Monday, March 31, 2008

Phish YouTube Documentary: When The Circus Left Town

I just discovered this, I had not seen it before. I recommend you watch it. In fact I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I love this doc. It is a very well put together story of the last Phish shows.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Liars to open for Radiohead

Thom Yorke was lauding the Liars back in his February interview on NPR's All Songs Considered, so it should come as no surprise that the band is coming aboard Radiohead's summer tour. The experimental rock band has been around since the early part of the decade, spending time working on their sound on both coasts (primarily NYC), as well as Germany.

Drum's Not Dead
is their third album and the one that I first heard; coming in as the 6th best album from 2006 by the venerable Pitchfork (just getting edged out by Ghostface Killah ain't so bad). Album sendspace link. Liars has also released a free four track EP for download here and a self-titled album released last year (d/l link).

Widespread Panic to Play Jazz Aspen Festival

Widespread Panic will be performing twice at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival. The festival runs from Thursday August 28th through Monday September 1st and will be held in Snowmass Town Park in Snowmass Village, Colorado.

Widespread Panic will be playing on the 28th and 29th. Also on the bill? John Fogerty, Dwight Yoakam, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Jerry Douglas.

Tickets go on sale Monday, April 7th at 9am MST. For more nfo visit

Wow, I just realized that I get to see Panic play next weekend in NYC!

Friday, March 28, 2008

American Idol: David Cook's Cover Controversy

This week on American Idol:

- Contestants sang songs from the year they were born in and made me feel a bit aged.

- David Cook chose Chris Cornell's 2007 acoustic version of Michael Jackson's 1983 hit "Billie Jean."

- Cook continued to incur the wrath of music writers everywhere, who gleefully posted side by side YouTube videos and iTunes rips of the last several weeks of Cook's seemingly radio-ready cover versions of classic songs (Lionel Richie's "Hello", the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" and "Daytripper" as well as the aforementioned "Billie Jean") and performances by the original artists who actually authored those cover arrangements (Incubus, Doxology, Whitesnake, and Chris Cornell).

-I am one of those writers.

-Oh yeah, and that Chikezie guy bit the dust if anyone noticed.

For more, check out this week's American Idol recap and this post on the David Cook controversy, complete with requisite YouTube videos.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Avett Brothers

(L to R) Joe Kwon, Scott Avett, Seth Avett, Bob Crawford

I am thankful for something that finally exists outside of my heart that expresses what I needed to but never could; with words that make me want to hug myself and cry, just because I can and sounds that make me toss my head back in a ferocious laugh as a wave of chills explodes over my body only allowing me to smile as wide and bright as the sun.

Such truth that is raw like I feel.

Jubilant harmonies that when shared with another, well, it makes them hold their breath for a minute because of the beauty that tickles their ears. It is music that is full of love that makes my lil' heart do a dance of hope because The Avett Brothers came to leave behind the world a better place and I strive to do the same.

With that being said, I will pass along the following collection to you my friends.*


Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions(2006)

The Gleam(2006)

Live, Vol. 2(2005)


And brother Seth created a solo album, The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell (recorded from 2001-2005)

*I know I've shared these guys with some of you fine gentlemen before and you've heard them but I wanted the other readers in cyberspace to join in on the love!

Grace Potter Plays with The Duo

I stumbled up a cool fan site for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (

I listened to the show mentioned in the post titled turner hall live - milwaukee, wisconsin. 3.14.08 was a special night because they debuted a new song that they had not played in concert before. They also brought up The Duo (Joe Russo and Marco Benevento) on stage for a sizzling cover of Led Zeppelin's Your Time Is Gonna Come.

Download link for that show via

Photo Credit: FriedFixPhoto

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jimmy Herring Interview on

As I was listening to Dr. Pauly's Milw00kie Mix (below) I stumbled upon this wonderful interview with Jimmy is a bit that I enjoyed and shed some light on how the band works:
"There’s one they wanted me to learn, “Dream Song.” They said, “We should be doing ‘Dream Song,’ and so what I did was listen to a couple versions of it. I didn't have a whole lot of live versions, so I ended up really just going to the record [Everyday] and I listened to it and I learned JB’s part [laughs]. So when we tried to play it, I was playing JB’s part. That’s when they said, “Oh yeah, you learned the wrong part.”

You see that happened a lot at the beginning. When I first learned “Pigeons” I was playing JB’s part. That’s the thing about a band like this and it’s a credit to them, and that’s what I mean about these records that John Keane made, you can’t tell who’s doing what. The way he mixed it, the way it marinates, these guys are a real band. It’s not like you can go “Oh, this is his part and this is his part.” It’s not that easy and sometimes I end up learning a hybrid. I mean they don’t teach me the songs, I learn the songs on my own and then I come back and play with them and they go, “Yes…no…maybe.”

And quite a few of the songs I had either learned JB’s part thinking it was Mikey or I would learn partly Mikey’s part and partly JB’s part. So it’s a process of learning it and then going back with JB and then him saying, “Yeah, that’s great.” or “Hey man, that’s my part, you’ve got to learn the other part.” So “Dream Song” got put on hold because I learned the wrong part, so I still have to revisit that and learn the right part."

Read the full article here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The jonas0tto Mix

jonas0tto and the joker, Sonic Bloom '07

My buddy jonas0tto put together this mix for ya...

Here is a little mix some new music i have really been enjoying lately. I think a lot of you will like it if you havent heard of these artists already.

Tosca - Rondo Acapricio
Phonosynthese - Planet X
Kraak & Smack - No Sun In The Sky
Tosca - Honey (Markus Kienzl Dub) - *WARNING* This song is EVIL!
Fort Knox Five - Blowing Up The Sport (feat akil baker)
Samon Kawamura - Reflections
Dzihan & Kamien - After
Modaji - Don't Explain

For fans of Thievery Corp., Bonobo, STS9, Funk, Downtempo, Hip-Hop-Jazz, etc... Download the jonas0tto mix

Kimya Dawson & Band of Horses, March 22 Cuban Club, Tampa Setlist

Kimya Dawson (very incomplete)
Chemistry, Being Cool, Alphabutt, Giant, Tire Swing with Paul Baribeau (who evidently now lives in Gainesville, FL, but was there in Michigan when Kimya penned the line "Paul Baribeau took me to the giant tire swing"), a Paul Baribeau song, Loose Lips

Band of Horses
The Great Salt Lake, Is There a Ghost, Islands on the Coast, Wicked Gil, Ode to LRC, No One's Gonna Love You, Melt into the Sand*, Thirteen Days$, The First Song, The Funeral, The General Specific

E: Weed Party, Cigarettes, Wedding Bands, Marry Song, Am I a Good Man%

*Ryan Monroe (keyboardist) song, not sure about title
$ JJ Cale cover
% Them Two cover

Band of Horses Is There a Ghost

Kimya Dawson The Beer

It had been three months and one week since I had seen a live show - the Avett Brothers at a packed-house Skipper's Smokehouse - back in mid-December. I have been itching to see live music and in particular the indie rock, reverb loving Band Of Horses. Their first album Everything All the Time received ample time in my Ipod, and their second, Cease to Begin was one of my favorites from 2007. While surveying the concert calendar for Tampa Bay shows on jambase from my Antarctic research desk, I spotted this show and began drooling at the mouth after learning they'd be playing the weekend I got back. After convincing the wife that a Saturday night in Ybor city with the Band of Horses would be more fun than a weekend at a beach hotel, I went online and saw that A) Kimya Dawson was also playing, and B) tickets were only $10. This show came together by way of a skateboard competition post-party with the juxtaposed stylings of the alt-folker Kimya Dawson and the indie rockers Band of Horses. I envision that who hired the talent for the skateboard competition, was either a girl, or the guy had a nagging girlfriend who insisted on the Kimya addition. However it went down, the show worked quite well.

