Sunday, July 30, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 8 - 7/30/17 Night 8 - JIMMIES

DONUT: Jimmies

Never miss a Sunday show in NYC, eh? Harpua on deck. Izabella?

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Here's what you missed on Sunday...
Phish, Baker's Dozen Night 8 - 7.30.17 MSG, NYC

Set 1: The Curtain With > Runaway Jim, Waking Up Dead, Esther, Home, Brian and Robert, Nellie Kane, Col. Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > David Bowie

Set 2: Drowned, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Harpua > 2001 > Golgi, In the Good Old Summer Time

E: The Wind Cries Mary**

**debut, FTP

420-Word Recap: NIGHT 8 JIMMIES
by @taopauly

Sunday Donut: Jimmies... We called them Sprinkles in NYC, but New Englanders called them Jimmies... Never miss a Sunday show, but this was definitely a weary crowd, especially for the lucky ones raging their 8th show in a row... I felt my age for the first time all run on Sunday morning with an achy body, but knew I had the next day off, so I kicked into overdrive... Found @LawnMemo, who sported a tuxedo for his 100th show... Had a solo ticket in 101. Sat with fun crew of San Francisco burnsters (hipster+burners)... Curtain With opener set the table for an old-school first set... Runaway Jim first nod to Jimmies theme... Waking Up Dead the lone turd in the entire show. Alpha-femme burnster said, "I have nothing but gratitude and love for Phish, but that was Waking Up Meh!"... Esther bustout. That is Phish's equivalent to St. Stephen in that the Dead dropped it from the rotation because it was too hard to play. Only 9th Esther since Trey's birthday in Vegas 2000... Noticeable mini-jam at end of Home... Forbin's > Mockingbird revealed "The Walrus was Jimmy"... Patient Bowie closed out the first frame... Set 2 blasted off with 40 minutes of Drowned > ASIHTOS... Got lost in Drowned jam no less than four times. Brown donuts from the previous night had not worn off. Drowned jam glazed with astral psychedelia... More sideways jamming in ASIHTOS. Shit got dark and dirty as a wave of dissonance swept across the stage... Everyone anticipated a Harpua cameo at Baker's Dozen. MSG's roof rattled at the opening notes. Harpua centered around Trey and Gordo sitting down to discuss the "universe is a donut" shtick. Thought they'd squeeze in a few Jimmy/Jimi covers in Harpua, but instead kept it short and sweet before veering off into a space odyssey... Excepted Phish to save 2001 for a space-themed night, but it snugly fit with Harpua/donut universe concept... Golgi energy booster, like they needed to get the crowd any more jacked up?... A capella Summertime closed the set... Which Hendrix cover would we get? Instead of Axis: Bold As Love or Fire, Phish debuted The Wind Cries Mary to close up the Jimmies theme. After exploring the farthest corners of the universe in set 2, spaceship Phish touched back down to Earth with a mellow and soothing rendition of Mary... Echoing the words of my new Burnster friends from SF, "Gratitude. Nothing but gratitude!"... 8 down, 5 more to go.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 7 - 7/29/17 Night 7 - CINNAMON

DONUT: Cinnamon

Saturday night space dance party?

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Here's what you missed...

Phish, Baker's Dozen Night 7 - 7.29.17 MSG, NYC 

Set 1: Llama, Wilson > Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Ya Mar, Tela, The Birds > The Line, Water in the Sky, Vultures, Train Song, Horn, I Am the Walrus

Set 2: Blaze On > Twenty Years Later > Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues > Meatstick > Dirt > HOOD

