment whenever two of my passions can collide, but it happened the other day when I found myself at the crossroads after a rough weekend. Somehow Phish snuck in there somehow when I was trying to make a positive change in my life. After a torrential downpour of uncertainty, all of a sudden I was bestowed with a moment of clarity when the lyrics to Down With Disease never felt more prevalent.

I used a Phish reference in a recent essay that I wrote about degenerate gambling titled Down With Diseased Monkeys. Check it out, especially if you like baseball or curious about the dangers of sports betting.

Here's a bit of a back story...during college I gambled on sports (I even booked bets with one of my fraternity brothers one semester) and played poker for spending money (beer and weed) and used some of my winnings to fund Dead tour. After college (and after Jerry died), I relied heavily on the NFL playoffs and March Madness to fund Phish summer tour. If I went on a winning streak, then that translated into a summer of fun and I could afford to see more shows. When Phish initially went on hiatus, I began playing poker more seriously. I funded 2.0 mostly through poker winnings acquired from underground games in NYC. Prior to the 3.0 era, I became a gambling writer and poker report. When the boys returned for Hampton, I worked a couple of extra freelance writing assignments to pay the reunion. Later that summer (in between the first and second leg of 2009 summer tour), I had a nice score in a poker tournament in Vegas. I used some of those winnings to pay for a lot of fun including Red Rocks, most of summer tour and a significant amount of fall tour, not to mention Festival 8 and Miami NYE. Yeah, 2009 was a great fucking year. Last year, I didn't play as much poker because I was working on a book (Lost Vegas), same goes for this year. I funded Phish tour by picking up a couple of extra freelance gigs and using a royalty check or two from my book. So when the new year came around, I shifted back to more sports betting and less poker. Everything was going good and I had a nice little roll to pay for Super Ball, but then I hit a slight snafu...which you can read about in Down With Diseased Monkeys.

Oh, and since we're talking about DWD, here's the boys tearing it up at Alpine Valley last August...

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ocean Shirts for Japan

Our friend Jiggs has created shirts with the above design to raise money for the people suffering in Japan right now. Another 7.4 Earthquake just hit again today, so those people need all the help they can get. ALL funds raised will go to Peace Winds America. This is the organization Phish chose to donate the proceeds of their recent Live Phish release.

For more info and to buy a shirt/hoodie:

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

rolltide! wait nvm Wins Coventry's March Madness Pool

We have a winner!

Congrats to rolltide! wait nvm (B. Hester) for taking down Coventry's 2011 March Madness Pool. He gets a DVD of his choice...Coral Sky or Alpine Valley. Shoot us an email and we'll get you sorted out.

This year's March Mandess was filled with plenty of black swans including VCU and Butler both advancing to the Final Four. The final game between Butler and UCONN was another ugly swan. The contest was truly an ugly affair, but in the end, the Huskies prevailed (and most importantly covered the spread to win me a nice bet. If I still have enough money in my bankroll after the NBA playoffs, I will be able to fund the entire second leg of Phish summer tour. By the way, if you are interested in sports betting, check out a piece I wrote titled Feed Me Billy's Picks.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pool this year. And congrats to rolltide! wait nvm.
Coventry's March Madness Pool - Final Standings - Top 10:
1 rolltide! wait nvm (B. Hester) 1210
2 MultiBeast(C. Hutton) 1120
2 $ (J. Kenny) 1120
4 tfletch1202 (T. Fletcher) 1100
5 joedubatl (j. cressaty) 1060
5 asimpsony2001 (A. Young) 1060
7 kemba (G. Dunn) 210 1050
8 nick_rowe (N. Rowe) 990
9 ericallen07 (E. Allen) 970
10 robsfootballpicks (R. Tivy) 860

Click here for the entire final standings.
By the way, we have to acknowledge Change100 and her team, Mr. Scheuster's Glee Kids, who won the our crew's last longer. Change100 and her Glee Kids have braggin' rights all summer tour.

Business Lessons of the Grateful Dead

I know there must be some serious capitalists out there who love their free markets, free hugs and heady jams. There is a new book coming out just for you.

Thanks to my good friend @BeepGillespie who enjoys 2/3rds of that combo for finding the article.
" this book Barnes shares the ten most innovative business lessons from the Dead's illustrious career, including:

-Creating and delivering superior customer value
-Incorporating and establishing a board of directors early on
-Founding a merchandising division
-Giving away your product for free to increase demand
-Learning do-it-yourself business by in-sourcing
-Creating a business tribe by collaborating with fans

Above all, Barnes explains how the Dead were masters of what he calls "strategic improvisation" -- the ability to adapt to changing times and circumstances -- and that their success lay precisely in their commitment to constant change and relentless variation. For an extraordinary thirty years, the Dead improvised a business plan and realized their vision - and ended up making huge profits."

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Background Beats - April 2011

This month we explore the darker side of things. The groove is still very strong in this edition, however some of these songs are dirty, ugly, sad, and nasty in tone. Think of this as the Oxy Beats Edition.