Quite a few celebs were spotted - this is odd for a Tampa show, Bam Margera and Chloe Sevigny in particular - though not by me unfortunately. Every time I think of Chloe Sevigny, I think of the black-tape across the nipples, bed jumping scene in the highly weird movie Gummo, mmm mmm mmm. Anyhow, Given the success of the Juno soundtrack I thought there may be more Kimya fans there, but the majority of the people were there for BoH. Kimya even commented at the sad hipsters in the front row who looked awfully bored with their chins in their hands.

Kimya, "You guys here to see Band of Horses?." Disgruntled hipsters, "Yeah."

Later on Kimya, who was wearing a dress with legs uncrossed, playfully scolded them "Stop looking at my vagina."

Sporadic rain kept the masses away during Kimya's set, but it had stopped by BoH and the crowd was packed in tight through the 15 song show. Personal highlights was the Tire Swing duet, then the three song run to end the set: The First Song, The Funeral, The General Specific. BoH's last song Am I a Good Man was also a good treat. I had to ask the sound guy what song it was - evidently it's a Them Two cover.

videos by Aaron

My Morning Jacket: Live at SXSW Download

Check it out. My Morning Jacket played a show to the hipsters at SXSW and here is a great recording from the radio broadcast. I am listening to it as I blog this- I am digging the new songs.

The Setlist:
My Morning Jacket, SXSW 2008, Austin Music Hall

Evil Urges*
Off the Record
Highly Suspicious
What a Wonderful Man
I’m Amazed*
Thank You Too*
Sec Walkin’*
Worldess Chorus
Way He Sings
Aluminum Park*
One Big Holiday
Run Thru
Smokin’ From Shootin’*
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2*
Steam Engine
Lay Low

*new song
Download Full Concert: My Morning Jacket - Live @ SXSW 2008

or download new songs track by track

Volkswagen Brainwashing Hipsters by Using Wilco Songs to Sell Thier Cars

Hat tip to Stereogum for an article called Esquire's Top Ten Car Commercial Songs Of The Year, Or, Wilco Make Good Car-Selling Music.

So basically, the suits in the marketing department at Volkswagen somehow came up with the stupendous idea to use Wilco songs in their commercials. The result? Hipsters flocking to Volkswagen dealerships ready to buy Jettas, Beetles, and GTIs.

Here's one of the commercials featuring Walken...

Click thru to Coventry music blog to view the video via RSS...

P.S. I can't wait to see Wilco in Golden Gate Park for the Outside Lands festival. I might just cash in my entire poker bankroll, buy a Jetta, and drive up from Las Vegas.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2008 Lineup

Golden Gate Park

Pauly, Change100, and I will be in attendance...Radiohead, Beck, Wilco, Panic,
Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2008
Aug. 22-24, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

The lineup:
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Jack Johnson
Manu Chao
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Widespread Panic
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Steve Winwood
Café Tacvba
Broken Social Scene
Regina Spektor
Devendra Banhart
Cold War Kids
Galactic's Crescent City Soul Krewe
Lyrics Born
Andrew Bird
Steel Pulse
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings
M. Ward
Drive-By Truckers
Matt Nathanson
The Cool Kids
Two Gallants
Little Brother
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Donavon Frankenreiter
The Mother Hips
Black Mountain
Nellie McKay
The Coup
Bon Iver
Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk
Sean Hayes
The Felice Brothers
Rupa & the April Fishes
Back Door Slam
And mostly everything white people like will be there, especially since it's held in San Francisco which recently was #91 on the list of Stuff White People Like.

check out a video of Beck from the last time the 3 of us saw Beck at Bonnaroo 2006...

Dawn Landes

The other night, I caught Dawn Landes on WFUV (Fordham University Radio) here in New York City. She was the in studio guest and played a couple of songs. She had an amazing voice. I had never heard of her before and did a little research.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Dawn Landes moved to New York City to pursue her music career in what has been described as alt-folk. Landes is an accomplished musician and plays "8-dollar guitars, pink accordions, glockenspiels, and optigons."

Landes recently toured small clubs on the East Coast. She's currently in Europe playing gigs in the UK. She returns to NYC in early April when she plays the Mercury Lounge on April 7th.

Here's a great video of Dawn Landes performing a cover of Young Folks...

Click thru to Phish Blog to view the video via RSS...

Dawn Landes links: website and myspace

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stuff White People Like... #41 Indie Music

BTreotch mentioned it yesterday's post, but I have to bring it up again. Stuff White People Like has become my favorite blog these days.

#41 Indie Music is nestled in between #40 Apple Products and #42 Sushi.

This is pure genius...
If you want to understand white people, you need to understand indie music. As mentioned before, white people hate anything that's "mainstream" and are desperate to find things that are more genuine, unique, and reflective of their experiences.

Fortunately, they have independent music.

A white person's iPod (formerly CD collection) is not merely an assemblage of music that they enjoy. It is what defines them as a person. They are always on the look out for the latest hot band that no one has heard of so that one day, they can hit it just right and be into a band BEFORE they are featured in an Apple commercial. To a white person, being a fan of a band before they get popular is one of the most important things they can do with their life. They can hold it over their friends forever!
And yes, marijuana made the list at #33.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thao - We Brave Bee Stings and All (2008)

OK, from time to time I have to admit to myself that I am - indeed - white. And with that comes the things that white people like. #41 on that list is indie music. Thao Nguyen (not white) and her band, The Get Down Stay Down (white), released their album We Brave Bee Stings and All on Elliott Smith's old label Kill Rock Stars about two months ago. I fell in love with the album cover and the second track, Bag of Hammers. It has been gnawing at my brain/inner ear for the past week, which I suppose is better than a bag of dicks doing the same. It took me some time to find the album for download - I went through about 5 different bunk links before finding a link via some Japanese website that did the trick. It paid off. Though, I did hop on the Kill Rock Stars website and buy the album along with a T-shirt - they have a special for the combo at only $13 and change.

Sounds like: Elliott Smith, but happier and lighter. Belle & Sebastian with maybe Cat Power singing (and in a really good mood). Some tracks swing, some are stripped down, but it's all well layered throughout. Whatever, check it out.

album d/l link:

Page McConnell Jazz Fest Rumor?

An anonymous reader tipped me off to this... Jazz Fest grids. On May 1, on the Howlin' Wolf grid it lists Global Noize with Russell Batiste & Friends with Eric Krasno,and special guest Leo Nocentelli at 9pm. Listed right after that is... Page McConnell. Go see for yourself.

Anyway, that show with Global Noize with Russell Batiste and Eric Krasno (from Soulive), including Leo Nocentelli should kick ass. I have no idea if Page is playing with them, opening for them, or they are opening for Page.

Regardless, the combo of Jazz Fest and Page seems like a delicious mix.

Here's a cool video of Page performing Strange Design on 5.30.07 at Higher Ground...

Click thru to Phish blog to view the video via RSS....

Photo credit: Libby McLinn

Friday, March 21, 2008

7/6/98 Prague = New LivePhish Release; Includes Sickest 'Ghost' in Phishtory

My buddy Enzo gave me a show from Europe 98 that had a version of Ghost that fuckin' blew me away. I always called it the best Ghost that I ever heard. And guess what? Phish will be releasing that version at the latest release along with and the entire 7.6.98 show at the Lucerna Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic.

Wow. Thanks, guys!

Here's the press release that Phish sent us.
Next Tuesday (3/25/08) JEMP Records will be releasing another of Phish's classic shows, 7/6/98 from the Lucerna Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic. In keeping with recent releases this show has been mastered by Fred Kevorkian from Paul Languedoc's 2-track soundboard reference DATs. To save space, along with renting most of their gear while flying from city to city on the 1998 European tour, the shows were not recorded to multi-track.

This release will be available in both of our normal digital download formats, MP3 and FLAC, as well as on CD (packaged in an innovative and earth friendly, fully recycled folding softcase-pak) . This release will not yet be available in stores but you can pick it up from both Phish Dry Goods ( and the LivePhish Download Store ( Dry Goods and will have bundle packages available, so you can save on both hard goods and downloads.