E: Cinnamon Girl

420-Word Recap: NIGHT 7 CINNAMON
by @taopauly

Saturday donut: Cinnamon... Pre-party in Wildo's baller glass suite a couple blocks from MSG... Saturday night NYC. Most fingers in the air thus far in front of MSG. Seemed like hundreds of desperate heads were in dire need. Floors were going for $500... Picked a perfect night for liquid sunshine when a pre-show warning echoed through MSG: "The brown donuts circulating around us are not good. Stay away from the brown donuts. Do not eat the brown donuts!" My French pal Benjo asked about the announcement and I explained the Woodstock reference and the supposed-bad brown acid that was going around... I knew Benjo got wasted when he stopped speaking English and only spoke French; I knew I was super-wasted when I understood every word... Sloppy Llama kicked off hyper-psychedelia show... Sat behind stage with Colorado girls in donut dresses who dubbed themselves the Sloppy Sisters... Thunderous jammed-out Wilson in the 2-hole... Benjo got his first YaMar... Things got weird during Tela when walls melted and CK5's lights were vibrant colors not found in the Crayola box... The Birds attacked whatever brain cells I had left... By Vultures, I was completely faced spun-cookies... Lost my mud at opening notes to I Am the Walrus. Beatles' cover closed the set. The Pet Cat samples spooked the shit out of me and "Everybody smokes pot" loop got stuck in my head... I feared the lights coming on and knew it was gonna be a rough setbreak. The worst thing about getting super spun is running into enthusiastic Phish nerds who want to dissect every moment of show when all I can say is "Brrrfugggahhkkklaccccjagag agaga aga gaga Leo!"... 23-min Blaze On kicked off the second set. Got lost too many times to count during sideways schizo-jam that got dark and nasty... Saturday had bunch of rare tunes like old school Alumni Blues > Jimmy Page. Trey insisted that Gordo play his bass, and he ripped off a weirdo-art-freak solo, while the two had a man-love-erotic moment... Colorado friend said she evaluated her life during set 2 and considered becoming a vegetarian, but changed her mind when Meatstick began... Crowd lapped up Mt. HOOD. Peaks within peaks and an in-your-face Mountain Jam tease that induced goosebumps... Another Neil Young cover. Everyone expected Cinnamon Girl and the boys delivered on the only themed-song of Night 7.... Finally reached mid-way point. Seven down, 6 more to go.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 6 - 7/28/17 Night 6 - DOUBLE CHOCOLATE

DONUT: Double Chocolate

The second weekend of Baker's Dozen commenced with Night 6 of the 13-show run at MSG.

The remainder of the MSG run will be webcast at LivePhish.

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Here's what went down on Friday night....

Phish, Baker's Dozen Night 6 - 7.28.17 MSG, NYC 

Set 1: Chocolate Rain**, Ass Handed, Free, Weigh > Undermind, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, The Dogs, Destiny Unbound, Divided Sky, Things People Do, Sand

Set 2: Have Mercy, Chalkdust > You Sexy Thing** > Mercury > You Sexy Thing > Backwards Down the Number Line > Rock & Roll

E: Fee, Space Oddity^

**debut, FTP
^ performed a capella

by @taopauly

Friday donut: Double Chocolate... Sat behind the stage with Benjo. We had first row, which the lovely @change100 pulled via Ticketbastard... Hovered over Page and his rig all night. I had to ignore any fears about dancing like a mollified moron on the webcast and becoming meme-worthy (and not in a good way)... Covers were anticipated to compliment donut themes at Baker's Dozen, but I didn't expect a viral YouTube video would pop up on the radar of Phish. Alas, one of the truly infamous viral vids, Chocolate Rain, got the Phish-cover treatment on Night 6 when Phish kicked off their Friday show with an a capella version of it. Bonus choreography!... Fishman stayed out front and unleashed Ass Handed... Free always sounds bad ass at MSG, especially when the ground below you bounces... Rare Weigh and many friends got their first one ever, or first one in almost a decade or more... Oh Kee Pa stand-alone with no Suzy hump seg... Went deep into bag of tricks with Destiny Unbound... Indoor versions of Divided Sky are special, particularly when surrounded by skyscrapers. Crowd lapped up the pause peaks... Saw Page with shit-eating grin while he sang Things People Do. Leo loves it. And he spends time stalking Phishy chicks on Pintrest when he's not VIPing it up in the Meat Packing District with James Murphy... Sand set closer? Talk about a nifty curveball... Sometimes you get a little excited, but lil sloppy with the bustouts. Have Mercy is the perfect example... Bad-ass Chalkdust raced past the 20-min mark and almost clocked in at 25 before Trey started the opening licks to what I thought was gonna be PYITE. Nope. We got a cover instead: Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. For years I thought Tom Jones sang the original, but it was one of those one-hit wonder bands from yesteryear. Gordo crushed the vocals, lipstick and all... Trey ripcorded the funk jam out for a self-indulgent Backwards. I'm always irked when it starts, but I'm singing along by the end. They always suck me in... Leo the Lion destroys covers, especially the Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll. Usually it's a set 2 opener, but Phish closed out the show with this one. Anytime Leo sings it's an instant panties dropper... Fucking Fee encore? Trey picked up the megaphone and the crowd went apeshit.... Space Oddity capped off the double-dip encore for the double chocolate show... 6 down, 7 more to go.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 5 - 7/26/17 Night 5 - POWDER