Track List
01. Inventions - Maserati
02. Dissolving Time - H.U.V.A. Network
03. Lido In The Morning - General Fuzz
04. L'Hopital de Martyrs - Teargas & Plateglass
05. What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4 - DJ Shadow
06. Drippy Eye - Black Moth Super Rainbow
07. Winter Song - Heliocentrics
08. Andromeda (Prelude to the Future) - Meanderthals
09. La Seduzione - Kid Loco
10. Solar Sailer - Daft Punk
11. Everything You Do Is A Balloon - Boards Of Canada
12. Don't Die Just Yet - David Holmes
13. Twilight - Breaks Co-Op

Today in Phishtory: Island Tour Funkified Possum Jam

The flashbacks from the Island Tour continue with the jam out of Possoum from 4.5.98...

Thanks to silverchair97 for his video.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mike Gordon Hotline April Fools Joke - Update

PT Hero powerfulpills writes:

So now that the dust has settled and its obvious that I was never in cahoots with Gordon, I can reveal the details of my april fools prank. I stumbled upon his password somewhat accidentally a while back, it was 5555, no joke. I had tried to crack the voicemail code many years ago when it first came out to no avail. One day at work I called, and decided to give it a shot again. I randomly just hit 5555 and it worked, no crazy hacker story here just dumb luck. So for a while I would just occasionally listen to voicemails. A few notes on that:

- some of you are weirdos, you know who you are, and there were more than a few references to that "purple mermaid" character on the voicemails, as though mike would give a shit.

- most of the dudes calling just wanted to say what up

- virtually 100% of the female callers were bat-shit crazy, talking to mike as though hes actually on the phone, telling them about their day etc. One chick from Colorado told the same rambling pyschobabble story about her facebook account or some shit like three times. Another chick went into far too great detail about a recent move, breakup, and some subsequent nervous breakdown. Invading people's privacy is dope.

- mike definitely listens to all the voicemails and saves ones that are actually interesting, like if they are pertaining to music etc.

ANYWAY, so i knew id have to change the voicemail as Monkeystasio at some point and waited for the perfect time. It ended up being a perfect storm of mike denying eminence front/being kind of a douche on the hotline/superball IX getting anounced. I changed mike's password so he wouldnt have access to it for the day and changed it back at midnight (when i also changed the outgoing message to eminence front). I got an email from Gordo's manager around 11pm asking me to change it. He was cool, understood it was a joke. I told him it was an April Fools pranks and I wouldnt be trying anything like it again and to keep up the good work. So thats that, hope you all enjoyed, see you at the whatever it is dehh. -powerfulpills
the email from mike's manager:

Dear Mr. -------,

This is Jason ------, and I represent Mike Gordon.

I have reason to believe that you may be involved in an April Fool's Day prank involving Mike's outgoing "hotline" voicemail message.

A joke's a joke - no harm, no foul. But Mike would really prefer to change it back at this point to a different message.

If you are indeed aware or responsible for this, could I please ask you to provide the new password to access the voicemail? I'd appreciate if you could reply to this email with the password this evening.

Thanks very much.

Jason -----
Red Light Management

And the recording of the recording of the message:

Well done. We salute you!

Phish: Rare & Unreleased - Sessions at West 54th

Phish w/ host David Byrne

PBS Special
10/20/98 - Sessions at W. 54th (Sony Studios)

This single-set performance, a taping for the PBS television show Sessions at West 54th, was performed in front of roughly 200 fans and industry executives. The show was first broadcast the week of January 9, 1999. Sleep, Driver and Albuquerque were performed acoustic. Trey made jokes about the length of Guyute, remarking that the show could cut to four commercial breaks and the band would still be playing the same song. Taste was played after Trey took the crowd’s requests for the final song. When the show was aired, only Birds, Ghost, and Taste were broadcast, with interviews interspersed between songs.
Frankie Says
Wading in the Velvet Sea
Birds of a Feather

You can watch more videos HERE.

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: 1st QTR Results, Cantina Band Covers, Background Beats

In case you just woke up out of a coma and you're tuning into Coventry for the first time in a while, here's what you missed over the last week or so....
Background Beats - Good Morning Edition
BTreotch 1st QTR Results Mix 2011
Star Wars Cantina Bar Covers
Phish Announce Super Ball IX
Review: Eatliz Eats Rabbits
Every Song in "Entourage" End Credits
Phish Rare & Unreleased
Bethel Woods Poster by Ben and Doug
Gorillaz - BBC Radio 1 Performance
North American Scum by Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem at MSG
Island Tour Twist Jam
Island Tour Reba

Today in Phishtory: Island Tour 2001

Ah, the Mothership beckoned thee.

The flashbacks from the Island Tour return with 2001 from 4/4/98...

Thanks to silverchair97 for his video.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Today in Phishtory: Island Tour Reba

One of those orgasmic moments for all Rebaheads when the boys busted out Reba during the anniversary of the epic 4/3/98 Island Tour show...

Thanks to silverchair97 for his video.

North American Scum by Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem at MSG

My hipster friends can't stop gushing about last night's show at MSG... LCD Soundsystem's grand finale before they called it quits. It was their version of the Last Waltz with the gang from Arcade Fire joining them for North American Scum...

And thanks to BTreotch for finding the entire show...

Hidden Track has a setlist, photos, and vids. Check out their stellar coverage.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Mike's Hotline April 1 Monkeystasio

Today you should call Mike's hotline - 212-330-9092 - There is a special message by one of my favorite phanners, Monkeystasio aka PT user powerfulpills.

Want more monkeystasio? Check out some gems here.