July 6, 1998 is the second of two shows Phish played at the Lucerna Theatre, an old theater turned into a music club located a few flights below street level in the Nove Mesto section of Prague. This show entwines music from the album "The Story of The Ghost" with Phish classics in a non-stop, hard-rocking performance elevated by its unique location and intimate setting. The intimacy of this show can not be overestimated - the average size of the venues Phish was playing at in the United States at the time were easily 20-30 times larger.

TRACKLIST for 7/6/98:

1. Buried Alive >
2. AC/DC Bag >
3. Ghost >
4. Cities
5. Limb By Limb
6. Train Song
7. Roggae
8. Maze
9. Golgi Apparatus

1. Julius >
2. Meat
3. Piper >
4. Makisupa Policeman
5. David Bowie
6. Loving Cup
7. Possum
So was 7.6.98 the best Ghost ever? Decide for yourself.

Click here to download Ghost from Prague 7/6/98.

In Defense of the Disco Biscuits

Hat tip to Partyin Peeps for a link to this article called The People Speak: In Defense Of The Disco Biscuits. A couple of fans wrote responses to this bit...
"In the world of patchouli-smelling and nugget-smoking noodle-dancers (hippies, that is...of both the genuine and pseudo variety) the Disco Biscuits are the derelict bastard-child – the dark and gritty element that offers contrast to a music scene full of unicorns, hula-hoops and fans that would, quite honestly, put a funnel to their ears to catch every drop of ejaculate from Trey Anastasio's heroin-riddled penis."
Apparently, some hipster trashed the Disco Biscuits and now Bisko kids are on the verge of giving him the beat down of his life. Those east coast Bisko kids are tough, not like those airy crystal-toting STS9-touring wooks from the mountains of Colorado.

And by the way, I miss Trey's smack-riddled penis.

Photo credit: BiscoJon

Gov't Mule Jazz Fest and Tour Dates

The Mule at the Filmore 11.07

Gov't Mule will be returning to Jazz Fest this year. It marks their tenth straight year that Gov't Mule will be performing in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. Gov't Mule will be playing two special shows at the Contemporary Arts Center. Tickets go on sale through Superfly ticketing on Saturday, March 22.

In addition to Jazz Fest, Gov't Mule will be playing several gigs in April before they hit the festival circuit including stops at Mountain Jam, All Good, and Rothbury.
Gov't Mule Tour Dates
4/10 Thu Dobson Ice Arena - Vail, CO
4/12 Sat Wanee Festival - Live Oak, FL
4/13 Sun Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC
4/15 Tue Valerium - Knoxville, TN
4/16 Wed Innsbrook Pavilion - Glen Allen, VA
4/17 Thu Whitaker Center - Harrisburg, PA
4/18 Fri The State Theater - Ithaca, NY
4/19 Sat Lisner Auditorium - Washington, DC
4/25 Fri McDowell Mountain Music Festival - Scottsdale, AZ
4/27 Sun Granada Theater - Dallas, TX
5/02 Fri Contemporary Arts Center - New Orleans, LA
5/03 Sat Contemporary Arts Center - New Orleans, LA
5/25 Sun Asheville Music Jamboree - Asheville, NC
5/30 Fri Hunter Mountain - Hunter, NY
5/31 Sat Hunter Mountain - Hunter, NY
6/01 Sun Hunter Mountain - Hunter, NY
7/03 Thu Rothbury Music Festival - Rothbury, MI
7/04 Fri Rothbury Music Festival - Rothbury, MI
7/05 Sat Rothbury Music Festival - Rothbury, MI
7/06 Sun Rothbury Music Festival - Rothbury, MI
7/11 Fri All Good Festival - Masontown, WV
Photo credit: panic

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pearl Jam Summer Tour Dates

Bust out your ripped jeans and your flannel shirts, because Pearl Jam is touring this summer. Well, summer actually meaning in June.

Pearl Jam will be playing ten shows on the East Coast starting on June 1st. Opening acts include Kings of Leon (June 11-17) and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists June (19-30).

I saw Pearl Jam in 1993. Talk about one show that kicked my ass. And it had nothing to do with the Jim Beam or fistful of mushrooms I ingested twenty minutes before the show. I wonder what they'd sound like 15 years later?
Pearl Jam Tour Dates:
6/11 Wed - West Palm Beach, FL @ Cruzan Amphitheatre
6/12 Thu - Tampa, FL @ St. Pete Times Forum - Ice Palace
6/13 Fri - Bonnaroo Music Festival
6/14 Sat - Bonnaroo Music Festival
6/15 Sun - Bonnaroo Music Festival
6/16 Mon - Columbia, SC @ Colonial Center
6/17 Tue - Virginia Beach, VA @ Virginia Beach Amphitheater
6/19 Thu - Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center
6/22 Sun - Washington, DC @ Verizon Center
6/24 Tue - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
6/25 Wed - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
6/27 Fri - Hartford, CT @ N.E. Dodge Music Center
6/30 Mon - Mansfield, MA @ Tweeter Center (aka Great Woods)
Photo credit: fabrixio

American Idol: Beatles Week II

I'm not afraid to admit it. I love American Idol. I've watched every episode from Kelly Clarkson to Jordin Sparks. And while most of Idol boils down to a glorified karaoke competition (which, again I am not ashamed to love!), this season's talent might be some of the strongest yet. Modern rocker David Cook (above), international imports Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, and earthy guitar girl Brooke White are all turning out some impressive performances.

If you're craving more of Randy, Paula, Simon and the gang, check out my American Idol recap over at my other home, Pot Committed. They come out every Wednesday.

Weed News: Shortage on Tulane Campus

Weed shortage on campus was the leading story for the Tulane student newspaper.

Here's a bit:
Other purported dealers can still be found on campus, said some Tulane users, but students claim the three now-unavailable students had the most consistent supplies.

"Of course you can go to the frats," said another sophomore. "But honestly, it's pretty unreliable there. You never know what you're getting, and there is usually better stuff available for cheaper."

One student explained that a certain religiously-affiliated fraternity is notorious for selling marijuana because of the fraternity's liberal, "hippie" tendencies.

"A lot of them really are committed to God and everything, but that doesn't mean they're angels. They know how to party too, like any other frat," she said.

The student pointed out that some people aren't comfortable asking fraternity brothers they don't know for drugs.

"Who is going to knock on their front door and say, 'My dealer got busted, can you hook me up?' People will probably just wait until someone they know has pot and try to buy off them."...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Bonnaroo Artist Additions

The Wood Brothers at Langerado

The Wood Brothers were among the latest artists added to the 2008 Bonnaroo line up. The other additions include... Tiesto (late night set), Stephen Marley, Money Mark, The Coup, Rogue Wave, and Newton Faulkner.

Here's the rest of the Bonnaroo lineup.... Pearl Jam, Metallica, Jack Johnson, Kanye West, Chris Rock, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss featuring T Bone Burnett, Phil Lesh & Friends, My Morning Jacket, The Allman Brothers Band, The Raconteurs, Willie Nelson, Death Cab for Cutie, Tiësto, B.B. King, Sigur Ros, Levon Helm and the Ramble on the Road, Ben Folds, O.A.R., Cat Power, The Bluegrass Allstars, M.I.A., Umphrey's McGee, Iron & Wine, Stephen Marley, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Swell Season, Zappa Plays Zappa, Talib Kweli, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi, Soul Stew Revival, Gogol Bordello, Broken Social Scene, Robert Randolph's Revival, Rilo Kiley, The Disco Biscuits, Mastodon, Lupe Fiasco, Against Me!, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Pat Green, Ozomatli, Tegan & Sara, Solomon Burke, Drive-By Truckers, MSTRKRFT, !!!, The Avett Brothers, Israel Vibration, Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck, Larry Campbell, Jackie Greene, Phil Lesh & Teresa Williams, Aimee Mann, Ladytron, The Fiery Furnaces, Money Mark, Orchestra Baobab, Ghostland, Observatory, Jose Gonzalez, Dark Star Orchestra, Zach Galifianakis, Minus the Bear, Donavon Frankenreiter, Lez Zeppelin, State Radio, The Coup, Battles, The Wood Brothers, Jakob Dylan and the Gold Mountain Rebels, Jim Norton, Two Gallants, The Sword, Vampire Weekend, Little Feat, Nicole Atkins, Chromeo, Brian Posehn, The Felice Brothers, Mason Jennings, Mike Birbiglia, MGMT, The Lee Boys, Rogue Wave, Serena Ryder, Steel Train, Grupo Fantasma, John Mulaney, Back Door Slam, Michelle Buteau, and Newton Faulkner.