DONUT: Powdered

How do you follow up Jam Tuesday? With Traditional powdered sugar. Insert your cocaine jokes here ____. So many cover possibilities.

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Here's what you missed for Night 5....

Phish, Baker's Dozen Night 5 - 7.26.17 MSG, NYC 

Set 1: White Winter Hymnal**^, Cars Trucks Buses, My Soul, Roses Are Free, The Very Long Fuse, Gumbo, Yarmouth Road, Pebbles and Marbles, Farmhouse, Tube

Set 2: Carini > Mr. Completely > 1999 > Steam, No Quarter, ZERO

E: Powderfinger**

**Debut, FTP
^ performed a capella

420-Word Recap: NIGHT 5 POWDERED
by @taopauly

Wednesday donut: Powdered... Page-side, fourth row off the floor... Took my French bud Benjo for third show in a row... Benjo digs the Fleet Foxes and he recognized opening song by the second lyric! Another a capella cover for the opener. White Winter Hymnal kicked off the Powder theme. I finally found a way to turn stalwart hipster friends onto Phish... Gordo rocked a nuclear-waste-green scarf and lipstick. Between Fleet Foxes and Gordo's scarf, it was gonna be a weird night from the get go... Page's MVP-performance highlighted Tuesday Jam night. His abundant confidence spilled over into Wednesday with a Cars Trucks Buses... My Soul old swampy blues cover provided vivid flashbacks from 1997... Third cover in four song with a quickie Roses Are Free. Weener got few more bucks to replenish his blow fund... GUMBO is one of my top 3 favorite songs (with Slave & Tube). Faaaaaded Gumbo. Garcon Gumbo railing Valium again... Benjo noted Farmhouse sounded like Marley. My first Farmhouse was MSG 98 and I thought it was an obscure Marley cover... Another jammed out Tube! Second-longest ever clocking in at 14+ min. I didn't bother to time it, because knew it would hit the OVER... Carini > Mr. Completely = 30 min 1-2 punch that launched the second set, which was chocked full of 7 Below teases... Carini didn't get too dark. Remained somewhat light and happy-ish. Carini finally saw a shrink, who prescribed him Wellbutrin... Mr. Completely Deemsters? Crystal-wooks behind us blasted off during Mr. C... 1999 appeared out of nowhere. Thought Trey would ripcord Mr. C jam to play Light, but then Page kicked in the synths and shit blew up. Floor extra bouncey. I saw 12/31/98 NYE show and everyone knew 1999 was coming sometime that evening. But last night's 1999? Never saw it coming... Nod to Prince was also a cheeky reference to the nose-candy flake-addled days backstage with Betty Ford... A 1999>2001 woulda blown the roof off the Garden. Alas, no 2001 but we got another Zeppelin cover. No Quarter always kicks my ass. Page slays covers, while Trey/Fish can pay homage to their personal heroes... Phish encored with Powderfinger to cap off the cover-heavy evening. Everyone in my section went nuts, particularly the older Deadheads rocking "Let Trey Sing" shirts...  Oh and the DMT Crystal-wooks blasted off one last time. I got digital with the contact high... 5 down, 8 more to go.


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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 4 - 7/25/17 Night 4 - JAM FILLED


I was walking out of the Garden after Sunday's show when Phish announced Tuesday's donut: JAM FILLED. Jam? JAM?!?!? The official description is: "mini honey dipped donuts with raspberry jam in center". How would the jam-centric night turn out? Kick out the jams muthafuckers? Old-school Fall 97 sets with 3-4 tunes per set? A solo-monster jam per set (e.g. Woostah Jim, Mud Island Tweezer, Tahoe Tweezer, PVD Bowie)? How about Trey wrapping a flannel shirt around his waist and climbing CK5's new light rig so he could stage dive into the dudes in the front row while singing?

The entire MSG run will be webcast at LivePhish. Check Terrapin Radio for any audio feeds.

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Here's what you missed for Night 4....
Phish, Baker's Dozen Nigh 4 - 7/25/17, MSG, NYC

Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Lawn Boy > My Friend, My Friend, Stash, GIN

Set 2: Fuego > Thread, Crosseyed and Painless > Makisupa Policeman > End of Session** > Tuesday, Cavern

E: Julius > Lawn Boy

**debut, FTP


I never fluff shows, but Night 4 was among sickest shows I caught in 3.0 (and I saw over 200+ since 2009, derp). It's up there with Fuck Your Face and Vegas Halloween... Lawn Boy and Crosseyed and Painless were the monster-double-dong-jams of the night... Had not seen a show stuffed with multi-dimensional jamming since 2004... Guy next to me was only one in building unaware of the jam donut theme. He went berserk in the first set screaming, "They're playing 10:30 jams at 8 o'clock!"... I got his gist. I was second-set schwilly before 8:30 and wasn't the only one. Phish announced the jam show on Sunday Midnight, so everyone pretty much dug in whatever psychedelics they had stashed away, or decided to eat their weekend drugs on Tuesday. Or for the usual party peops, they simply doubled down for jam Tuesday... Entire section behind stage blocked out by a black curtain. Weekday shows didn't sell like the weekend ones, and we know how Phish liked to punish its phans who skipped shows (e.g. SLC 98, Boise 99)... Benjo and I had seats in the last row of Sec 102, or dead center... No donut-jam-themed covers, just Phish... Five-song first set. Like the blurry Oxy years, except Trey's sober chakras cultivated waaaay happier jams and nowhere near as dark and sinister... Page is the emotional center of Phish. When Page is on, then it's gonna be a sick show. When Page is overflowing with confidence (a.k.a Leo the Lion), he transforms into a beast. Peak confidence from empowered Page all night. Hope it sticks... Lawn Boy launched into the cosmos when Page whipped out his keytar after Gordo's solo... Midway thru LB jam, CK's new lights became sentient. Phish unlocked something/leveled up and lights became their own entity... During Fuego, the phalanx of lights talked to me, but I didn't get freaked out until they said, "We've always been haven't been listening!"... Thread = bette noire of the show. Only there to give Fish a breather before another astral journey with Crosseyed... Crosseyed mind-fuck-jam unlocked another level... Makisupa jammin' mon... Talk about deep cuts: End of Session... Trey said never miss a Tuesday show... Julius = 13th song of  N4, something Nic pointed out as soon as it end... Finishing Lawn Boy was the cherry on top of the jamilicious sundae... Dunno how they gonna top that one. Four down, nine to go.


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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 3 - 7/23/17 Night 3 - RED VELVET

DONUT: Red Velvet

The third night of the MSG Baker's Dozen fell on a Sunday. You know the saying... yadda yadda yadda. With Red Velvet as the daily donut, plenty of speculation with potential Velvet Underground covers and other red-themed tunes.

The entire run will be webcast on LivePhish. Check Terrapin Radio for any Mixlr audio feeds.

For additional Baker's Dozen coverage, follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter for "weather permitting" updates. For some setlist art, follow. @CoventryMusic on Instagram.

Here's what you missed for Night 3...
Phish, Bakers Dozen Night 3 -7.23.17 MSG, NYC

 Set 1: Sunday Morning**, Axilla, Your Pet Cat, Back on the Train, How Many People Are You, Glide, Theme, It's Ice, More

Set 2: AC/DC Bag > Wolfman's Brother > Twist > Waves > Miss You, Boogie On, Velvet Sea