Photo Credit: Otis

Phish Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jammys

Phish playing the Late Show marquee in 2004

According to the Jammys organizers, they will bestowing Phish with a lifetime achievement award. Phish will get the prestigious award at the next installment of the Jammys, which takes place on May 7th at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

No word on who from Phish will show up. Perhaps everyone will be there. I wonder if they will play a song or two? I'm willing to bet good odds that if they do play a song, it will not be Fluffhead.

Tickets go on sale March 20. For more info, head over to the Jammys website.

Photo Credit: Pete Carini

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wilco in Australia

Byron Bay, Australia

Attention Aussie hipsters! Wilco is playing in OZ and New Zealand this week. A few of my Aussie friends are excited to see Wilco. They already played two dates in Australia including Brisbane. They end their run with two nights in Melbourne. Here are the remaining shows for Wilco on their recent tour...
Wilco's NZ and Oz Tourdates:

3.20 - Byron Bay, AU @ East Coast Blues & Roots Music Fest
3.23 - Wellington, NZ @ Front Room
3.26 - Melbourne, AU @ The Palace
3.27 - Melbourne, AU @ The Palace
I took the above pic in January during a trip to Australia.

Click here to download shows from Wilco's Winter Residency in Chicago.

Mile High Music Festival

Denver joins the ranks of cities hosting a multi-stage outdoor music festival...
Mile High Music Festival

Saturday July 19 2008 & Sunday July 20

featuring: Dave Matthews Band, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, O.A.R., Michael Franti & Spearhead, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Steve Winwood, Spoon, Flogging Molly, OneRepublic, moe., Leftover Salmon, Citizen Cope, Martin Sexton, Andrew Bird, Josh Ritter, JJ Grey & Mofro, Flobots, State Radio, Ingrid Michaelson, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Bob Schneider , Brett Dennen, Tea Leaf Green , Meese, Born in the Flood, Railbenders, Rose Hill Drive, Newton Faulkner, The New Mastersounds, Serena Ryder, and The Photo Atlas
Originally there was a discussion that this festy would be held at City Park, in the middle of the 'hood in Denver (and a few blocks away from my house). Seems that those plans fell through and now it will be out near Dick's Sporting Goods Park (a new soccer stadium) just north of downtown Denver.

STS9 Langerado Download and Others

for the new fans....

2008.03.07 Langerado
1: Tooth, Bigs, The Rabble, Rent, One A Day, 118, Aimlessly
2: Economic Hitman, Inspire Strikes Back, Be Nice, Unquestionable Supremacy, Hi-Key, Instantly, Lo Swaga E: Abcees, Moon Socket

some Colorado heat...

2006.01.27 The Fillmore, Denver, CO
set 1: intro>This, Us>GLOgli>ReEmergence>Satori>Really Wut?, Be Pulse>Rent
Set 2: One A Day, Move My Peeps, Dem Be, Baraka>Arigato>Call Jam>Blu Mood, Moon Socket E: Kaya, Circus

2004.06.26 Mishawaka, Fort Collins, CO
Set 1: Equinox, Frequencies 2>3, Improv, Kamuy, Kaya, Luma Daylight, Tokyo
Set 2: Ramone & Emiglio, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, Breathe In, Crystal Instrument, From Now On, Move My Peeps
E: Quests, Inspire Strikes Back

Set 1
Set 2

for the old schoolers...

9.13.04 – Recher Theatre - Towson, MD
I: Open E, Vibyl, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, Satori, Equinox, Grow
II: F. Word, ...And Some Are Angels, Tap In, STS9, Today, Breathe In
E: Gobnugget

Disc 1
Disc 2

4.21.02 - The Canopy Club - Urbana, IL
I: Jebez, Flock Of Seagulls* > Tap In > Mobsters > Funky House > Mobsters, Orbital
II: Movement, Potamus > Ramone & Emiglio, Evasive Manuvers > Circus
E: Your It > Life's Sweet Breath
* ='s Herbie Hancock cover

Disc 1
Disc 2

5.16.02 - The Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA
I: Havana Ascent*, Kamuy*, Mischief of a Sleepwalker*, Circus*, Ramone and Emiglio*, Movements****, Life's Sweet Breath
II: Jebez*, Tap In***, Grow*, For My Peeps*, We'll Meet In Our Dreams*, Moonsocket*, Satori**
E: Surreality*
* ='s w/Karsh Kale (percussion/samples)
** ='s w/ Karsh Kale and Audio Angel (vocals)
*** ='s w/ Karsh Kale, Audio Angel, and Scott Miller (Didg)
**** ='s w/ Audio Angel (vocals)

Disc 1
Disc 2

Here is the compilation that is circulating from the July 2002 Mishawaka run...

Part One: Water Song, Kamuy, Movement>Kabuki, Native End

Mishawaka Compilation Part 1

Part Two: Moonsocket, STS9, Equinox, You're It, Today

Mishawaka Compilation Part 2

Part Three: Hubble, Satori, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, Flock of Seagulls (feat. MC Scotthedron), What is Love?

Mishawaka Compilation Part 3

12.29.01 - Club 8150 - Vail, CO
I: Freq. p.1 > Freq p.2 > Freq. p.3, Improv D&B, Horn
II: Dance > Your It* > Fav. Melody, Improv House (sick new housie dub jamming) > 4 Year Puma
E: Circus
* ='s (w/scottie and full of new jams including a sick little ditty after scottie left the stage then back into your it)

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

I'm Just Sayin...

Yeah, its a little obvious, but I couldn't resist.

Dow surges 420 points

Dead's Winterland 1973 Box Set - Available Now

That's right all three shows in their entirety from the Grateful Dead's run at the legendary Winterland Ballroom November 9-11th in 1973, sans the encore of November 9th which was apparently not recorded. Anyone know what the encore was that night?!? I know I was 13 and in the 8th grade, just a few weeks back from my first trip to Disney World and it was probably way past my east coast bedtime!!

Set Lists:
Disc 1: 11/9/73
1. “Promised Land”
2. “Brown-Eyed Woman”
3. “Me & Bobby McGee”
4. “They Love Each Other”
5. “Black-Throated Wind”
6. “Don’t East Me In”
7. “Mexicali Blues”
8. “Row Jimmy”
9. “The Race Is On”
10. “China Cat Sunflower” >
11. “I Know You Rider”

Disc 2: 11/9/73
1. “Playing In The Band”
2. “Here Comes Sunshine”
3. “Me & My Uncle”
4. “To Lay Me Down”
5. “Big River”
6. “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo”
7. “Greatest Story Ever Told” >
8. “Bertha”

Disc 3: 11/9/73
1. “Weather Report Suite”
a. Prelude
b. Part I
c. Part II (Let It Grow)
2. “Eyes Of The World” >
3. “China Doll”
4. “Around And Around” >
5. “Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad” >
6. “Johnny B. Goode”

Disc 4: 11/10/73
1. “Bertha”
2. “Jack Straw”
3. “Loser”
4. “Looks Like Rain”
5. “Deal”
6. “Mexicali Blues”
7. “Tennessee Jed”
8. “El Paso”
9. “Brokedown Palace”
10. “Beat It On Down The Line”
11. “Row Jimmy”

Disc 5: 11/10/73
1. “Weather Report Suite”
a. Prelude
b. Part I
c. Part II (Let It Grow)
2. “Playing In The Band” >
3. “Uncle John’s Band” >
4. “Morning Dew” >
5. “Uncle John’s Band” >
6. “Playing In The Band”

Disc 6: 11/10/73
1. “Big River”
2. “Stella Blue”
3. “Truckin’” >
4. “Wharf Rat” >
5. “Sugar Magnolia”
6. “One More Saturday Night”
7. “Casey Jones”

Disc 7: 11/11/73
1. “Promised Land” >
2. “Bertha” >
3. “Greatest Story Ever Told”
4. “Sugaree”
5. “Black-Throated Wind”
6. “To Lay Me Down”
7. “El Paso”
8. “Ramble On Rose”
9. “Me & Bobby McGee”

Disc 8: 11/11/73
1. “China Cat Sunflower” >
2. “I Know You Rider”
3. “Me & My Uncle”
4. “Loose Lucy”
5. “Weather Report Suite”
a. Prelude
b. Part I
c. Part II (Let It Grow)
6. “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo”
7. “Big River”

Disc 9: 11/11/73
1. “Dark Star” >
2. “Eyes Of The World” >
3. “China Doll”
4. “Sugar Magnolia”
5. “Uncle John’s Band”
6. “Johnny B. Goode” >
7. “We Bid You Goodnight”

Bonus Disc: Cincinnati Gardens, 12/4/73 (for orders placed before April 30th)
1. “China Cat Sunflower”
2. “I Know You Rider”
3. “Truckin’”
4. “Stella Blue”
5. “Eyes Of The World”
6. “Space”
7. “Sugar Magnolia”
8. “Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad”
9. “Casey Jones”

Go here to buy the release.

9 CD's $99.99. Click here to read the full press release

And for some thoughts on this release check out David Gans's blog

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rilo Kiley Tour Dates

Jenny Lewis and the rest of Hollyweird's favorite indie rockers, Rilo Kiley, will be hitting the road this spring and early summer in support of their latest album, Under The Blacklight. They'll kick things off in San Francisco on April 17th. Stops on their latest tour include the Coachella and Bonnaroo music festivals, before they end their tour in Austin at Stubbs BBQ.
Rilo Kiley Tour Dates

4.17.08 San Francisco, CA @ SF Design Center
4.19.08 Portland, OR @ Roseland
4.20.08 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo
4.23.08 Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theatre
4.24.08 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse
4.26.08 Indio, CA @ Coachella
5.15.08 San Diego, CA @ Concerts in the Park
5.19.08 Denver. CO @ Ogden Theatre
5.20.08 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
5.21.08 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
5.22.08 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
5.23.08 Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theatre
5.24.08 Chicago, IL @ The Riviera
5.25.08 Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
5.26.08 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
5.28.08 Toronto, ONT @ Phoenix Theatre
5.30.08 Worcester, MA @ Palladium
5.31.08 Providence, RI @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
6.1.08 Northampton, MA @ Calvin Theater
6.2.08 New York, NY @ Terminal 5
6.5.08 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
6.6.08 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
6.7.08 Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live
6.8.08 Richmond, CA @ Toads Place
6.10.08 Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
6.11.08 Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
6.12.08 Charleston, SC @ Charleston Music Farm
6.13.08 Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
6.15.08 Dallas, TX @ Palladium
6.16.08 Austin, TX @ Stubbs BBQ

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moe. Taking a Break

I just read this announcement from moe.
"After moe.down, moe. will not be playing any more shows for some time. The band is taking a break with the intent of returning again in 2009."
The band will be finishing off their rigorous touring schedule and after moe.down, they'll be taking time off from the road and taking the remainder of 2008 off. It's a much needed break for the band who has been touring non-stop. They expect to be back in 2009.

Click here for moe. tour dates.

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Pauly's Langerado Videos

Here are three Langerado-related videos that you should check out. The first one is a montage that's about six minutes long. It's sort of the "best of" all of the other videos that I spliced together. The other two are just funny stuff. One of them is called "Langerado Extras" which features random clips and bloopers that didn't make it into other videos. The last video contains classic Uncle Ted hijinks, where he does a hilarious impression of Michael Stipe. Check them all out...

1. Pauly's Langerado Montage

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS....

2. Langerado Extras

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS....

3. Uncle Ted impersonates Michael Stipe, plus toilet paper hijinks

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Langerado Videos - Phil Lesh and Friends

I uploaded three videos that I shot at Langerado during Phil Lesh and Friends closing set. Check them out...

1. Casey Jones

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS...

2. Franklin's Tower

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS...

3. Cumberland Blues

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS...

Pauly's Langerado Recap - Day 4

Day 4: Phil Lesh Shines

By Pauly

Image courtesy of Otis

"Are you guys going to see the Disco Triscuits?" wondered Uncle Ted.

The band's name was the Disco Biscuits. The cool kids called them Bisco. Uncle Ted had never seen the band before, I doubt that he's ever even heard a song. He simply liked the name, moreover, he loved his tweakage of the name. Whenever he muttered the words "Disco Triscuits," the spun out kids went into a frenzy. They thought it was the funniest thing on Earth.

"I'm going to see the Disco Triscuits. How about you?"

A group of five of us (Otis, Mrs. Otis, Uncle Ted, the Joker, and myself) slowly made our way back to the RV. It was way past Midnight on Saturday at Langerado. Darkness had set in and anyone who was still up and alive wandering Shakedown Street was in serious party mode. A light stream of people made their way back into the festival for the late night shows, as another heavy flow of people left the music area and stumbled back to the campsites to sleep or party or both.

Four of us wore white tuxedos and we were bombarded with offers to purchase various pharmacopoeia from the dealers that lurked in the shadows of Shakedown Street. The wookies were hawking molly, doses, and rolls. The brothers sold the hard shit like opium, smack, and yay-yo.

The tuxedos got all of the attention. We were easy marks. Walking targets. Every few seconds, someone had a comment about the jacket or an interesting offer to sell me narcotics. Some had both.

Whenever a good looking hippie girl gave us a compliment, I'd say, "Thanks. How about a hand job?"

That rapid response never got old. I must have said it a hundred times all weekend. And it was hilarious every time I said it. Everyone within earshot laughed heartily, with the exception of one whacked out chick who flipped out on me. She got up in my face and said something about sucking the unborn child out of her womb, or something to that effect. She lacked a sense of humor or most likely, she was spiraling into the dark side of the abyss after she ingested a batch of bunk drugs. The campgrounds were flooded with products, both good and bad. It's always a gamble when you deal with entities that skirt the law.

"I have everything that you shouldn't be doing," one dealer whispered as we passed him.

Mrs. Otis said that anytime someone would say, "Molly" that she would shoot back with "Ringwald."

Back at the RV, Uncle Ted put on a show. All he needed was a roll of toilet paper and he was on fire while cracking jokes about Obama and whatnot. I have some of those hijinks on video and will post that shortly. Uncle Ted should get his own channel on YouTube.

After a quick pit stop in the RV, we ingested the last of our inventory and headed back out to see the end of Bisco's set. I missed Matisyahu sitting in with them, but I saw was tight. At 2:30am, Uncle Ted and I bailed. We couldn't find a taxi and walked to the RV. On our trek back to the RV, I held out a $20 bill. I offered spun out chicks $20, or $10 a piece to kiss each other. Sadly, I did not get any takers.

I eventually passed out at 5:30am. The most comfortable spot remaining in the RV was the passenger's seat. It was either that or curl up with Uncle Ted.

I woke up at 8:30am with stifling sun beating down on me. I woke up draped in a white tuxedo jacket. I glanced at the photos in my camera to jog my faded memory. I had forgotten about the disco tent which happened only seven hours earlier.

The rest of the gang woke up and like clockwork, Otis fired up the grill for the last of his breakfast biscuits. Uncle Ted had to leave early. Like a tornado, his appearance was brief, yet powerful, and left a trail of destruction in its path. The gang was slow to motivate to do anything. After three long nights of partying, everyone was spent and whatever energy they had left, they were conserving for Phil Lesh. The crew had lazy vibe and hung out in front of the RV drinking and already reminiscing about the previous night's antics. We eventually motivated to see The Funky Meters.