E: Sweet Jane

**Debut, FTP

420-Word Recap: NIGHT 3 RED VELVET
by @taopauly

Sunday Donut: Red Velvet... Which Velvet Underground covers would we get? Any other red-themed tunes?... Velvet curveball with Sunday Morning opener. Fish dressed up like the Pope and dosed the crowd the "holy water"... Does Fish shit in the woods?... I had to work after first 2 shows, so Sunday first night I could really let loose and party. Although, my source dried up and we had to call an audible for a last-minute alternative. Rolled the dice with an unreliable source. About 30 mins before showtime, I found my seat and wondered when everything would kick in. That's when I heard the deafening "Pauuuuuuuuuuuuly!" It came from Senor sitting two section over. Ahh yup. Clearly, the hooker molly worked... Benjo stayed up all night, then flew on a 6am flight Vegas>NYC to make his first show of the run... Back on the Train in Benjo's honor... By night 3, the first cracks in the crowd began to show. Thank Pope Fish XIII that we didn't have 13 shows in 13 days...  Sloppy wobbly Glide. Like my schwilly ass... ICE jam took off into unchartered waters. Got lost in another first set jam... Note to self: Trey really loves playing MORE... Never realize how fucked up I am until I walk into the bathroom.... Bag opened second set instead of R&R or another Velvet cover... Wolfman's  transformed into a first-set staple in 3.0, it felt weird to hear it in the second set. Wolfjam featured a couple of (forced) peaks... Twist went sideways from the get go. Jam of the night? Thankfully Big Red did not try to incite woos like your one pathetic friend who's constantly begging for likes... Gordo got sick of Trey's Wolfjam and muscled in on his turf. Gordo unleashed his big guns and entire jam launched into a freakier direction... Quickie Waves... 4Q lull with Miss You... Fatty boombatty Boogie On injected instant ass shaking... Velvet Sea closed out the set. One of the stronger ones I caught, while washed in a velvety-red sea of Kuroda lights... Single encore, but another Velvets cover. This time: Sweet Jane. Hot-hot rendition. Jane either made the show, or saved the show depending on your outlook. She never got as much love as R&R or other LOADED covers. I caught 3/4 previous Janes including Vegas 98 Halloween with Senor and Javier. "It only took me almost 20 years to hear Sweet Jane again!" screamed Senor... 3 down, 10 to go.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 2 - 7/22/17 Night 2 - STRAWBERRY

DONUT: Strawberry

The second night of action at MSG. Following the opening night coconut theme, you should expect some sort of strawberry-related songs in the setlist for the second night.

The entire run will be webcast on LivePhish. Check Terrapin Radio for any Mixlr audio feeds.

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Here's what you missed for Night 2...
Phish, Bakers Dozen Night 2 -7.22.17 MSG, NYC

Set 1: Strawberry Fields Forever**^, Halley's Comet > MOMA > Breath and Burning > Funky Bitch, Mound, Foam, Roggae, COIL

Set 2: DWD, Strawberry Letter 23**, Birds of a Feather, Page EDM > All of These Dreams, MELT > DWD > Shine a Light