A taxi happened to pass us on the way out of the RV and we hitched a ride. The cute wookette driver asked about the Tuxedos. We decided to wear just the jackets. She said that she recognized us from the previous night. The Joker told her that GRob and Mrs GRob had just gotten married and that we were in the wedding party. As we walked inside, we got more compliments and a few comments from people who recognized us from the night before.

The Funky Meters put on a solid set including their staples Fire on the Bayou and Hey Pocky Way. After their set ended, we left the showgrounds, grabbed a taxi, and went back tot he RV to drink and party some more. We skipped some bands that I originally wanted to see such as Grace Potter & the Nocturnals and Steel Train. I also skipped Gov't Mule and Keller Williams. I had seen them plenty of times before.

We geared up for Phil Lesh and Friends with shots of tequila. Otis found dog tranquilizers, which he gave his dog whenever they went on long car trips. I offered to experiment with them. I figured that two dog tranquilizers would be harmless, but maybe three or more could slow down time in a Quaalude-like buzz and I'd utter witty remarks a la Truman Capote. Or perhaps things would get ugly and I'd get sloppy and pass out face down ass up in the shitter like Elvis. In the end, I didn't get to test out the dog tranquilizers. I think Otis was worried that I'd get too fucked up and stumble off into the Everglades and get eaten by alligators. Alas, for the record, I was more than willing to gamble. Dog tranquilizers would have been the least harmful intoxicants pumping through my polluted body.

We got inside early enough to eat and catch the last bit of Blind Melon. We found a great spot for Phil Lesh on the left side of the soundboard, close to the beer stand and the toilets.

I had not seen Phil's recent lineup, although I heard several shows that they played over the last few months. The addition of Jackie Greene on vocals and guitar gave Phil and Friends a much-needed shot in the arm. Maybe it was adding all the new youthful blood to the mix, including Steve Molitz from Particle on keyboards. His sound mixed in well with John Molo on drums and Larry Campbell (from Bob Dylan's band) on guitar.

Phil Lesh played two sets in his four hour slot to close out Langerado. I've seen Phil and Friends enough to know that they are often hit or miss. I caught dozens of different lineups with Page, Trey, and Steve Kimock, with Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring, and with John Scofield and Rob Barraco. Phil's recent lineup is one of the most energetic and fluid sounding. I was more than impressed and they surpassed expectations.

At one point GRob said, "Phil is making Michael Stipe look like an idiot."

Its true. Lesh was just a week shy of his 68th birthday and he blew REM away. He joined the Grateful Dead (then called The Warlocks) in 1965 when he was just 25. I'm sure he never expected to be playing forty years later. But heck, even with a liver transplant, prostate cancer, and all the damage that he did to his body from living on the road all those decades and surviving the drug-addled 60s, Lesh still managed to bring his A-game and close out Langerado with a stunning set.

You can download the Phil Lesh show by clicking here courtesy of You will not be disappointed.

Lesh opened with a crowd favorite of Sugar Magnolia before segueing into another Dead classic, Uncle John's Band, which lyricists Robert Hunter had written about Jerry Garcia over four decades ago.

They kicked it into gear for an upbeat Cumberland Blues. Larry Campbell busted out the fiddle for Gone Wanderin' as they segued back into a Cumberland Blues Reprise. They closed the set with a tasty Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower sandwich.

During setbreak, the video screen played some sort of Rock the Vote video. Plenty of musicians from the community spoke like Murph from STS9 and Trey Anastasio. Whenever Trey appeared, he got a few whistles and light applause from the crowd. The Joker kept screaming at him, "Trey, you're a junkie!"

When Murph appeared, the Joker shouted, "Speak like a white boy, Murph!"

After shouting at the video screen for five straight minutes, the Joker said, "I think the drugs have kicked in."

I concurred.

The first hour of the second set was some of my favorite playing in all of Langerado. They opened with a cheerful China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider. They followed that up with a smooth version of New Speedway Boogie which took an unexpected turn when they segued into a cover of Bob Dylan's Hard Rain's Gonna Fall.

Lesh didn't write too many songs for the Grateful Dead, but one of his contributions included Unbroken Chain, which they played and for the first few minutes, I could not recall the name of the song. They ended the set with a sizzling Viola Lee Blues. That made me miss Pigpen. It also made me miss Jerry. If he lived for another decade, I wondered how many festivals both The Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band would have headlined.

Lesh encored with Casey Jones, which was an anti-cocaine song written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter and one of my favorite Dead tunes of all time. I was fortunate to see a groovy show. Phil Lesh and Friends was the perfect dessert to a lengthy and luxurious feast of music, which lasted for four days. And, I got to share the original experience with some good friends.

Festivals are never perfect and you encounter a slew of problems no matter how prepared you think you are. Most of the time, you have to go with the flow and make your own fun. The music is just one aspect of the festival. We didn't let the weather or the crappy set from REM bring us down. I caught a few gems like New Mastersounds, Beastie Boys, Thievery Corporation, Dark Star Orchestra, and Phil Lesh. We also got into lots of random hijinks which also enhance the festival experience.

I survived the day without any problems and had a little bit of energy left over. I would need that when we returned to the campground and we engaged in the now infamous ice cooler bet. I had an edge. I was one of the most wasted and impervious to all sorts of pain. For example, my feet didn't hurt, nor did my bum knee after four days of walking, dancing, and running rampant through Langerado. Even the fire ant bites didn't bother me a bit. I was in that rare place where I felt bulletproof. Lucky for me, I didn't seriously hurt myself. Although, I'd get a ton of street cred if I lost a finger due to frostbite incurred during a prop bet with Otis.

* * * * *

Check out my other recaps Day 1 and Day 2 & 3.

Don't forget about my Langerado photos.

Langerado Videos - The JamCruise Disco Tent

Here we are partying it up in the Disco Tent after REM.

Click thru to Phish blog to view the video via RSS...

New Mastersounds - Langerado Video

Here's a bit of the New Mastersounds set on Friday at Langerado....

Click thru to Phish blog to view the video via RSS...

Pauly's Langerado Videos - Taxi Ride and The RV

Here are a couple of non-music videos. They fall more under the Langerado lifestyle category.

The first is a glimpse of our RV...

Click thru to Phish Blog to view the videos via RSS....

The second video covers a taxi ride from the RV camp to the front gate...

Click thru to Phish blog to view the videos via RSS....

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Pauly's Langerado Recap - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 & 3: The 45 Hour Bender

By Pauly

It had been a while since I embarked on a bender of epic proportions. My future music schedule looks bleak because I have to work in Las Vegas for two months this summer, which means I miss out on all of the festival goodness this season. With that in mind, I was on a mission to rage as hard as I could at Langerado. Since I had to drive last year to attend Langerado, we didn't get as crazy as we could have in past years.

I never intended on staying up for two days. It just happened. I was on a natural high as well as a manufactured one. The combination fueled me for Day 2 and 3 of Langerado.

Friday began when I woke up in the RV. Our group was almost complete, minus Uncle Ted who was scheduled to arrive in the early afternoon. Like a post-modern MacGuyver, Otis rumbled through various cabinets and storage spaces in the RV gathering the necessary items to cook breakfast. While he fired up the stove, I wandered over to my rental car which was parked a five minute walk away. On my way there, I heard someone shouting my name. It was Wilkins, an old friend from college who lived in South Carolina. He had camped out in the row next to mine and spotted me wandering by. I actually had gotten lost and walked down the wrong row. It was easy to do stuff like that at Langerado. Not too many landmarks, and after a night of heavy partying, every camp spot looked the same.

I caught up with Wilkins for a bit and he told me that some dude came through the camp site that morning with industrial insecticide and blasted several of the fire ant hills. I wondered if a group of spun out wookies jumped the exterminator and stole his chemicals to spray on their bud for some super duper insecticide headies.

I gathered up a bunch of stuff from the car and decided to leave the majority of my gear in there because space was limited in the RV. I forgot that I bought a cheap plastic bong from a head shop in Pompano Beach and brought that with me. As soon as I got back to the RV, my breakfast was patiently waiting for me to devour it. Otis whipped up a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit for everyone. Delicious.