E: Peaches en Regalia > Cities, My Sweet One

**Debut, FTP
^performed a capella

Quickie 420-Word Recap: NIGHT 2 STRAWBERRY
by @taopauly

Saturday Strawberry donut... Strawberry Fields loomed but what else?... Back home in LA, Shuggie Otis gets cranked up nonstop. Naturally, my lovely (common law) wife @change100 suggested Phish would debut the Brothers Johnson version of Strawberry Letter 23... Bumped into @LazyLightning55, who gifted me his Strawberry donut! I gifted it to my bud Girtz... A cappela Strawberry Fields Forever opener incited the feisty crowd for N2 kickoff... Halley's thick strawberry goo lyric... MOMA funk-train pulled into Penn Station and flooded MSG. Got lost in the undertow of the jam.... Funky Bitch bombastic Gordo... They remembered how to play Mound... Short and sweet Roggae... COIL ended the set on a LEO-centric night... Found @lawnmemo at setbreak and went to my seats behind stage for set 2... LawnMemo displayed his slick moves on the ladies. Those upstate NY boys are SMOOTH. Phishy chick brought her dressed-up cousin to MSG2. They adored his helmet. Cousin was a deadringer for Real Mafia Housewives of Staten Island. LawnMemo better not get whacked by Vinnie the Tongue for trying to get down & dirty with his girl. Then I'd get clipped too, because you know: NO WITNESSES... DWD peaked in spots I expected a Trey classic ripcord. DWD jam unlocked the next level for Phish. LEVEL UP... LawnMemo totally called Birds. Said it was due up in the rotation and BAM!... Strawberry Letter 23 delivered. Vermontified soul funk brothers... PAGE EDM! All the ravers love it. All the ladies swoon. All the bros say "WTF mate?" Page's new bestie James Murphy approved of his new shirt and EDM-inspired selection. Murphy + 13 Snapchat models (who never ate a donut in their lives) jacked up on ketamolicaine did Guantanamo Bay naked pyramid in Page's dressing room at setbreak... Fishman beastly on Page EDM jam (with Trey on Marimba)... All of These Dreams gave Fish a well-deserved breather after the Page porn soundtrack jam... MELT didn't get too weird, nor to evil... DWD (Reprise)! As LawnMemo pointed out, DWD included another jamming segment... Shine A Light gave me goosebumps. Caught glimpse of what the Stones at MSG in the early 70s would have been like (minus all the pharma-grade blow)... TRIPLE ENCORE? This is why I bitch about Phish cheesing out encores, when they could pull a hat trick out every night... Guess there's no Peaches donut on the schedule?... Cities came out of nowhere. Phish played the Talking Heads' cover for MSG/NYC noobs... My Sweet One capped off the funtastic show... Two down, 11 more to go.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 1 - 7/21/17 Night 1 - COCONUT

DONUT: Coconut

The moment everyone has been waiting for... Phish kicked off the Bakers Dozen run with a Friday night show in NYC.

The entire run will be webcast on LivePhish. Check Terrapin Radio for any Mixlr audio feeds.

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Here's what went down on the opening night...
Phish Baker's Dozen Night 1 - 7.21.17 MSG, NYC

Set 1: Shake Your Coconuts**, Martian Monster, Timber Ho > 555, Pigtail, Halfway to the Moon, Reba, Moonage Daydream, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Tweezer > Seven Below > Billy Breathes > Sparkle, Everything's Right > SLAVE, Suzy Greenberg, Coconut**

E: Mango Song, Good Times Bad Times

** Debut, FTP

Quickie Recap: Night 1 COCONUT
by @taopauly

MSG was always sacred ground for me. Saw my first-ever Dead show at MSG when I was 15 years old. My path never the same since that magical night... Bakers Dozen donut theme out in full force... Felicified's Federal Donuts provided free donuts at entrances (while supplies lasted). I got the next-to-last donut: a specialty coconut... Didn't know how vital the donuts would come into play until show kicked off with a cover of Shake Your Coconut. The boys played off a loose coconut theme all night... Saw N1 with Senor. We followed Phish in Japan 2000 tour. The MSG October 1996 run was the first shows we caught together. Fitting that we returned 21 years later to kick off the Bakers Dozen... Stellar seats three rows behind the stage, hovering between Gordo and Fish... Close up views of CK5's new light rig. Thrilled the LEDs are dunzo... Jittery crowd. Oodles of excitement. Hadn't felt like that frenetic, frantic vibe since 2009... Martian Monster first repeat of the summer tour... Forgot how the floor of MSG bounces... Schwilly jewish girls LOVE Senor... Timber in the 2-hole!... Pigtail = mehtail but they needed to dig deep into their bag of tricks if they don't want to repeat any songs in 13 shows... Party favors kicked in by Reba. Had eyes closed then opened up to see bright red lights and I forgot I was at a Phish show for several minutes... Crowd went berserk for Moonage Daydream. Bowie love early on... Thought they'd open run with Tweezer, but it launched the second set... Seven Below jam of the night?... Spun out chick humped a giant happy face balloon, but the screeching noises were so loud, one of the security guards almost 86d her... Throwback time with Billy Breathes... Senor was the guy screaming at top of his lungs during Sparkle... Everything's Right jam cut short for silky smooth SLAVE. Thought they'd save it for N13. Got my fav tune on N1!... Suzy energy booster set closer...almost... A capella cover of Nilsson's Coconuts bookended the coconut donut theme... Double dip encore! Semi-bustout with Mango Song. Nothing special, but felt like they needed to close out with a smoker. Senor said, "How about that Zepplin tune they play?" And Trey instantly launched into opening riff to Good Times Bad Times... I dunno how many times I saw GTBT at MSG, but Trey ALWAYS smokes the shit out of it... Fun start. Which donut/covers get introduced on Saturday?... One down, 12 more to go. 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Phish Setlist: Pittsburgh, PA 7/19/17

Phish returned to the city of Pittsburgh... the actual city and not the boonies where Burgettstown is located. Can't recall the last time the boys threw down in Pitt...but it's been a while. Another indoor show and the last "warm up" before the circus touches down on Manhattan Island for the Bakers Dozen.