We sat out in front of the RV and enjoyed being outside while sipping drinks and cocktails. We studied the schedule and plotted a strategy for the day. Pablo texted me. He arrived the night before and wanted to meet up inside the showgrounds.

Wilkins and his crew left the campsite early to check out School of Rock All Stars, which was kids that were musical prodigies. I was interested, but couldn't get motivated. Our crew finally took the twenty plus minute walk from the RV to the security check point in the showgrounds. We bumped into Pablo, who was waiting in line to get in. My primary mission for the day was complete. Pablo has been found. All we were waiting for was... Uncle Ted... who had called to say that he arrived in Ft. Lauderdale.

We caught a bit of Indigenous, a blues band from North Dakota with a tight sound. Pablo and I had a tough decision between Ozomatli and Sam Bush. That's always the hardest aspect about seeing festivals with multiple stages. At some point, you will have to skip a band that you really like in favor of a band that you have never seen before or rarely get to see.

We went with Sam Bush because Otis really wanted to see him. I had seen Ozomatli almost a dozen times, but only caught Sam Bush once or twice before. Bush was known as the King of Newgrass and a founding member of the New Grass Revival, before they broke up. Bush a played both the fiddle and mandolin, depending on the tune. Otis had a photo pass and was able to get in the photographers pit. He published several high quality pictures of Sam Bush over at his Flickr page.

Sam Bush courtesy of Otis

I heard a Santana tease in one of the first songs and the crowd dug it. During the third or fourth song, one of BTreotch's friends found the Joker. BTroetch was in Antarctica on a work assignment and was unable to attend. The Joker and I were one group of friends that he had and there was another group of his friends from Tampa who were at the show that we had never met before. That group included a cute bubbly girl with red hair. Uncle Ted later nicknamed her... Strawberry Shortcake. It stuck.

Strawberry Shortcake had read all about our previous exploits on the Phish and music blog. In short, she was a fan and super excited to finally meet us and hang out. I met tons of fans through my poker scribblings. It happens so much now (even outside of Las Vegas) that it's become an inside joke among my friends. However, those moments rarely happen outside of poker, so I was excited to get recognition for some of my music writing.

When Sam Bush ended, Strawberry Shortcake left and headed to see The Wailers. We caught some of The Heavy Pets, a folksy-blues-reggae band based out of Ft. Lauderdale. We didn't stay because we were headed to the New Mastersounds, who were filling in for Vampire Weekend.

I was curious about Vampire Weekend. BTroetch turned me onto them. Some of their stuff annoyed me, while a few other tracks hooked me in. Vampire Weekend is the indie-band-celeb-du-jour and is on the iPod of every hipster from Park Slope to Silver Lake. They were supposed to be playing on Friday afternoon, but backed out at the last minute and "big timed" Langerado. A rare chance play Saturday Night Live came their way and the band (or most likely their management team) chose that precious gig instead of playing at Langerado. I really can't blame them... SNL is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The good thing about Vampire Weekend's absence was that New Mastersounds stepped in and played in their spot (in addition to their normally scheduled Saturday slot). They were one of my new favorite bands which I had never seen before. I was eager to check out the British funk quartet.

New Mastersounds

New Mastersounds played at the Chickee Swamp. The ground was still squishy even though they attempted to spread hay all over the place. Since the schedules still had Vampire Weekend on the bill, not too many people knew that New Mastersounds were playing instead. The result? A small and intimate crowd. I started up in the front row and slowly moved back a bit. I had a great spot and wondered how many people in the crowd thought that the band was Vampire Weekend?

I recognized a few songs and they played some new stuff. The groovy sounds of New Mastersounds reminded me of Galactic circa 1999. The New Mastersounds also don't jam out as much as Galactic, since their songs are between four and seven minutes in length. They were one of the bands I was excited to see and they did not disappoint.

Strawberry Shortcake got bored with The Wailers and found us at New Mastersounds. When that ended, we headed over to G. Love. He played a few classics like Cold Beverages and teased the theme from Sanford and Son.

At that point Strawberry Shortcake asked, "What's a wookie?"

The Joker clued her in. "A wookie is a long haired, or dreadlocked, unkempt hippie that resemble Chewbacca from Star Wars."

"A female version of a Wookie, is a Wookette. She usually with armpits hairier than mine," I added.

I told her Strawberry Shortcake that I used to be a hippie with wookie tendencies when I lived in Seattle.

We caught a bit of 311 before we left the showgrounds and headed back to the RV. When we returned, Uncle Ted had arrived and was cooking up Bratwursts for dinner. He originally intended on taking the Langerado shuttle from the airport, but ended up renting a car with a couple that he met at the airport. That got him into Langerado quicker and I have no idea how he found our spot in the RV lot.

After some partying at the RV, we went back inside for The Roots. We picked them over The Mickey Hart Band. Aside from Bob Weir, Mickey Hart is my least favorite member of The Dead. I've seen him enough times that it was an easy decision to skip his set.

The Roots played a eerie rendition of Bob Dylan's Masters of War. GRob and Mrs GRob saw them perform it at Bonnaroo last year.

Strawberry Shortcake found us before the Beastie Boys set and we didn't go up too close. We had a nice area with lots of room to dance. Plus it was within fifteen feet of a beer stand. That made Otis happy.

The Beastie Boys played a sensational set. They were among the highlights at Langerado. I've been listening to them since I was in the 9th grade almost twenty years ago. They still have bundles of energy and can work a crowd into a frenzy.

I had been working up a solid buzz all afternoon courtesy of the mushrooms. When the Beasties began, I was soaring. Very high. Like four feet off the ground. And I was in for a treat because I kept going up and up and up...

I noticed how overloaded my senses were during Sure Shot. At one point during the second verse, I found myself dancing like a maniac in between Mrs. Otis and two hippie chicks wearing butterfly wings.

My favorite part of the set was Root Down and Rhymin' and Stealin'. The crowd was receptive and soaking up all of the positive vibes that the Beasties emitted. They closed the set with a frantic Body Movin' and a bong rattling So What'cha Want. They took a short break and played a three song encore of Intergalactic, Ch-Check It Out, and Sabotage.

During the set, one spun out hippie kid asked Mrs. Otis if he could have a kiss. She pointed to his friend and said, "Why don't you kiss him?" They were so wasted that they almost starting making out. In my notebook, I scribbled down a note that said, "Mrs. Otis has a future in directing porn."

At Midnight, some of the crew headed back to the RV. The Joker, Strawberry Shortcake and I headed to the ferris wheel to meet up with Joseph Broseph, another one of BTreotch's friends. He brought a sign with him that said, "Greetings Palmer Station Antarctica." That's where BTreotch was stationed.

We had a choice of three bands for Friday late night. Unfortunately, Umphrey McGee's lost the battle and we skipped them in favor of splitting time between Phix and STS9.

Phix is one of the best Phish cover bands that I have ever seen. They were not playing anymore, any only reunited especially for Langerado, since Phish had played at the same spot for their Millennium concert.

We caught almost ninety minutes of Phix. They opened with PYITE > Moma Dance and I was digging the sound. It's not Phish. If Phish is heroin, then Trey Band is Methadone. And Phix is like generic Oxycontin.

I kept getting flashbacks from the millennium show. So were a lot of other phans in the crowd. We missed Phish, but they are never coming back.

Phix pulled Destiny Unbound out of nowhere and it was a kick ass version. Never saw that coming.

We headed over to STS9 and awaited for the mothership to blast off. I can recognize different STS9 songs, but I couldn't tell you the name of most of them. Their set was solid. Uncle Ted managed to find us by the soundboard. He had been road weary after traveling from Boston earlier that day. He wanted to bail and mentioned something about a storm that was coming. I left with him and we managed to get a taxi back to the RV set up. I filmed a lot of stuff from the back of the golf cart, but it was too dark and did not come out.