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Thanks to the quality Mixlr streams courtesy of.... mdawg | lvnphish

Here's what you missed at Pitt...
Phish, 7.19.17 Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1: My Soul, NICU, Halley's Comet, Undermind, Divided Sky, Marissa **, Home, Caspian

Set 2: PYITE > Mr. Completely > Mercury > Come Together**, Contact, Axilla > Steam > Backwards

E: Things People Do, BUG, Rocky Top

** Debut, FTP

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Phish Setlist: 7/18/17 Dayton, OH

Phish tour continues. After a three-show run over the weekend in Chicago, Phish sweeps through Ohio and PA for single shows before settling down in NYC for Bakers Dozen. Phish returned to Dayton, Ohio... a seriously special place in the Phish lore.

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Phish is offering a FREE webcast of Dayton. No need to get a Mixlr stream, when they giving you the visual dope for free over at LivePhish.

So what went down in Dayton? Here's what you missed...
Le Phish, 7.18.17 Dayton, OH

Set 1: Tuesday **, PEACHES, Free, Roggae, Sugar Shack, Maze, Horn, Crazy Sometimes ** > 46 Days, JIM

Set 2: DWD > Mountains in the Mist >Waves > Ghost > Wombat > Chalkdust

E: Coil

** Debut, FTP
Watch the free Dayton stream below...


Quickie Couch Tour Review: DWD Dayton-Style
by @taopauly

Another 20+ min jam. For a third straight show, Phish went deep with one of their second set tunes. This is a trend I can definitely get behind. On Saturday night, it was a splendid Simple, then a groove-heavy Carini on Sunday, and now... DWD... The Dayton DWD went deep.... The opener was a an old TAB tune -- Tuesday -- that finally got called up after toiling in the minors for a decade... Peaches was a little sloppy, but we'll take anything we can get... Roggae didn't get too out there... Another debut: Crazy Sometimes. Gordo tune. Weird as fuck, just like Gordo... Six-song second set anchored by Ghost > Wombat > Chalkdust in the 4Q... Silk-smooth Page finished the night off with a Coil encore... Four shows in the books, with one more to go in Pittsburgh before the circus reaches NYC.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Phish Setlist: Chicago 7/16/17 Sunday - Northerly Island

Phish finished their three-night run at Northerly Island in Chicago. First night had three new songs. Saturday included one new tune. What's in store for Sunday? You know the saying about never missing Sunday shows yadda yadda yadda....

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Sunday night in Chicago. Here's what you missed...
Da Phish, 7.16.17 Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Possum, 555, TUBE, Ocelot, Lawn Boy, Stash, The Line, Birds, Funky Bitch, Antelope

Set 2: Carini > 20 Years Later > Piper > Thread **, GIN > 2001 > Cavern

E: Wilson, Zero
** Debut, FTP

Quickie Couch Tour Review: Lumpy Head Sunday
by @taopauly

Final leg of a three-show run at Northerly Island... Sunday Funday delivered oodles of fun, plus another debut and another big jam: Carini. The 20-min version is all you need to listen to today to get you fired up abut Bakers Dozen... In the first set, the chatty Chadtastic Chicago crowd got treated to a 6-minute Tube. Short and sweet, but the cow-funk-mongers squeezed as much as they could into that stretchy-pants funk... Carini anchored the Chicago finale. A 20+ minute groove-oriented Carini kicked off the second set... Despite the initial rumbling grumblings about 20 Years Later, the jam out of the nostalgia-tinged tune delivered a bombastic surprise... 2001 dance party in full swing. Even Fishman could not contain his excitement and grunted James Brown Sex Machine lyrics... Another noob tune: Thread. This rookie has potential. Reminded me of a Soundgraden B-side from the late 1980s (before Chris Cornell et al got famous for being a "grunge" band)... Double-dip encore with a pair of rockers: Wilson/Zero.... Three shows in Chicago dunzo. Two more shows on deck in Dayton and Pittsburgh before the psychedelic circus reaches Manhattan Island.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Phish Setlist: Chicago 7/15/2017 Northerly Island - Saturday SIMPLE

Phish played the second of a three-night run at Northerly Island in Chicago. Another debut and a monstrous SIMPLE highlighted the evening.

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Just another Saturday night in Chicago. Here's what you missed...
Da Phish, 7.15.17 Chicago, IL

Set 1: Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, MoMA, The Wedge, Halfway Moon, Ya Mar, Martian Monster, Party Time, Wingsuit, Bouncin*, MORE

Set 2: Corona **, SIMPLE > Winterqueen > Light > Cities > Slave

E: Loving Cup
** Debut, FTP
* Pauly Takes a Piss Song

Quickie Couch Tour Review: Saturday SIMPLE
by @taopauly

SIMPLE!... That's all you need to know. Simple. 27+ minutes. Jam'd the fuck out hizzle my dizzle Saturday Simple schwizzle... Oh, and they debuted another new TAB tune, named after a popular Mexican beverage... Gordo wore black lipstick. As my boy Mitch said, "Mike looks like a 75-year old Estee Lauder model"... Knew shit was gonna get weird during an extended jam in Martian Monster. Something clicked and the boys remembered how to jam. Kicked it up a notch and blasted off... Two down, one more to go in Chicago.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Phish Setlist: Chicago 7.14.17 Northerly Island - Friday

Phish kicked off summer tour with three shows in Chicago at Northerly Island. Hopefully there will not be a monsoon this year.

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And let's get the show on the road. For the Chicago tour opener, three new songs got played with four total debuts. Here's what you missed...
Da Phish, 7.14.17 Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Set 1: What's the Use > Breath & Burning, Wolfman's, The Good Summertime**, Everything's Right * > Limb by Limb, Nellie Kane, Theme, Blaze On

Set 2: No Man's Land > Fuego > My Friend My Friend, Your Pet Cat > Golden Age > Cat > Leaves *, HOOD, Shine A Light, Julius

Encore: Love Is What We Are *, Golgi
* Debut, FTP
** a capella

Quickie Couch Tour Review: Three Noobs on Opening Night
by @taopauly

Crisp/dank stream courtesy of mdawg! He made couch tour possible. Thanks brah...

Summer tour kicked off with a curveball: What's the Use. Asked us that question? Themselves? Who knows? WTU came out of nowhere, which set the theme for the night... Gordo rocked out in wild outfits from the get go... B&B inserted in the starting lineup batting in the 2-hole. That's good/bad depending on your outlook on Phish... Wolfbrah's funk flow... First time played: a capella cover of Good Summertime... First of three new songs: Everything's Right... Performed with Trey Band earlier this spring, but called up from the minors after a stint in the Cape Cod League. Everything sounded like More's little brother. Highlighted by badass jam with heavy Page synth/keys.... Jam of the Night spawned from a noob tune in first set?... Swear I heard Trey/Fish scream "Glaze on!" during Blaze On... Low energy Fuego? Most of the night half-notch slower all around... Your Pet Cat > Golden Age > Your Pet stood out. Trey wanted to play Golden Age earlier but the band fought him on it. They finally gave in after Cat mayhem... Spacey 2001 teased and teased yet blue ball'd cuckblocke' by dad rock... Second new tune: Leaves (written by Tom Marshall). Needs some work like all new tunes... The HOOD everyone was waiting for. Stuffed with juicy teases/licks from Mountain Jam to WTU (Reprise)... Any Exile cover is fine with me and Shine A Light was a welcomed mid-4Q slow tune... Julius attempted to inject much-need energy back into crowd before show ended... Double-dip encore. Third new tune: Love Is What We Are... Weakest of the new trio... Golgi closed out the first show back... Shook off rust with a mix of old/new. Three new Phish tunes in addition to an old timey cover... One down, two more to go in Chi-town.

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