Uncle Ted crashed and I went to take a dump. The RV had a "No #2 policy" which meant I could pee inside but had to shit elsewhere. Nothing is harder than taking a dump in a port-o-pttie when you are tripping. I managed to squeeze one out, despite the obvious obstacles and auditory hallucinations. When I returned to the RV, The Joker was passed out. I was wide awake and headed to the rental car. I called Nicky and told her about the Beasties.

Then it started to rain. Badly. A downpour quickly developed and the kids next to us ran out of their tents and sought refuge in their cars. The wind was so intense that it blew a few tents right over. I was trapped in my vehicle for three hours between 3:30 and 6:30 as a mini-hurricane trashed the area.

During that time, I uploaded photos from my camera to my laptop, smoked up, ate a couple of Cliff bars, and listened to a Dead bootleg. I tried to sleep, but got freaked out because I could not figure out how to turn off the interior lights. I was afraid it would drain the battery. All of that anxiety kept me up. When I figured out how to turn it off, the rain had stopped and the sun slowly broke out.

At 6:30, a young hippie girl named Dahlia saw that I had the windows open and wandered by.

"Do you know how to break into a car?" she asked.

"Besides smashing the window?"

"Yeah, besides that," she said. "I locked myself in."

I walked back to her car. A young wookie in training with only two baby dreads growing, frantically wiggled a hangar back and forth to open up the door. He gave up and smoked a bowl, while I took a crack. I got close a couple of times, but couldn't get a good grip. We must have tried to get in for almost ninety minutes before we gave up. I told her to look for the Mounties who could tell her what to do. She didn't want to have to pay $50 for someone to jimmy her door, but had no choice.

Around 8:30am, I headed back to the RV. Everyone was up and Otis was making breakfast biscuits. Deja vu.

We spent a lot of time in and around the RV on Saturday morning. We drank as the Joker played DJ. We studied the schedule and made decisions on who to see. We split up into two groups. Otis and Mrs. Otis headed to Railroad Earth, while the rest of us checked out The Bad Plus, a jazz-pop trio. 2/3 of them were from Minnesota and they formed in NYC. The Bad Plus consisted of a drummer, bassist, and a piano player. They are each excellent musicians and they won me over very quickly when they covered Rush's Tom Sawyer and put their unique angle to it.

Everyone was reunited for The Wood Brothers and they did not disappoint. They covered both Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles and played a lot of their original material. Next up was another delicious set from New Mastersounds. We left early to catch the end of The Avett Brothers set, but they had canceled at the las minute. With nothing of interest to see, we headed back to the RV and partied.

That's when we saw the fight. A woman was screaming at the top of her lungs. Across the way, she and her boyfriend where pushing each other. We couldn't make out when she was screaming. She bitch-slapped him once, and followed that up with rapid punches to his face. We were stunned. It appeared as though he was going to unleash a flurry of punches on her. Instead, the guy had some remarkable restraint. Instead of hitting her, he smashed himself in the head three times extremely hard with a water bottle. I thought it was a drug deal gone bad. Mrs. Otis said it had to do with affairs of the heart.

"He must have slipped and dipped his doodle in some other girl," suggested Mrs. Otis. "You only get that angry if someone cheats on you."

The couple made up as fast as they had their joust. Just like that , it was over. Hippies in love once again.

It was time to put on the tuxedo jackets. Otis discovered them online. The Joker and I wanted to see Thievery Corporation, alas, the others were not into them. We agreed to meet up for MSMW at 8pm.

With out tuxes on, we flagged a taxi who drove us into the show. We got tons of odd looks. Some people had no idea what to make of it, while others thought it was the coolest thing ever. We definitely caught the eyes of several cute hippie chicks who could not stop commenting on how swanky we looked. We even stopped a took photos with people who asked.

We caught the end of Antibalas' set. Good stuff. I was impressed with Thievery Corporation and we saw almost the entire set before we met up with Pablo, Strawberry Shortcake, and the rest of the gang.

Medeski, Martin, and Wood collaborates with guitar player John Scofield in a lineup called MSMW. I'm a big fan of that mix and had high expectations of their set. It was one of the acts that I was dying to see. They opened up with a smooth Little Walter Rides Again. But the rest of the set was just above average. If I went in with lower expectations, i would have not been disappointed. As is, I was.

So when Uncle Ted said, "Hey let's leave early to get a good spot for REM!" Well, no one objected. Not even me.

It was a horrible idea. The REM stage area was empty and it was wet and cold and freezing. The tuxes looked nice, but they were not warm. We sat around for fifteen minutes wishing that we were back over at MSMW.

"Uncle Ted and his fuckin' crappy 1980s bands," I kept screaming.

REM came on ten minutes late. Fuckers. They opened up with a lukewarm What's the Frequency Kenneth. They played a lot of new material off their new album Accelerate and I was not into the show. The band sounded great, but they did not get any chance to open up a song or solo. What we got were short slow morose songs with lots of Michael Stipe banter in between singing them.

"I'm too happy to listen to this depressing music," said Mrs. GRob.

GRob and the misses was not into the set. He left to take a piss and they never came back! I didn't blame them. Michael Stipe was whining and preaching and annoying and condescending to the crowd. The hippies were on his side of the fence, but he had no clue. They were freaks too and understood the inner pain and emotional turmoil that plagued Stipe for three decades. They overlooked all of that bullshit and just want to dance to the music. Instead, an aging pop star from the 1980s and an overrated MTV-dubbed music video genius of the 1990s preached to the soused choir instead of singing with them. Alas, Stipe shot himself in the foot whenever he opened up his mouth.

I was tired. I was wet. I was cold. The drugs had worn off. I was bored. I was starving for music. Real music. None of that pseudo-pop bullshit that Stipe was force feeding the spun out and half-baked audience. I made a command decision. I left REM and headed back to the RV to get warmer clothing, and to save my sanity. I was worried that all of the crazed acid freaks and spun out wookies were going to charge the stage and pummel Stipe like a fish's first night in prison, then afterwards they'd burn Stipe at the stake chanting, "This is the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine!"

I was running for my life, I thought, and sprinted out of the showgrounds. I slowed down my pace when I got outside, but was quickly swarmed by dealers on Shakedown Street. When you wear funny colored glasses and a white tuxedo right out of 1977, you get a lot of attention. I was giving off that vibe... "I like drugs. I'll snort anything." Because everyone who had anything in Langerado had stopped me. I was cold and didn't have time to shop around.

One big black guy who looked like Refrigerator Perry nearly tackled me and offered me yay-yo.

"Do I look like someone who needs coke?" I said trying to brush him off.

"How about opium? Or heroin?"

"No thanks," I said. "I'm high on Jesus."

And a fist full of other intoxicants.

I took my time and got a warm jacket. I returned to REM just in time for the encore. I missed a lot of Stipe's bullshit and he managed to avoid getting tossed into the Everglades and left for alligator food. REM was the lowlight of Langerado.

Midnight. We had a choice... keep on partying with the Disco Biscuits or back to the RV. Bisco was playing until 4am so we figured that we could go back to the RV and party for an hour, put on warmer clothes, then catch the last three hours or so of Bisco. That was the plan until we heard Michael Jackson'svoice.

"Keep on with the force. Don't stop. Don't stop til you get enough!" echoed from a the JamCruise tent which blasted the music.

We wandered inside and it was a mini-dance party. We were perfectly dressed for the occasion. Some of the people in the tent thought that we were part of the entertainment. We managed to get a spot right up in front and danced for a few songs. The tuxedos were a chick magnet. The Joker was freaked by one chick who liked to point when she danced.

The only Asian woman in the entire festival with fake books managed to hone right in on Uncle Ted. She threw her leg up on his shoulder and started using him as a stripper pole. I wish I was a little faster with the camera and caught that bizarre moment.

That's when Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot rushed in and screamed, "Thank you for coming to my wedding reception! I love you all!"

As Otis wrote, we were the party. The tent was rocking before we arrived, but we managed to raise the roof off the fucker. That was my favorite part of Langerado. Well, one of them. There were so many, but that special moment will always keep me warm on cold depressing nights.

* * * * *

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